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message 1: by Danie (new)

Danie (heyydanie) So, let's have it! What are your favorite books that you can recommend?

My favorite author is probably Jodi Picoult, so anything along those lines I'd pick up. I also like a lot of mystery/crime/suspense, along with YA.

Anyone have any good books for me to check out?

message 2: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 616 comments have you tried Kristin Hannah - she doesn't address issues like JP does, but I really enjoy her writing

for mystery/crime/suspense - Lisa Scottoline and Kathy Reichs are two authors that i enjoy

message 4: by Petra (new)

Petra Oh...if you don't mind some graphic scenes, you may like the Gretchen Lowell series, which starts with Heartsick.

message 5: by Danie (new)

Danie (heyydanie) Delicious Dee Challenge Addict - I've actually heard a lot about Lisa Scottoline, so I'll check her out. Thanks!

Petra - I've wanted to read Dracula for so long and for some reason I never did. And I've actually read One Thousand White Women. It was very good! I'll check those out, thanks so much!

message 6: by Danie (new)

Danie (heyydanie) Ha! I just looked through Lisa Scottoline's books and realized I've read one of them already, Look Again. I liked it, I'll definitely have to contine with her.

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