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Itachi | 38 comments Mod
Name: Itachi Uchiha
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Personality: Phsychotic, cold-hearted, dark-minded.
Appearance: ((I'll do it later but you know what he looks like.))
Village: Hidden leaf village.
Crush: Open.
Background: When Uchiha Itachi was 13. He man-slaughtered the whole entire Uchiha clan to prove to his younger brother Sasuke that he despised him.

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Name:Damen Auguste
Village:Hidden Leaf
Background:Not much is known about him.

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Itachi | 38 comments Mod
OOC: Nice. Please read and sign the rules and reply to the starter.

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thanx :)

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Itachi | 38 comments Mod
Please read and sign the rules and reply to the starter.

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 10 comments Mod
is this a different generation or the main character are going to be still alive or what

message 7: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 10 comments Mod
Can I be Temeria and Tenten

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Itachi | 38 comments Mod
If you want thats fine with me. :)

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Itachi | 38 comments Mod

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 10 comments Mod
yay thank you so much

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 [♔] .queen's armor. Name: Kazumi (means harmony and beauty) 和美
age: 19
gender: female
village: hiddin leaf.
skills: wind,and earth styal jutsu,shuriken rasengan, Shadow Clones,taijutsu,and some medical ninjutsu
personality: tba
demon app: [image error]
Good or bad(( do they help people or kill people?)) good but people think she is evil
crush/bf/gf: open
history; tba
family: none
other: hase a demon living in her like naruto she is a jinchuuriki called the 9 tailed wolf.

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village :from hidden mist but resides in leaf and trained in leaf
app:sandyblond hair greeneyes
demon app:tiger with three tails
evil/good:depends on mood but mostly good
history "war drove him out of his old villiage
family :dead
other :jinchurki named 3 tailed tiger

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Itachi | 38 comments Mod
Very creative characters guys.

 [♔] .queen's armor. thanks :)

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Name:Sasuke Uchia
age:idk don't say guess 15 or 16
app:you know
personality :Filled with rage for vengance of is family on his brother
villiage:hidden leaf
Other :is with orichmaru for now soon he will kill him

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Itachi | 38 comments Mod

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Name:Noctis Lucis Caelum
App:[image error]

Village:Hidden Leaf
Other:He has killed many people and no one would think its him. He knows many people in the Vilaage.......he acts to be kind,considerate and helping but is realy very cruel and cold.

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 [♔] .queen's armor. name:sakura haruno
village" hidden in the leaf.
gender: female
skills: medical ninjutsu and a punch of doom.
crush:Sasuke Uchia
perso: short temperd,has a sweet side to her. and yeah i think you know the rest.
history: as a ki she was always mad fun of for such a big forehead.
family:mom and dad

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 2 comments Name: Ukitake Yuuto
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: Yuuto is well-respected and highly honorable, and always treats those around him with respect, even those who are weaker or not as highly ranked as he is. Due to his high moral code, Ukitake will never let any harm come to either his underlings or those who attempt to protect them. He refuses to give up when he believes something is wrong and will break a rule to do what is right. He is also quite perceptive, and has the ability to correctly judge people's character, and knows when they are lonely.

One of his quirks, Yuuto is fond of giving people strange or unwanted gifts for no apparent reason.
Village: Hidden Leaf
Crush: Open
Background: Yuuto is the only son of the low-class aristocratic Ukitake family. He essentially supports his grandparents by himself.

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 10 comments Mod
can i make a character that like Itachi please

 [♔] .queen's armor. Kazumi and Itachi alrady are kinda a couple,but u can make a charrie that likes him it will add more dranma.

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Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) | 10 comments Mod
ok I might make one soon sorry i haven't been on for awhile

 [♔] .queen's armor. its okay :)

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Itachi | 38 comments Mod
Nice. :)

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Name: Taka (meaning hawk) Osakabe

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Village: Hidden Leaf

Appearance: Taka wears her hair in a ponytail. It goes to around her ankles, and she can be seen with two pieces to the side of her face. She wears a cropped tank top and shorts. She wears fishnet underneath her shorts, and you can see the smallest bit of the fishnet under her shorts. Taka also wears a necklace and black biker gloves ( she doesn't wear the arm band). She wears the traditional shoes, however they are black and stop at her knees. Taka also has black wings that have a span of seven feet.

Personality: Taka is a sly, lonely girl. Banished from her village at a young age, she hates most people, and take a while to warm up to others. She appears to be rude and a bit standoffish, but once you get to know her she is a trustworthy friend who would protect you and your secrets at the cost of her own life. Taka is rude to most teachers, forgetting to call the sensi, and will instead call them by their first name only. The rude exterior is one of her many ways of getting people to leave her alone. Taka has become more battle hardened since coming to Hidden Leaf, and has less resistance to the taunts. Instead of running away from them, like she used to, she now fights the taunters, usually ending up with her winning (she has rage, and years of running away from being no one, so she fights hard). Taka also hates sexist people, and she usually ends up crushing them. She can finish off a full grown man in about 3-5 minuets, this is another thing where rage steps in. Only men tried to assassinate her, so she hates them with all her might. When Taka gets mad, you don't want to be around. She goes into her pissed off mode and becomes scary. Very scary. Rumor has it that when she went into one of her rages, she destroyed an entire fleet of ships, and each ship had 150 men, per boat. Only a few people died though, and that was because they drowned. Taka only tried to annihilate the ships ( which she did), not kill people.

History: Taka had the 2-tailed hawk implanted in her at a very young age, as she was supposed to guard the village. Unfortunately things didn't turn out that way. No one wanted to make friends with her because of the large wings sprouting out of her back. Eventually her father deemed her a lost cause and banished her from their village. She wanted attention, as she was considered as a host instead of a person, so she became a thief. After she stole an item, she go int a public area and scream that she stole the item, then she'd hold it up to prove it. After the police would grab their handcuffs, she'd pull out her wings, drop the item, (on purpose, stealing was just a way to get people to acknowledge her)and fly away to the next village. Because of her talents and skills she gained as a thief, she is very stealthy and hard to notice. She stayed at the Hidden Leaf Village because she wanted to improve her skills, and because she heard that there were people like her.

Jutsu: Taka can fly with the wings on her back because of the 2-tailed hawk. She also has large amounts of chakra. Most of her moves are flying based, making her a hard girl to catch. Taka also has great speed, and seems to be underweight, but that is mainly because her bones are hollow (allows her to fly). She can also use a jujitsu that extends the length of the chains on her staff, so she can also use it for long range attacks.

Chakra Nature ( Wind, Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water): Lightning and Wind

Kekei Genkai: Air Manipulation

Rank: Taka is a jonin, but don't think for a second that she is responsible and grown up. She acts, has the temper, and the ability to get caught in a fight, that an Academy student has. She is still a good person, and was made a jonin for a reason, so you can still trust her to defend you at the cost of her life.

Weapon: A chain staff. In its original form it is two nunchuchs that she has strapped to her back. However, she can take the two pieces that she holds, twist them together, and then has a staff with the other part of the nunchuchs hanging by the chains.

Family: Doesn't care about them, so they are only mentioned as those people.

Crush: open, if you dare...

Other: Taka is a jinchuuriki, with the 2-tailed hawk inside of her. Taka is also a great friend of Gaara's. When she goes to the Sand Village, she brings yummy snacks- usually chocolate chip cookies. They get along great and understand each others pasts, as they are very similar.

message 28: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 18 comments Name: Izuna Senju
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Personality: Calm, kind, warm hearted but when pissed off or fighting is cold, cruel and sadistic
Appearance: except his skin type is tanned, his hair is light black, he wears a trench coat with the senju symbol on the back and he has no facial hair.
Village: konoha .
Crush: Open
Background: He was born through an experiment of hashiramas DNA but never showed the abilities so he was cast out to die but slowly he acquired the abilities and survived by training himself and traveling throughout the shinobi nations learning all he could. He learnt of his heritage mid 20's and got the symbol embroidered on all his clothes. He's finally going back to konoha after years of training and wandering.
Weapons: he has a Bo staff that looks like any other except at the tip of it there is a reddish seed, this seed was supposedly smothered in a bijuus chakra for a while and mutated, which is his most deadly weapon.
Abilities: he can either simply talk to nature or when his chakra is being exuded he merely has to think.
Ranking: he is mid sannin to low kage in taijutsu, kenjutsu ninjutsu, chakra and chakra control. He is low leveled in genjutsu and fuinjutsu.

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Gavin | 1 comments Name: Madara Uchiha

Age: ?

Sex: Male

Personality: Calm/Insane/Secretive


Village: Akatsuki (Hidden Leaf)

Crush: None

Kekei Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susano'o,Izanagi.

Background: Leader of the Uchiha Clan.He was the first to obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan and one of the three people to obtain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

message 30: by Jaylen (last edited May 12, 2011 09:37AM) (new)

Jaylen | 28 comments name:Skato Hatake
powers:a copy ninjia and can copy almost any justsu and has the 7 tailed dolpinhorse
backround: the youngest joinin in the leaf at 10and the son of K

village:hidden leaf

message 31: by $teez (last edited May 05, 2011 08:32AM) (new)

$teez  (king_of_dxpe) Name: Razin Uzimaki
Sex: male
personality: dosent have a set personality
village: Hidden leaf
Powers: he can make his self pass through like he can make it impossiable to hit him, he also can absords pepole chakra and there special ability's, he can also send pepole to ther relms (( basically he like matara uchia ))

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Name: Koe Aronae

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Rank: Chunin

Village: Hidden Leaf

Appearance: ( Before she cut her hair) ( but without the ears)
Koe has bright blonde hair. It is sIt is wavy and worn in pigtails. The ribbons she uses are cute and go well with her hair color. Koe's hair goes down to her waist, and looks absolutely adorable. Well, it was until she cut it. She was always made fun of for being too 'girly', so she cut her hair to the length of the middle of her neck. It is now badly cut, and always messy, as she stopped paying attention to it. She wears her headband on her forehead and has one earring on her right ear. She wears a loose shirt with a fishnet tank top underneath and baggy shorts that stop at her mid thigh.

Personality: Koe is sad, lonely, and unconfident, to sum it up. She has lost all self-confident, when she won in the chunin exam and became a chunin. People said that it was an unfair fight, since she had a jutsu that no one had seen, but that was dismissed. Still, people talked to her less and less, until people would no longer come even close to her. She is needy for attention and wishes for someone who will talk to her and respect her, though she doesn't see that happening any time soon. No one recognizes her, leaving her to herself and her music. After she went home from the academy each day, she'd talk to the ceiling as if her caretaker were lying on it. She'd sit there and sing, which made her voice become practiced and good at the tempo, beats, and lyrics. When news got out that she talked to her ceiling, she became even more sensitive. Whenever she fights she lets all of her insecurity fade away, and becomes almost unstoppable. This is why she won during the Chunin Exam, she let all her problems go and fought to win. However, the minuet she isn't fighting anymore, her insecurities come back and she is the same as she was before fighting: sad, lonely, and unconfident.

History:Koe has been alone and has always been bullied since she was a little girl, so she resorted to holing herself up in her room, listening to her music. She listens to heavy metal and has memorized all of the words to the songs she listens to. This came in handy during the chunin exams, where when she made it to the final round and used her jutsu to beat her opponent. After she used this jutsu to win, people began to suspect her and they became afraid, thinking that she was from the Hidden Sound Village. After all, the girl was found in an alley of the Hidden Leaf Village. When her caretaker had found her, there had been no one there and so it was never determined if she was from the Hidden Leaf, or from an entirely different village.

Jutsu: Lip-sync jutsu and voice destruction jutsu. Lip-sync jutsu is when Koe will mouth the words of any song. When a word appears that she wishes to use, she flicks her wrist and whatever she mouthed happens ( an example is if there is a song with the words trapped, when she gets to the word trapped, she can flick her wrist and her opponent is caught in a trap). Voice destruction jutsu is when she actually sings the words to a song. The procedure and effects of the jutsu are the same as lip-sync, but the power increases tenfold. However, when she uses voice destruction jutsu, her chakra drains at an extremely fast rate.

Family: She has never known or heard of them. Koe was found by someone who was willing to be her foster mother, but this woman died shortly after Koe was enrolled in the Ninja Academy.

Crush: nope

Other: She became a chunin last year. Koe's last name is the one of her caretaker. Koe means voice in Japanese.

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Name: Haku Mihashi

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Rank: Genin

Team: Team 5

Squad Leader: open

Squad Members: Flynn Totoroyu and Ryde Michel (open)

Village: Hidden Leaf

Haku has four scrolls strapped across her back ( where the sword is, but other than that, the picture is the same) One is large, almost as thick as Haku's head(Uka's scroll, because Uka is the biggest puppet, at the same hight as Haku), and three smaller scroll, as long as six inches, thin enough for Haku to hold them between her fingers (the other three puppets; Nail, Drill and Robin)

Personality: Haku is a good friend with a cheery outlook. She hasn't had very bad things happen to her family, so she isn't very sad. Haku however, is the only puppet master in her family, and so her room is full of body parts, which her mother finds creepy, so she never tells people about her daughters abilities as a puppet maker. Haku is always eager to show that she isn't only a long range fighter, as she has had close combat training, as so to never be caught off guard. Her mom never talks to her, but Haku still cares about her and wishes for her mom to treat her caring and lovingly, like before Haku found out that she was in control of the puppet master jutsu. She is lonely, but being teammates and friend with Flynn and Ryde have fixed that problem.

History: Haku lives alone with her mom. When she was under the age of six, a year before enrolling in the academy, her mom loved her. However, one day Haku was bored and began controlling a pencil with a chakra thread. Haku then stuck clay on as arms and legs, and began controlling them too. She was so entertained with this little man, that she stuck a head on it, and showed her mom her new toy. Her mom didn't like the fact that her daughter was a puppet master, but Haku loved it. She met Konkuro at the Chunin Exams when she was eight years old. She saw his puppets, and showed him the "little man" that she carried around with her, in case she got bored. Konkuro was impressed by the young girl's skills, told her about Sasori, and how to make puppets, so she did. She worked on Uka all night long, and finally after five weeks, completed her very first puppet. The next time Konkuro came around, Haku showed him Uka, and asked him to train her to be a real puppet master. Haku began to store body and animal parts of all kind in her room, and the parts would become her three other puppets. Haku's mother was ashamed and afraid of her daughter's ability(she thought she might end up like Sasori, making human puppets), and stopped talking to her daughter. Haku also began to take some close combat training, as Kankuro told her the weakness of long ranged fighters, like himself. So now, Haku is able to still be able to fight close range, as well as long.

Jutsu: Haku is a puppet master. Her last system of defense, Uka (Haku's name backwards, but the h isn't pronounced), was the very first puppet Haku created, though she has been modified every now and then.

Puppets: Uka- Uka is a replica of Haku. She was the first, and best puppet Haku ever created. It takes both hands to control Uka at top speed, but Haku has been able to use her other three puppets in one hand, and Uka in the other. Uka is slower and harder to maneuver with one hand, however.
Robin- Robin is the second puppet Haku created. Robin is a bird, but with a special few moderations. Every "feather" on each wing is a single, small needle, and on each wing there are around a thousand needles on top of wood. The beak is the blade of a sword, and is three feet in length. Robin is the most long range of all Haku's puppets, as Robin is always above ground.
Drill- Drill could remind you of a mole. Drill is underground, and is used for surprise attacks and for spying. Drill is an oval with a long spinning spike on one end, and spidery-like legs on its underside. Drill's legs work like Crow's body parts, as they can still be weapon even when detached from the puppet. Drill was the third puppet Haku created.
Nail- Nail is the fourth, and final puppet that Haku uses. Nail is a like a seas urchin, as it is covered in spikes. The spikes will shoot off and are coated in an extremely dangerous poison. If hit by one of Nail's spikes, without an antidote, you will die in three hours.

Family: Mother

Crush: no

Other: Haku has been to the Hidden Sand Village, to train with Konkuro. She is a skilled pupet master/creator, as Haku created Uka at the age of eight. Haku is also a good friend of the Sand Villagers as they know her very well, from all the visits they get. She usually goes 3-5 times every two months. Haku looks up to Sasori, even though she knows he was evil. She still sees him a the greatest puppet master in the world, although she doesn't like the idea of human puppets. Her time as a genin is almost up,because the Chunin Exams are so near, and in Sunagakure, Kankuro treats her like a chunin, because they train on the level of intensity that you'd find a chunin fighting at.

Extra Extra Stuff (why did I put this even here >3<') : Haku has a weak spot for pasta, ramen, sweets, and ice cream.

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(I don't feel like typing out everything every single time. Anyone can use it if they want)





Squad Number (genin):

Squad Members (genin):

Squad Leader (genin):






Chakra Nature ( Wind, Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water):

Kekei Genkai (if any):




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Name: Flynn Totoroyu

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Rank: Genin

Squad Number (genin): Team 5

Squad Members (genin): Haku Mihash and Ryde Michel(open)

Squad Leader (genin): open

Village: Hidden Leaf


Personality: Flynn is a nonchalant kind of guy. He likes to go with the flow, unless it isn't something he believes is right. Because of his laid back attitude, most girls are obsessed with him. He doesn't really care about this and doesn't mind the pack of ladies who follow him everywhere. However when he joined team 5, the girls stopped following him, mainly because of Haku's threats and death glares. He likes the peace he has with out them around. He can also be hot-headed and stubborn at times, but that is mainly when he is arguing with Haku.

History: Flynn is the most popular boy in his year. All throughout his time at the ninja academy, all girl were fawning over him- except Haku. She seemed to be annoyed with all the girls, being idiots over Flynn. Of course the one girl he was put on a team with was Haku herself. The two got off to a rocky start, and were always going back and forth, arguing over this and that. He went to Ryde to complain, because Ryde would listen to what Flynn had to say. One day Ryde suggested that they stop, and accept the fact that they were on team 5- all of them were. The two listened, probably because it was Ryde, the only one who ever listened and gave reasoning, and stopped bickering and began listening to each others stories. From there on, team 5 began to work better as a team. When Haku began her training with Kankuro, Flynn approved and told her to do it, even though Haku's mother told her that if she was a puppet master, then she was not a part of the Mihashi Clan. Flynn supported her training and stood up to Haku's mother- when no one else could. Haku is now one of Flynn's best friends and is his and Ryde's support, if they aren't her's.

Jutsu: Flynn is your typical close range ninja. The reason team 5 works to well together is because they are a mix of long range (Haku), mid range (Ryde) and close combat (Flynn) fighters. He has a water nature chakra and is known to be a great manipulator of the water surrounding him, as he should, because it's the Totoroyu Clan's jutsu type.

Chakra Nature ( Wind, Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water): Water

Family: Mother, Father, and his little sister (Kaya, age 3)

Crush: he has none, but loads of girls crush on him.

Other: Flynn and Haku are somewhat rivals. They are always trying to be better than the other.

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well sure, but you gotta be good at roleplaying, meaning if you could try, no one liners( habits I've picked up from other groups that I'm in).

message 37: by $teez (new)

$teez  (king_of_dxpe) i am or well i could be

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)


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Name:Ryde Michel

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Rank: Genin

Squad Number (genin): Team 5

Squad Members (genin): Haku Mihashi and Flynn Totoroyu

Squad Leader (genin): open

Village: Hidden Leaf


Personality: Ryde is a very quiet and shy boy. He never raises his voice, but you can still tell when he is angry. He doesn't like to be noticed, and stays away from attention. However, since he's been on team 5, that has been almost impossible. Paired with the attention-seaking Haku, and the attention-drawing Flynn, attention seems to find him. He can deal with it however, and likes being on the team. He is a good, loyal friend who trusts and supports them.

History: Ryde has had an almost normal life. He is the youngest of five in his family, and is often ignored. This has caused him to become extremely quiet and lonely. Then one day, when he became a genin, he was placed on team 5, and attention seemed to find the quiet boy. His talents were then truly revealed. Ryde just so happens to be from a family of extremely gifted genjutsu users. He was not skipped in that bloodline, and actually possesses more talent and ability than any of his other brothers. He has found a way to be helpful to team 5, and now feels as if he belongs with them.

Jutsu: Ryde is a genjutsu user. He mainly uses visual and smell genjutsu. His genjutsu however, is extremly powerful and if your arm gets broken in his genjutsu, you can be sure it's broken in the real fight.

Family: Mother, Father, Sam(17), Aaron(16), Dylan(15), and Evan(14)

Crush: Ryde crushes from afar, and doesn't tell the girl he likes about it. Haku seems to do it for him- loudly.

Other: Out of his five brothers, the only one who didn't ignore Ryde was his oldest brother Sam.

Ryde is open for anyone to roleplay as. I just felt like making him. If you wish to rp as him, copy and paste the information.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name:Chi of the Desert


Age:17 1/2, only younger that Gaara by some months

Rank: Meh, Chunin

Squad Number (genin):none, YET!

Squad Members (genin):I just said none...

Squad Leader (genin):ugh, I just. said. NONE


But clothes are very cargo and Fishnet

Personality:Think Anko

History:Oh, I'm not very interesting, unless you find a lost jinchuriki interesting, then we'll talk...

Jutsu:Awwww, you wanna ruin the surprise? No fun, but I will tell you in battle, if I'm not on the lines, I can perform a jutsu that takes anykind of pain from a, or many, people, and it's all put into my body. It hurts, but it truly works

Family:I gotz a brother, another brother, ana sissy. All my siblings are older, well, they aren't really my siblings! More like half-siblings.

My eldest(as far as I have knowledge), is a puppet person, kinda creepy, looks like a cat. His name is Kankuro

Next is my sister. She's cool, when she's not in a mood. She's Temari..

My closest, and I mean age and he's my best friend, is Gaara, I'm 100% positive you've heard of him. Me and him are very simmilar.....But I'm just barely more of a challenge than him, and Kankuro won't let him forget it!

My mum is still alive....but, there are complicatons

Crush:Gah! I hate you all! Mabey......

Other: Niji, look it up.

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Zoe, Ninja of the Keyboard wrote: "Name:Chi of the Desert



Rank: Meh, Chunin

Squad Number (genin):none, YET!

Squad Members (genin):I just said none...

Squad Leader (genin):ugh, I just. said. NON..."

that means that she knows Haku! who trains with Kankuro every month.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Uh huh!

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)


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$teez  (king_of_dxpe) Witch Princess wrote: "well sure, but you gotta be good at roleplaying, meaning if you could try, no one liners( habits I've picked up from other groups that I'm in)."

nvm i just want to be a member ))

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okay, I have already started on Ryde, when I'm done, just copy ans paste it, okay?

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Zoe, Ninja of the Keyboard wrote: "Name:Chi of the Desert



Rank: Meh, Chunin

Squad Number (genin):none, YET!

Squad Members (genin):I just said none...

Squad Leader (genin):ugh, I just. said. NON..."

I'd expect Chi to be around 17, cuz I'm pretty sure that Temari is 19 and Garra is 17-18( and you said that they were close in age)

message 47: by Simply (new)

Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) This is true, so I'll change it

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, and I think Temari is the oldest. I just went on wiki to check and here are the ages:

message 49: by Simply (new)

Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) kk

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cool. ^_^

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