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TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 49 comments Name:Kable ____(no real name given for security purposes)
Why I want to be co mod:Because it ishard to handle a full group without assistence
What will I do as co mod:Clear spam, and make sure everyone follows rules
Am i friendly:Yesh.
Are i active:I havent had time, but the storm of home work is clearing up quickly
Other:I am mod in 7/8 of my groups.

message 2: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) Name:Audrey
Why do I want to be co-mod: because I'm LOL worthy and I do such a great jod running my other two groups!
What will you do as co-mod: well aside from making this funnier than a sitcom I would orginize the topics and such. I <3 to make polls so you can leave that to me just tell me when you want one and what you want on it. :)
Are you active: Active doesn't even begin to explain how much I'm on GR wether it be day, or night I'm here!
Other: I have started and am mod of 2 groups! And you already know how well I look after thoes. ;)

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 49 comments It seeems as tho it shall never come to be 15

message 4: by wolf spirit (new)

wolf spirit | 12 comments What does a co-mod responsibilites?

message 5: by wolf spirit (new)

wolf spirit | 12 comments Sounds awesome!

message 6: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 23 comments Name: Tori
Why do you want to be Co-Mod?: Because it sounds like a lot of fun!
What will you do as Co-Mod?: participate more
Are you friendly and a good person?: hmm...I'm a good person but I'm deciphering the whole friendly thing.
Are you active?: Goodreads is my Facebook.
Other: I definitely love writing! Although, I'm starting so many new story ideas that I forget to finish the later ones.... ahahaha. =^)

message 7: by wolf spirit (new)

wolf spirit | 12 comments Me? okay

Why do you want to be Co-Mod?: Because I love to experience new things in life and this will be a new experience
What will you do as a Co-Mod?: Make sure everyone is active, get the job done, and participate
Are you friendly and a good person?: I am friendly and a good person. I listen to reason, understand, and loyalty to every member
ARe you active?: In a sense of being on Goodreads every day? No. I am not active that much, but in my honesty I will be more active
Other: I love to write, read, and explore new possibilites. Also if I do not win I will respect the Co-mod that has been choosen and I won't hold it against the person's that have choosen the person.

Good luck everyone =)

message 8: by Angel (new)

Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) I wish I could, but I've got no time..... Dx

message 9: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 23 comments Krystal Bell (Stef) wrote: "Boop"


message 10: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) I thought that voting started on the 10th but I think I forgot to vote! LOL!

message 11: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) April. :)

message 12: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) OHH thanks!

message 13: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (flwurautumn) Noo problem XD

message 14: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) :)

message 15: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) Hi

message 16: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 23 comments Well, since it's you, it's normal. =^)

message 17: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) Yeah!

message 18: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) Funny!

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