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message 1: by P.M. (new)

P.M. Richter (pamelarichter) | 9 comments Hi to all Paranormal Addicts,

If you would like to read the first chapter of a paranormal novel, titled The Necromancer, you can click right here.

I would love to hear any comments because I'm the author. Also, there is no advertising on the site. It's just for your enjoyment.

Happy Reading,

message 2: by Ellice (new)

Ellice Oh (satanlovesme) | 6 comments Ok so i just read it and it was ok... or course im no writer, not even close but in my opinion it seemed like too much irrelevant details and not enough talking or conversation. Also as an avid reader i like to be drawn in by the first chapter, caught up in the beginning. I wasn't drawn but i would definitely keep reading it, it seemed mysterious to me. Hope my opinion and thoughts were helpful in some way :)

message 3: by P.M. (new)

P.M. Richter (pamelarichter) | 9 comments Thank for your comments Sarah. I do take the time to set up what will be coming up in the novel. I'm going to put a quote here from on of my reviews.

"While it was all enjoyable, the last quarter or so was the absolute best. I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but parts of it had me laughing out loud even during the action/serious parts in that several of the characters were running around trying to "fix" everything, and the situation reminded me of the ScoobyDoo cartoons from my youth, and in a very good way." (That's from the Amazon page)

"Enjoyed every moment reading this book. Kept me up until 5 am for 3 nights running. All the characters are well developed, the story moves so fast and smoothly there was no place to stop, nor did I want to. Looking forward to reading her other books." (That's from the B&N page)

Sarah--thanks for reading the chapter. I sure do appreciate it. Pam

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