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message 1: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (blue_canary) | 9 comments I really like Libba Bray's "A Great and Terrible Beauty" series, though it's definitely more fantasy. There is a romantic element to it as well, but I like it as a contrast to Twilight because the main character is a strong-willed female who actually has a spine.

message 2: by Marisa (new)

Marisa | 1 comments What about One Day by David Nicholls? It's definitely based around a love story and there's a movie coming out, which I know always gives me an extra kick in the ass to get reading.

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 4 comments We might have the same sister. :) She is obsessed with Twilight and loves Nicholas Sparks. I tried to get her to read Hunger Games, but it couldn't hold her interest. (Not enough romance, she said.) There's another book she absolutely loves, called The Hourglass Door, by Lisa Magnum. I think it's the first of a series. She also liked The Dark Divine by Bree Despain. I believe it's also the first of an unfinished series. My other sister, whose tastes are more similar to mine, really likes the Bree Despain books. I haven't read either, so I can't recommend either way. But I am confident my Team Edward sister would strongly recommend both series.

She was forced to read an abridged Les Miserables for school (she's in 10th grade), and while it was tough for her to get through, she ended up loving it and now lists it as one of her favorite books. I think she'd really love a lot of Gothic/Romantic British Literature (Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Tess of the D'urbervilles) but I know those are a little tough to get through without the motivation of a final exam.

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana | 3 comments A good vampire novel is Queen of Shadows--funnier and better written than the Twilight books, I find. Another great vampire book is Sunshine.

message 5: by Genevieve (new)

Genevieve | 4 comments How about The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. It is a rather romantic book. There is a lot of will they or won't they in terms of people getting together.

message 6: by Liesl (new)

Liesl (jcpdiesel21) | 34 comments Mod
Sarah Addison Allen's books might work as well. They mainly contain elements of magic within a real world environment with a bit of romance tossed in for good measure, and they're really easy to get into. The material isn't particularly deep, but the books are entertaining, they're centered on small towns filled with quirky people, and the main characters are complex and interesting.

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