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message 1: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod
I don't care for Goodreads' new format.

message 2: by Ally (new)

Ally | 75 comments I don't care for how slow it's become either!

message 3: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod
I know Ally.

message 4: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 269 comments It is a little slower, especially when I'm adding new books. But the drop down with books to choose from is pretty nice.

message 5: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod
I'm going to have to check out that feature you are talking about Carolyn.

message 6: by AlbertaJenn (new)

AlbertaJenn Did they change it that much? I haven't noticed. Must be in space.

message 7: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod
AlbertaJenn wrote: "Did they change it that much? I haven't noticed. Must be in space."

They changed it a lot to me. I don't care for the new format.

message 8: by Othena (new)

Othena The format changes don't bother me as much as the slowness of the site now. I'm repeatedly getting the 'goodreads unavailable' page.
I guess it could be from trying to log on during a peak time.

message 9: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod
I hate getting the Goodreads unavailabe page as well. I hate when I'm in the middle of something and Goodreads start going slow and before I know it, I'm seeing the unavailable message.

message 10: by Othena (new)

Othena It always happens when I'm looking up books to add to my cart or before going to library.
I rely on the reviews here more than amazon because I just don't trust those anymore.

message 11: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod
I like Goodreads rating's voting system. You only get a yes vote option. On Amazon, you get the yes and no options. If people don't like you, they will give you no votes. Amazon's voting systems is a immature person's play ground.

message 12: by Othena (new)

Othena Arch, you are so right about the immature playground especially over on the discussion boards.

I hate when people leave a bad review for something the author isn't responsible for like price/condition of book. Plus there are so many 'fan girls' out there that spike the reviews.

message 13: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod

That's why I stay away from the discussion boards.

message 14: by Othena (new)

Othena :)
this is the only place online that I participate. I've left 2 forums due to bickering within the site. I wasn't personally involved but I didn't want any part of it.

message 15: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 4119 comments Mod
I don't like confusion on a group either. I like a peaceful group and where people understand it's okay to disagree. Some people don't like for you to disagree with them. They see red, if you do.

message 16: by Othena (new)

Othena I know what ya mean.

I was somewhat active in one group back in 08 and it turned political. If you didn't agree w/ the views of the forum bullies then they would gang up on you and post political rants.
This was in between moderators and the threads would get locked but they would just open up new threads w/ the same rhetoric.
I just kept my mouth shut and tried to ignore it but it ran up my blood pressure so that I just stopped going there.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
I think that politics are death to a non-political forum. They are by nature divisive topics. And they should just be kept to a minimum. I have left groups for that reason.

message 18: by Othena (new)

Othena Lady D,
I could never belong to a political forum. I get enough of that from CNN/Fox news.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
Totally agree, Othena!

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