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Let's add to our bookshelf

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message 1: by Future (new)

Future Cat Lady (future-cat-lady) | 30 comments Mod
Hi Everyone,

At the bottom of our page there is a "bookshelf" feature where you can add your favorite books/recent reads.

Please take a peek and add some of your books that you think the peeps might like and take a look for some inspiration if you are in need of a good book.

message 2: by Cactus (new)

Cactus | 20 comments I added the Arthur Conan Doyle biography to my "to read" based on our earlier discussion. It looks really interesting.

message 3: by Future (new)

Future Cat Lady (future-cat-lady) | 30 comments Mod
Please add some of your favorites to the shelf, too.

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kristenflute) | 33 comments I added one!

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