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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana | 18 comments Mod
What choices have Romeo and Juliet made so far? What choices have been made for them, and by whom (or what)? Why?

message 2: by Guy (new)

Guy | 11 comments So far, Romeo and Juliet have both made their choices. Romeo chose to go to Juliet during the party, they both chose to kiss each other, Romeo chose to meet her at the balcony, Juliet chose to send the Nurse as a messenger to Romeo and they both chose to get married. Choices that have been made for them include Juliet having a marriage arranged with Paris by her parents because they want to be related to royalty. Romeo being told to go to the party by Mercutio and Benvolio because they didn't want him to cry over Rosaline. Also, Romeo was made to climb over a wall and go to a balcony by love to go meet Juliet since they love each other.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 10 comments All the choices that Romeo and Juliet have made, are choices that will affect the rest of their lives. Both have chosen to give up their last name in order to promise to forever love each other. Juliet has chosen to give up her maiden head, while Romeo has chosen to marry her. They each chose this by themselves.
Capulet has chosen Juliet to marry Paris in a year. He chose this because he thinks that Juliet should wed like all the other girls (of noble status) at a young age. Friar Lawrence has chosen to wed Romeo and Juliet because he thinks that this will bring peace to both the Capulet and Montague family.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 3 comments Romeo and Juliet are really taking a chance by showing their feelings for one another, without permission. I feel they have the choice and responsibility to make the right decisions and be aloud to make them, as well.they have made their decision to be together. they have always been pushed around and been forced to be under the control of their family, by whom rules everything they do. they have been made whom to marry, to not interact with any of the families enemies even though Romeo and Juliet have nothing to do with the families issues. they get pushed around, told what to do, and they can't make their own decisions.

message 5: by William (last edited Feb 28, 2011 06:46PM) (new)

William K | 9 comments Choices Romeo and Juliet have made so far are to get married. To forget about the troubles between the two families and plan to get married. To choose your lover who is a part of your enemies family is a huge choice as well. Choices that have been made for Romeo include going to the Capulet ball, and being wed by Friar Lawrence. A choice that has been made for Juliet is to marry Paris in a year, which we know doesnt happen.

message 6: by Luke (new)

Luke | 8 comments Both Romeo and Juliet make many choices, some of which are life-altering. Romeo chose to approach Juliet during the dance, thus starting the whole of the predicament. He chose to meet her in the balcony, which drove the events further. That then caused Juliet to question Romeo of marriage, something that completely throws events out of turn. Romeo had chosen to forget about Rosaline, and if he didn't he may not have taken the events to such an extent. And finally, the two had decided to get formally married, thus formally pushing the events into an official downwards spiral, which is going to lead ultimately to both of their deaths.

message 7: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Mankovsky | 12 comments Romeo and Juliet have many choices in their life that are made, good and bad. They are not allowed to associate with each other because of their family's feud. Romeo chose to encounter Juliet when he first saw her. Romeo chose to run away to see her on her balcony. Romeo chose to accept Juliet's request to get married. Juliet chose to kiss Romeo after he asked for one, and the second kiss, Juliet chose to still speak to Romeo when he came below her balcony, she also chose to see if Romeo was serious about their love, and to get married.

message 8: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Malamed | 11 comments Romeo and Juliet made many choices. Romeo made the choice to forget about Rosaline when he was with Juliet. Also he made the choice to kiss Juliet and to marry her. The choices made by both Romeo and Juliet were life changing. Juliet also decided to kiss Romeo and she too wanted to get married. They both made the choice to forget about their families and chose to do what they wanted. There were other smaller choices made by Romeo and Juliet as Guy said, but some choices were life changing and were serious. Even though they were young and had families that did not get a long they made their decision to be on their own and get married. Romeo's parents wanted him to marry other montagues and Juliet's parents wanted her to marry other capulets. They didn't listen.

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