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Ethan | 88 comments Charries only max of 4 please

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Mkay. What should it be about?

message 3: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments Name: Austin Bridges


Person:well rounded nice guy

message 4: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments Romance good times and swell games etc anything

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Maybe fantasy/romance??

message 6: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments Yes Make yourself a charrie.
how do you like Austin?

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((sorry for butting in but Last of my kind, want to rp???))

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He's good.

message 9: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments My computer is a lil slow its a 99 dell so i will only be able to rp with one person

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((Okay, no problem))

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Name: Katrina Allen
Age: 17
Personality: Usually looked at as a bit trashy because she was born in the Bronx. She still seems a bit short sighted to those who cannot get past her background. She wants things done her way, because her way is best and fastest and won't take no for an answer.
Others: Dies her hair depending on her mood.

message 12: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments Austin sat at the table in the mall and slowly drank his esspresso

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Katrina made her way through the mall, her bookbag slung over her shoulder. She sat down in a table and pulled out her laptop.

message 14: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments ((fuck im freezing!))
He saw her and smiled walking over to her and sat at her table with her.
"Hello how you doing?"

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"Fine, you?" Katrina said, not really paying attention to him, her eyes glued to the computer screen. She shook her head then looked at him. "Sorry, I'm being rude, aren't I? I just have this report to do, so I don't really have time to chat." She shrugged.

(( XD ))

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Ethan | 88 comments He smiled at her.
"You mean the rport for Geneaology?" he said pulling out his combat knife and began sharpening it.

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Katrina arched an eyebrow, eying the knife. "Um, yeah," she said slowly.

message 18: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments He smiled and slid it back into its holster.
"Yeah just a present my father gave me.."

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Ethan | 88 comments ((Hey you online dawn?))

message 20: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 88 comments ((Hello?))

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((Sorry!!! Was grounded :S ))

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Katrina nodded, still a little alarmed.

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((Last of my kind 1 on 1?))

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