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message 1: by Alexxa (new)

Alexxa Reynolds (alexxa111) We will start doing a book a month read when we get more members, so tell your friends. By reading a book a month it will give a start at conversations on what we liked. When seeing what we liked it can help us with our writing in many ways! So got tell your friends! What do you think we should read?

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 8 comments Hmmm im not sure! Good idea tho!! Im not sure if i willbe able to read every monthly book because school keeps me very very busy!! Haha

message 3: by Alexxa (new)

Alexxa Reynolds (alexxa111) That's alright, it's sharing ideas that will help us find what we like, and give us ideas on how we would like to write! :) All is well :) By the way, I look forward to reading your book! Just they type I love to read! :) Thanks Kate!

message 4: by Alexxa (new)

Alexxa Reynolds (alexxa111) What do you all think about reading Incarceron?

message 5: by Bethany (new)

Bethany | 23 comments You all just have to read The Iron King!

I've heard Incarceron was really good, but the Iron King is my absolute favorite!

message 6: by Alexxa (new)

Alexxa Reynolds (alexxa111) I am reading Incarceron right now! Well, am about to lol. Should I add those two to the list of to-reads?

message 7: by Ⓛeah (new)

Ⓛeah ✿εїз✾ (goodreadscomLeah13) | 28 comments I love that book!

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