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the dark forest... what are they up to?

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Jessie Is Ivypaw really loyal to the dark forest? Why are Tigerstar and Hawkfrost recruiting cats? What is Jayfeather's ominous warning from the tribe?

Megan have you read the other books in omen of the stars?

Call~Me~Rose yes! i have! and i love them!

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Briaq Here are the answers to your questions:
1. Ivypool is pretending to be loyal to the Dark Forest to spy on them for Dovewing.
2. Hawkfrost and Tigerstar are recruiting cats to make an army and destroy the Warrior Clans.
3. Jayfeather must find answers to his questions about the past.

Rhiannon Agreed.


Hannah Yup.... Er, she hurt her back. She can't move her legs, in the back.

Headphones/God'sGirl7 No, that's Briarlight... a tree fell on her spine and broke it. Blossomfall goes to the Place of No Stars. :( ... wonder what she'll do when the final battle comes...?

Molly Haines That is a tough question, but I think Ivytail will show her the truth, the light as it were.

Headphones/God'sGirl7 yeah, true...but here's another Q. Which side do u think that Briarlight will fight on?? and does anyone think she even MIGHT be training w/ cats from the Place Of No Stars???? I mean it's plausable! descouragement from not ever being able to use her legs again might draw her to her dreams where Hawkfrost or Tigerstar or even Brokenstar might choose to train her...

Molly Haines Oooooohhhh, thats CRUEL!!!!!! I want to say no, because Briarlight is one of my favorite characters, is possible. But another thing, I think Tigerstar and Hawkfrost and Brokenstar would think she was worthless. Because even in Place Of No Stars, she still wouldnt have her legs....would she? And would she be able to hide it from Jayfeathers mind reading? I mean, she is with him all day every day! And shes too good, tooo sweet. I dont think even the thought of having her legs back and helping(which would be what she thinks she is doing) would be enough to make her do that.

Headphones/God'sGirl7 true... very true. she'd never be able to hide it from him.
well, in his dreams, Jayfeather has sight! in Place Of No Stars (or even in her dreams), i would think that Blossomfall would be able to use her back legs...
also, i think that if Blossomfall could have kits, that she and Jayfeather would be mates. :) cause even though medicine cats can't have mates, he's a tomcat. she'd be the ones having the kits, and she doesn't have to say who the father is!! ;D

Molly Haines Do you mean Briarlight? Because you said Blossomfall and Blossomfall's back legs do work......

Headphones/God'sGirl7 yeah, sorry!! :D

Molly Haines Ok, then I totally agree! I would love it if Jayfeather and Briarlight got together. I dont see why male Medicine Cats cant have mates? I mean, it wouldnt really do anything, ya know? And she wouldnt have to tell anyone, but Im sure some would be able to find out Jayfeather was the daddy. But Id still love it!!!!!!!!

Headphones/God'sGirl7 TOTALLY!!!!! :D

Molly Haines LOL, I cant wait for the next book to come out!!!!!!!!! Im sooo syched!!!!!!!

Headphones/God'sGirl7 major DITTO!!! ;D

Molly Haines Major yes!!!!!!! Which book is your favorite? Or can you not decide?

Headphones/God'sGirl7 hmm... well, i guess Power Of The Three would have to be my fav... :D i love how Jaykit/Jaypaw is always doing cool stuff to prove that he's just as good as his littermates! ;D like when someone is looking for someone else, he almost always knows where they are!!! and how he knows where everyhting is...
how bout u?? what's ur fav??

Headphones/God'sGirl7 Oh and when i say "Power Of The Three" i mean the series... ;)

Molly Haines lol, yeah. I agree, Jayfeather is, like, my favorite cat of all. At least favorite medicine cat! Hmmm, oh thats a tough one. Whats my fave.......ummmmmmmmmm probably this latest one, the fourth apprentice. Its so mysteious and you cant even guess whatll happen next.

Headphones/God'sGirl7 :) totally agree w/ u. :) can't wait for the 5th to come out... :/ or is that the one ur talking about?? :) i haven't seen it yet, so i'm assuming it's not out... :)

Molly Haines I cant wait for the 5th to come out either!!!!!! Its not out, here at least :D But I cant wait till it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Headphones/God'sGirl7 extra major ditto!!! ;D do u know when it DOES come out??

Molly Haines I havent the faintest idea. I wish I did, then I cold plan ahead to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headphones/God'sGirl7 I know!! :) Me too!! Do you have all the books??

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Molly Haines NO! :( just the 2nd and 4th series. My sister got me the set for the 2nd series, and im still trying to get a the ones for the first series. i have a few, but not many.
Oh, and I have firestars quest and battles of the clans and secrets of the clans, field guid.

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dusk feather omg i yhink that when the dark forest rises the tribe will come and help fight.

Molly Haines I dont know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want the tribe back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!!!!! And Stonefur!!!!!!!!!!! Im still kinda mad that he stayed with them, cause he was one of my fave characters at the time!!!!!!!!!!!

Headphones/God'sGirl7 Yeah!! :) maybe stonefur's kits will be warriors...or whatever they then!! and i have the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and all that's out of the 4th! ;D plus the bluestar, firestar, and skyclan prophecies. also the graystripe,2 of the tigerstar and sasha, and 2 of the ravenpaw magna series. ;) pretty much all of them...

Molly Haines woooooowwwwwwwww dude!!!!!! Your definatly more of an adict than me!!!!!!

Headphones/God'sGirl7 :) i like them to say the least... i got hooked on them by an old friend about 6 years ago. :) been collecting them ever since.

Molly Haines haha, i got hooked in 7th grade by a dude in my class. He had all the books and let me read them, I caught up with him in, like, 2 weeks and he was in the middle of the 2nd series!!!!! So i had to wait for him to always finnish the books, it was annoying to say the least!!!!

Headphones/God'sGirl7 xD haha!! that's really funny!!!

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dusk feather i dont have thos but i have read them the kid next to me at the moment has every warriors book ever relesed!

Molly Haines lol, smart kid!

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dusk feather yup shes yonger than me!

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dusk feather im also the kid whom barrows all her books!
heh heh heh shee gets realy tcked off when i do that.

Molly Haines lol, I did that too!!! The kid my old school was younger than me, but he hread the books slower than me too so I had to wait for him to finnish.

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Molly Haines Yeah, because Millie is spending all her time and efforts on Briarlight.

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Amy I'm kindove mad at Millie.....I mean....what kind of mother centers all her attention to only one kit? Blossomfall shouldn't be going to the dark forest, but I can understand why she is. Which side do you think she'll join with at the last battle?

Molly Haines I agree with you, but I realy cant say. Blossomfall has reasons to be with both sides, but I really think once she learns of the Dark Forest's plans then she'll go back to the light side. Also if Briarlight talks to her and everything, then I think that she'll forgive her sister at least, if not Millie too.

Molly Haines Ugh, sorry. I was trying to find my book to make sure, but it was packed away.

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I have three of the omen of the stars

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the dark forest is trying to kill all of the clans srry if this is a spolier comment

Molly Haines I doubt it is....if anyone has read "Sign of the moon", then they should know it by now. At least by guessing...

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They are recruiting cats to fight alongside them for the final battle.

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Kate Molly wrote: "That is a tough question, but I think Ivytail will show her the truth, the light as it were."

Ivypool, not ivytail

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Lauren The Dark Forest Cats are planning to battle the Clan cats.

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