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message 1: by aeneegma (new)

Disappointing news for those "Alex-Pettyfer-for-Jace-Wayland-Role" fans (ahem! myself included)according to Vulture ( ditches Mortal Instruments (by our dearly beloved author Cassandra Clare) over Last Apprentice (Joseph Delany, I haven't read his book so I have no right to slam his novels).
Quoting "as much as Pettyfer likes the Instruments series, he likes The Last Apprentice books even more"

Here's the link of the complete Vulture news..

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I see...

message 3: by Ryleigh (new)

Ryleigh | 84 comments ALEW hAs to be Jace it just HAS ! To happen !

message 4: by Ryleigh (new)

Ryleigh | 84 comments Alex my bad !

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashleyjaneli) Alex really looks like Jace, although I have't heard his voice, or seen any acting experiance yet....I can't really think of anyone else who looks the part. I am looking for others though!

message 6: by Ryleigh (new)

Ryleigh | 84 comments I know ! If you whatch beastly you will know I think he is also good for the part of Jace because he is really god at romantic Parts Lke when Jace and Clary are outside of the Wayland Manor that was so sweet I almost cried ! I almost screamed to because it was so sweet !

message 7: by Liliana (new)

Liliana (lililostinabook) Alex is a great actor! I saw i am number four this past weeked and he was amazing!!! All the stunts and action...awesome! I can totally see him as Jace

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Ryleigh | 84 comments Me too !

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Allie | 23 comments Yup

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 5 comments Wow I CANT believe this. My friend told me bout this just yesterday and I'm saying the same thing now that i said yesterday - Does Alex have ANY idea how many fans he has let down? Because theres quite some many fans who ONLY know him coz of all the hype of him being Jace. Like ever since the day the books came out, people have been wishing for a movie and in that movie, HE WAS JACE. But there was never any hope of a movie and now all of a sudden there is and its like WOW HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?! And then he turns down the offer its sooooo shattering! Still cant believe it...

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i know that really upset me...

Cat *living for the One who breaths life into me* | 32 comments Alex. he did a great jod in Beastly and i LOVE how he pulls off an american accent like he is one even though he is British. i just pictured him as Jace. but it is personal thoughts.

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