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Authors Spin Your Own Single With Kindle Singles, a New “Shorts” Publishing Plat

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Aggie Villanueva | 15 comments Just like in their music store, now you don’t have to buy the written whole record, get (or write) the single. Until recently authors had two choices, write it short enough to fit into a magazine/newspaper/blog or long enough for a whole book.Kindle Singles changes all that. It’s a store unto itself now...

Kindle is the first of the e-readers (but not of the mobile publishers) to implement this short publishing form. They most likely established this to keep pace with the vanguard success of mobile publishing — publishing short stories and non-fiction installments for downloading to mobile devices such as the iPhone. If I were Kindle I wouldn’t want my eBooks left out of this colossal market the rest of the article

I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts.

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I think it makes sense, given the comparison to buying one song compared to buying a whole album. In a book's case, it'd be more like a short story or stand-alone chapter instead of an anthology or a full novel.

As for the questions, if Kindle did allow title and content change easily, I'm not sure how that would go. Chances are you'll have to delete the original file and upload a new one.

I do like the thought of selling a short story for .99. I mean, really, a decent-sized short work of fiction for a dollar is really not that bad.

Aggie Villanueva | 15 comments True, and it's now eligible for getting 70 percent royalties.

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I think that's an amazing percentage. I'm not sure how my little publishing business is going to even get business with those kinds of royalties going straight to the authors. It's not like they need a publisher anymore.

Most of my thinks that's awesome because people who deserve attention (theoretically) will have a greater chance getting it.

Aggie Villanueva | 15 comments I hear you, Elisa. Us small business owners have to come up with new and creative ways to serve. But I agree with you, it's still a great thing because it benefits more people than I ever could.

Aggie Villanueva | 15 comments I don't get it? What has it to do with publishing a book on Amazon Singles?

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Aggie, I'm glad someone else who owns a business agrees! What kind of business do you have?

Aggie Villanueva | 15 comments I'm a writer and an author publicist at

We teach authors to promote their work at both our blog: and internet radio:

What is your business, Elisa?

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Aggie, I have a small Christian publishing business. Just started it last year. Your business sounds like it's more productive, haha. In fact, I might just check it out, as I'm interested in all things marketing and promotional.

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Aggie Villanueva | 15 comments Drop by any time. you can email me too. myaggie2 at gmail dot com. We have a lot of fun learning too at the blog and show.

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Thank you! I will do that.

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Kait Neese Mason (kaitneesemason) | 84 comments Mod
Hello Everyone!

This is Kait, the creator of this group forum. I hope you have found this discussion helpful so far. I wanted to create a place for authors to come and find meaningful and helpful information. A place where authors help other authors without the presence of "cyber bullying" so often found on the Amazon discussion boards.

If you have found this discussion board helpful I would very much appreciate it if you could "Tag" (or buy smile) author "Mike Saxton's book 7 Scorpions: Rebellion".

His book is now available as a Kindle edition for .99cents, all we would like for you to do is tag the ".99cent" box to help spread the word!

Thank you for your help, let's make our E-voices push a book to the top!


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Will Granger | 29 comments Thanks for letting us know about Kindle Singles. I just bought a book, The Defender by Jordan Conn, and submitted one of my own: The Deadly Path

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