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Transcending the Gilded Age 2011

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Lanier | 56 comments Mod
During the Winter Break and in conjunction with our Transcendentalist and Gilded Age Units, scholars must produce at least three original poems of SELF, the effects of a transforming America and at least two FOUND POEMS (Thematic Huck Finn). This is your space to publish your edited, ORIGINAL (borrowed) Poetry. Due-March 25, 2011 --100 points

1. All submissions must first be peer edited by at least two other people.
2. Final edits must come through Mr. Carson or Ms. Walrond before publishing on this site.

3. Hard Copies with your name and P2, P3, P6, P7 or P8 must be put in your Writing Folders.

4. Deadlines: March 25, 2011

5. No profanity or extremely graphic or gory materials.

6. VOCABULARY from last three weeks, LOCAL COLOR, DIALOGUE, SENSORY IMAGERY--a must.

7. NOTHING published without prior teacher approval.

8. All submissions will have a presentation element-perform your poems.

9. Don't forget to UNCLICK "Add to my Update Feed" and "Email me when people reply" fields to avoid extra e-letters with your submissions.

10. Feel free to leave constructive criticisms for any and all peer submissions.

Have fun!!!

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Lanier | 56 comments Mod
The Boot of Lucifer: Found Poem - Miller's The Crucible

A man may think God sleeps,
I want to open myself,
but, it is the best the devil

I want to open myself,
I danced for the Devil,
The marks of his presence are precise,
as definite as

I want to open myself,
"You work for me,
and I make you free!
I give you pretty dress to wear,
and put you up in the air!"

I want to open myself,
I wrote in his book
A fire is burning,
he choose my house to

"I shall not proceed
you are prepared to plead!"

I want to open myself,
I kiss his hand
I twist around the single error of
my life
There are wheels within wheels
and fires within fires!

Lanier Carson

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Laura  | 3 comments Laura Kabadi - P2 - 3/23/11 - Poems

Poem #1 (Gilded Age Poem )

Closing the Gap

A time of racism
People separated segregated
Chinese banned, Japanese too
Black’s being treated like trash
Indian’s land taken away
This thing called segregation
Like a rash
And it’s really hard to stop it
Because all the whites want it
And they always will get what they want
Then they’ll flaunt it
But what can we do to stop this segregation?
Close the gap in that separation
It’ll be hard to do
But you know that the strongest, will pull through
And do
What it takes to fight for rights.

Poem #2 (Transcendentalist Unit Poem)

Born This Way

I’m just a girl
Living in a crazy world
I have my own ideas
Please don’t take me down with spears
I may cry many tears
But you can’t tear down my ideas
I love many things
Like my family, human beings
I love the color pink
I love to read and think
But don’t judge me, you don’t know me
Get to know me and you can see
What kind of girl I can be
Those people in the past, Whitman and Thoreau
People tried to throw
Their ideas in the trash
They kept their ideas like a rash, that won’t go away
And they didn’t let their ideas pass
They kept going like an energizer battery
And they started to get some flattery
And that will be me
I’m gonna be successful
I’m gonna keep my head up
And you’ll hear my name
I can bet on that
Cause I was born this way
I’m determined and ready to play.

Poem # 3

Miraculous Friendship (Found Poem) Huck's Perspective.

I met him
He had a blanket round his head
was nearly in the fire
It was Miss Watson Jim,
I bet I was glad to see him
Set off on that raft
There was an awful peck of trouble, on that river
He always there for me, my voice of reason.
En when I woke up en fine you back agin’
all safe En soun, de tears come
En I could a got down on m knees en kiss yo foot
He was so thankful, like a brother
Oh you did, did you? Strike a light there,
Somebody named Jim
Why bless you soul, Jim
I Lost him, then found him again
I reckoned it was going to be a grand surprise
to see him again
He nearly cried , he was so glad
My good bro, Jim.

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Brenda | 2 comments Brenda Morales - P2 - March 24, 2011

Not Alone : Found Poem from "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

I knowed he was white inside.
I couldn’t get that out of my conscience.
I see I was weakening,
I was the best friend old Jim ever had in the world.
The only one he’s got now.
Nothing ever sounded so good before,
So quiet and smooth and lovely.

How near I come to being lost and going to hell.
And I see Jim before me, all the time,
Talking, and singing, and laughing.
How good he always was,
How he would do everything he could think of for me.
I thought he had a good heart in him.
He was resking his freedom to do it.
How good it was all this happened so.
And I was mighty thankful.

But it was worth it.
All my troubles are gone.
All to ourselves,
perfectly still,
Just like the whole world was asleep.

Palaver of A True Friend: Found Poem from "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

I never knowed b’fo’.
Oh, my lordy, lordy!
I didn’ know dey was so many un um,
Kind white people.
It’s too good for true.
De tears come en I,
I could a got down on my knees en kiss’ yo’ foot.
I’s so thankful!
It’s all jis’ as plain to me as anything.

Lemme look, chile,
Lemme feel o’ you.
I hain’t ever hearn er sich a thing b’fo’.
Well, den, dis is the way it look to me.
I doan’ budge a step out’n this place.
Dey’s mighty good to me.
Whatever I wants ‘m to do fur me,
I doan’ have to ask them twice.
Pooty soon I’ll be a-shout’n for joy!
Huck done it.
I won’t ever forgit you.
You’s de bes’ fren’ Jim’s ever had.
En you’s de only fren’ I’s got now.

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Brenda | 2 comments Brenda Morales - P2 - March 24, 2011

Change (Gilded Age Unit)

The time never stops.
When you look around,
there are so many things to improve.
We get smarter,
We learn different things.
People always want the best.

Those born with the talent,
And with the knowledge,
Know how to make improvements in the world.
They make inventions,
To improve our lives.
But its never enough.
It’s our nature to be licentious.

Living in the Moment

Look up at the stars.
Every single one shines bright.
Reach out far,
Feel their light.
Like reaching for a prize,
Feel the excitement.
No need to listen to the praise.
Take it as an abashment.

There is no need to feel powerful.
Only the weak need to feel mighty.
That what you do
Won’t make you feel guilty.
Because every action you take,
Affects someone else around you.
It could possibly be a mistake.
In the end you just have to stay true.

Everything you do, everything you say.
You shouldn’t feel regret.
Once you learn how to play,
You won’t break a sweat.
In the game of life,
You’ll be one of the biggest stars.

The Termagant Human Life: (Self Poem)

So many of them and yet,
Not enough.
Never feel content, never feel happy,
Always want more.
Not used to being lonely,
Even though that’s the only thing
I’ve learned from childhood.
Alone is better,
But not always.

Learn how to live,
to love,
to breathe,
to cry,
Learn how to forgive.

Things don’t always go as planned.
Life isn’t perfect, no human is perfect.
The word perfect is a lie.
Learn the truth,
Live the truth.
Love your life.

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Abigailsceusa | 3 comments Abby Sceusa p6

"The moving Buffalo"

The flow
The wind
The plain
The grass

They grazz
They run
They munch
They died

The men
The killers
The inhuman
The destroyers

As they live on the grassy plain
As they move as one in a sea of green
As they run away from the man thats insane
As they are all taken away

The flow of the wind
The grass on the plain
The men who felt their pain
Saved the day and stopped the insane

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Abigailsceusa | 3 comments "Overcoming the World"

He reached to take ahold of the skiff
And an ambuscade of water knocked him to the ground
His frustration grew an antipathy toward the world
For he was not a happy fellow
After the widow licked him into shape
He could no longer use the colloquialisms or idioms from his gang
It was his father who’d knock the tar out of him
The hope of being ransomed was at a very small stake
For he was stuck in those woods
His fear of the cowhide caused a fantod within
So as he gained control of his situation
The seneschal took aluz movements and whoops
He was mesmerized
He said under his breathe
Lifting his hands to the sky shouting out a doxology he had once memorized
For he was betwixt his father and the beats
He was free to be
In his wigwam he had foreseen

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Abigailsceusa | 3 comments Found Poem


You mustn't count the things you are going to cook.

I happened to think how they always put quicksilver in loaves of bread.

And the dream told me to give it to a nigger.

It all comes of my being such a fool.

To rub an old tin lamp or an iron ring, and then let genies come tearing in.

You said it was the worst bad luck in the world to touch

because that would bring bad luck.

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Samantha Sun | 5 comments PAP'S DEMISE
-Samantha Sun p6

Pistol raised
Barrel tilted
I see
Coming on the run
“don’t shoot”
A little drug
Killed him
Very sweet
He done it perfect

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Samantha Sun | 5 comments MYSELF POEM
A Flower Bud
-Samantha Sun

I, a Sakura
In the middle of winter
An aberration

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Samantha Sun | 5 comments Bleached
-Samantha Sun
Old Soul
the Methusalem-numskull
washed clean of sin
down the ladder
in like a wave
ten foot off
under the trees
living in a house
as white as a white man

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Samantha Sun | 5 comments New Times Coming
-Samantha Sun

Its time for change
A new set of range
The past is Thourue
The now is Monroe
All came anew
Ah, how the wind just blew
Spark your imagination
The beginning of a new Generation
Open your mind
And you'll find
The organic meaning of life
Go ahead and lose your strife
Be a bird and fly
No mind is dry

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Samantha Sun | 5 comments The Strife of a Worker
-Samantha Sun

The success of the Gilded Age
Was due to J.P. Morgans rage
The time for money making
Don't play around with baking
Unless you plan to sell
Or even try to invent a Dell
Exploitation is on a super high
Laborer's spirits are gonna die
Now money is an all time low
Workers definitely can't go with the flow
What seems to be real
Is an illusion of a meal
Suffering without a living
Can't someone just be giving
Help us, Help us, Workers are Starving

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Ayesha Begum | 1 comments The Gilded Age

we’ll all be asleep
till we get our inner guts and rebel
our fear of death will destroy our future
We can’t all be asleep!

Soon we all going to be cold and numb,
we all dream of a city without violence,
but our silence won’t take us to our dream,
We can shed our enemy away,
we can set our soul free.

Mistreatment is what we have been experiencing
we have been demonstrated as inferior
but we all know we all are equal!
Need to create a revolution
that is devoted to us.

Our politics didn't bring anything for us,
all it bought us is corruption in the city
our life were bound to more mess
I guess we will never be free.

Nobody is listening to our silence
wealth is what the upper class cared about
everything is temporary, nothing last forever.

This is the age of materialism
we desire to gain, not lose
all became blind
Even our blind politics.
We are chasing after the urbanization
not thinking what it has caused our people.
This is the age of materialism!

The Truth About Me

Careful, fearless, vengeful,
this is just me,
season might change summer to winter
but I will remain the same.

Wind might pass by
but I wouldn’t move
cause my stubborn with my words.

Dream is what I avoid,
Rejection is what I fear,
love is what I hate the most.

Family is what I love the most,
past is what I regret the most,
reputation is what I care about the most.

I’m allergic to all the guys out there,
But only immune to one,
my eyes are blind but,
my heart sees no fault in human.

The truth is my interior state
dislike lies because life line is short,
just living my life the way I wish to
this is simply me.

Unchangeable Relation

Family is forever,
Will grow old together,
Never be apart.

Live in the same roof
Perhaps, have the same blood group,
Might live life with threat and fear
But no regrets.

Can be locked in a cabin,
Might not get a chance to run off,
Father can be clever,
Might not get any chance to escape,
Can be kept in a place where,
I barely can breathe.

Abusing is what he did to me
Refused to listen to me
However, family is family.

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Natalia (nitnatxp) | 1 comments Belief in Smoke (Huck Finn Found Poem)

No stock in dead people
Cold shivers
A ghost
Leave a knife
Awful scream
Rained like all fury
Needles and pins
Needles and pins

The Hidden Picture (Huck Finn Found Poem)

Rough living
Be wicked
Like a fool
Fire never fooled them
Cuoldn't help it
Under your eyes
As long as I wanted it
Sunk in shame
That makes calamity
Away off in a corner

Fly Away (Transcendentalist Unit)

You can hear my whispers
Flying in the wind
Though I have much to say
My mouth remains limp
Passion grows in my heart
Dreams flow through my veins
Compassion conquers my principles
As I watch the world through glass panes
I am the silent dreamer
The one who clings onto hope when it almost fades away
I am the one with a lost destiny
But one who will inevitably find their way
In the dark of the night watching stars
Twinkling and shining above cities and cars
Hoping for one day that I will escape
Accepting any new journey as my new fate
And with these new ambitions
I hope to fly away

Beauty in the Broken (Transcendentalist Unit)

These stars don't shine like they used to
And neither does your smile
You're tired all the time
Nothing seems worthwhile
I saw a spark when your shadow cast in the street
I saw it in your gaze when our eyes would meet
It softly glimmered but it was there
And that's when I though I'd show you I care
I'll go out and start a hope revolution
Beginning with you
To show that there's beauty in the broken
That way you'll see the amazing person I see in you
Because I believe flaws are flawless
Imperfections are perfect
Faults can be faultless
I'll prove that there is beauty in the broken
Just wait and see
Just wait and see

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Gilded Age Unit)

If you can make it here
You can make it anywhere
At least that's what they say
Cause here, you gotta work a lot
And there's no sleep and low pay
They say that this is a land
Of opportunity and liberty
But I see that streets aren't paved in gold
Instead workers here live
In poverty and frugality
And the only thing they're getting is old
The age of industrialization was
A period of frustration
That only allowed the big bosses to get richer
And expand the disparity between social classes
The people knew they had to make a change
They had to do something drastic
But the robber barons played their cards well
They knew how to play the game
Make more money, make workers work, and preserve their name

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Alex Erazo (lobolunar) | 1 comments Alex Erazo Poems Period 7

It Stands Out (Gilded Age poem)

Sweat and blood drips about
Sun above us beating down
Crowded streets, busy departments
One thing we need is alignment
Gray people, gray doors
Gray kettles, gray floors
Then amongst the crowd appears a man
One that looks full of wealth and tan
And below that illusion from the rocks
Is a golden tulip laying still on a box
A discovery as confusing as our land
Such a beauty at our hands

The Questions (Transcendentalist poem)

What, what are we?
She asked me once again, pleading
Answer, please tell me why
Why we are here to die?
Why are we around if we are only meant to drown?
Not only in blood, but in tears and our very own thoughts
Can you please tell me at least how it works
The process of our pain and hurt
The ending of these emotions, the ending of this hate
Living happy forever, would it not be great?
I simply stared and wondered, silent as I can be
How am I to know why, when I can’t even feel free?

Love (Transcendentalist poem)

Love, is it truly real?
Is this feeling of pleasure just a curse?
How can I say I can feel?
When all these so-called feelings are lost within my purse
A man once told, “Don’t wear yourself out more”
“Otherwise, before you know it, you’ll be out the door”
But what is this love, is it truly real?
For in my eyes I only see a black deal
One of evil, one of sin
How can one let this love overcome us and win
Win our poor little hearts
And steal the real trust,
Right from the very start

Companions till the Death (Found poem)

By and by it got sort of lonesome
Without you what am I to do?
Counted the stars and drift logs and rafts that come down
But none of this could help my cries for you
I set there behind a clump of bushes
And beyond my eyes what had I seen
gray daylight upon someone special
A companion very extraordinary to me

Lost Lamb (Found poem)

A poor, lost lamb
That I was
And because of him, I was
Every time he got drunk, upon me came the blows
Whenever his liquor begun to work
I, the lamb, couldn’t even defend myself with a fork
A swig or two, and he warmed up,
Down my legs went, weakened up
A poor, lost lamb
That I truly was
And while I stared into these lion’s eyes
I’d only wait for him to stir

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Ricky | 1 comments Ricky Dundi P6

1. The Gilded Era

The birth of a new Age,
The book of life has opened to a new page
This future is not written in stone
Alexander Graham Bell wrote his chapter by inventing the phone

The government passed new legislation
In order to create a better nation
The Grant Administration
Lost their accreditation due to corruption

2. Crisis

The Jay Cooke and Company bank,
Fell sharply and sank
The 1877 railroad strike,
Included laborers alike

President Garfield, a prominent figure,
Reached his death by the trigger
The Johnstown flood was a tragic event
But out of these crisis’s came new advents

3. Superstition Found Poem

Talk about the dead man
And he might come and ha’nt us.
Roast a piece of it
It would help cure him.
I happened to turn over the salt-cellar,
I reached to throw some to keep off the bad luck.
They rub an old tin lamp and then the genies come tearing in
They belong to who ever rubs the lamp.

4. Slavery and Racism Found Poem

Why ain’t this nigger put up at auction and sold?
You can make some money by it
It’s like picking up money out’n the road
It would be a thousand times better for Jim to be a slave
You can’t learn a nigger to behave

5. Carpe Diem

The day has begun,
Wake up and go to school
Getting an education
To get that dream job

Listen to the teachers,
Talk and see them write
My hands move with theirs
The day comes to an end

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Asha Hedrington | 1 comments Transcendental / Gilded Age Unit poems

"The Naked Truth" (poem #1)
I look into the sky
And I wonder why!
Why am I so blind
To the answer right in front of my eyes
Science is not the key
It’s just the disguise

"Necessity at its Finest" (poem #2)
At first we thought it wasn’t the key
Science was just a small thing
A thing that was useless
Now we see that we do need it
And science needs we
We control science
And science controls me

"My Theory" (poem #3)
Without questions where would we be?
They help us live and see
See another day more clearly
Each day we progress in theory
The theory of science
Which progresses sincerely

"My Escape" (Found Poem #1)
I didn’t want to wash up
Didn’t want to comb up
I want my clothes as rags and dirt
And didn’t want to get up regular
Didn’t want to eat on a plate
And didn’t want to be sivilized

"Keepn’ the Devil off Me" (Found poem #2)
I turned around in my tracks
To keep off the devil
My five-center piece charm
From the stomach of an ox
Killed him in the dark

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Rebekah | 1 comments Rebekah Goberdhan P3

The “New Economy” (#1-The Gilded Age)

The capitalists and the unionist
They all made lists to make their own gain
Their own way of doing things
Eliminating competition, bribing, and causing corruption
Boy doesn’t that sound a lot like today?
The “new economy” they said would bring in the green
But all it did was bring in the fiends

You see there was the division
And then there was the violence
And somewhere in between there were
The Vanderbilts, Morgans, and Rockefellers

The Strong Are Still Free (#2-Self Poem)

For those that didn’t know
For those that couldn’t see
The intelligent, strong, and bold
Are still free
Free to grow as thinkers
Free to be the ice breakers
Breaking the barriers
Breaking the silence
Being the truth carriers

Despite the aches and heartbreaks
I was never truly held down
but only bound by self-inflicted fears and tears
and what do I have to say for that now?
No excuses, no apologies
Because that was then and this is me
Free, not sure of what I would’ve been if not for
Those experiences that made me
Carpe diem! That’s what the best have shown me
And in fact isn’t that what life really should mean?

If you forgot or didn’t see
Then I’ll be the first to make you believe
The intelligent, strong, and bold are still free
Making demons flee
Healing others by taking the lead
And never losing sight of their original dream

Low Down Abolitionist (#3-Found Poem)

She told me about the bad place
and I said I wished I was there
She told me to pray everyday
and whatever I asked for I would get it
But it warn’t so, I tried it

Had gone and took all that trouble
I’ve as good a notion as ever I had in my life
To set him free
I wanted the adventure of it
How he could help a body set a nigger free with his bringing-up
People would despise me for keeping mum
But that don’t make no difference
Conscience says to me it warn’t anything
but a soft name for stealing

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Rokeya | 1 comments Rokeya Begum - Carson English P3 - Poems

Nature at it's best (Transcendentalist Poem)

Nature is all around us
Sometimes we don't care to see
It I'd all over us from a small bee to a tree
Nature is amicable and what guides us
It's pure essence
It can change itself
Nature is within us in every way

You think you know me (Self Poem - "Dead Poets Society")

Everyone thinks they know me
I am not who you think
I am a strong individual
I have my own views
I have my own laugh and way to talk
I wish they'd stop othering me
Why don't they stop and stare?
I am filled with different qualities, I do care
We are all individuals

My Promise to You ("Huck Finn" Found Poem)

Now we’ll start this band of robbers
Tom Sawyer’s Gang
I’ll stick to it, honest injun I will
People would call me a low down abolitionist
And despise me for keeping mum-
But that don’t make no difference
I wouldn’t done that one if I’d a knowed it would make him feel that way
I'll help you steal him
I aint agoing to tell
Go on en save me
I doan’ budge a step

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Rosemarie | 3 comments Rosemarie Reyes -P.6

The Golden Trash (Gilded Age)

An era of corruption
Everyone wanted reconstruction
From Thomas Edison to Alexander G. Bell
Nobody wanted to live in hell
Becoming members of the Populist Party
Asking the government for much hearty

No More, Please! (Found Poem)

Yes, he got a father
I didn't want to see him no more
Then I turned around
And there he was
I used to be scared of him all the time
There is ways to keep off some kinds of bad luck,
But this wasn't one of them kind
There sat Pap
His own self!

Who Are you? (Transcendentalist Unit)

Who am I?
I'm a girl in a world with many questions
Why do we do this?
Is it just a habit?
I'm the girl with no solutions
Why do I keep thinking this way?
I don't notice reality calling
Who will be there?
Are you going follow me?
Do you really know me?
I know me,
but who are you?

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Mohammad | 2 comments Mohammad Farhan - Carson English P3 - Poems

Top of the World (Transcendentalist Poem)

You don’t know it
But sometimes I like to climb to the top of a mountain
In order to overlook that silhouette canvas of the world
The world which we take for granted
Feelings of an emperor take over
Compared to the feelings of insects down below
Just to sit back against a tree, relaxing for once
Perhaps an apple will fall down by
As I watch ethereal clouds gracefully, but mockingly pass me by
I contemplate the whos, whys whats and hows of
My Existence, My Future, My Past, My Present
What is, What was, What will
It be all for?
If not for anything at all

Big Businesses (Gilded Age Poem)

Big businesses, Political phonies
Fixed pricing, water stocking, laissez faire
Do they even care?
Farmers being driven out of competition
As if they were some sort of apparition
Might not even bring the bacon to the table this time around
Big businesses don’t care, they just stand around
Applauding, laughing, cheering as they drive more of us out
They are soulless manifestations of corruption and greed
Their insatiableness will never suffice
They look down on us like lice

“Dad-Blame Witches” (Huck Finn - Found Poem)

A spider went crawling up my shoulder
That was an awful bad sign
I crossed my breast everytime
What makes them come here?
At breakfast time
Dey was all over me
It’s because they’re hungry,
That’s the reason
Oh, it’s de dad-blame witches, sah,
En I wisht I was dead,
Dey sk’yers me so
I wish we could have some bad luck like this every day

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Jadzia | 1 comments Jadzia Ramsay
Poem#1( Transcending beyond standing)

Why do I stand out side myself?
Searching for the person of my existence
Asking myself what makes me feel?
Sad ?
Do I control these things? or is it beyond time and space
That makes me feel how I think I should to feel?

Poem#2( The haven I search for)

I dream of a place
Where light and sound resemble beauty unimaginable
A place where what you dream comes true
What you feel becomes real
A dream Where all of life curiosities are answered
Does this place really exist?
Through the mind, heart and soul of the inhabitants can we reach the nirvana
The one who lives in the heart of the earth is he not truly blessed
We can't all live in this place and be blessed beyond compression

Poem#3(My color)

I search inside my self
Searching for the true make up that is me
I stare for the colors of my life
where a blank sheet stares back
I am looking for the truth, knowledge and understanding
The lies, deceit and horror stare back
It mocks me
It hurts me
Its holding on to the pain
My mind feels for me
Analyzing the ins and outs of the heart
I want to know, understand and burst with color
What are my colors?
I like green
I like blue
But I feel Black

message 24: by Anisah (new)

Anisah | 3 comments Found Poem/ A Splendid Companion
I was ever so glad to see Jim
I warn't lonesome now
there ain't no better way to put in time when you are lonesome;
you can't stay so
you soon get over it
I wouldn't want to be nowhere else but here
I know what you'll say
I was awful sorry
and was awful glad when I saw you coming
It 'uz planned beautiful
en it 'uz done beautiful
en dey ain't NOBODY kin git up a plan dat's mo' mixed-up en splendid den what dat one wuz
Jim won't ever forgit you Huck
you's de bes' fren' Jim's ever had
en you's de ONLY fren' ole Jim's got now
he turns to Jim
and looks him over like he never see him before
I wouldn't want to be nowhere else but here

message 25: by Mikhail (new)

Mikhail Green | 1 comments MikhailGreen

“Me” (Poem About Self)

I’ am African American
I’ am sixteen
I’ am smart and intelligent
I’ am athletic
I’ am Jamaican and Cuban
I’ am ambitious
I’ am eager to learn
I’ am handsome
I’ am down to earth
I’ am resilient and strong
I’ am respectful
I’ am impressionable
I’ am kind and caring
I’ am Mikhail Kiwone Green

“Uncovered Darkness” (Gilded Age)

An era of progress and prosperity
America maturing and flourishing economically
Under the “Golden” veil reveals the truth
Exploitation of men, women, and children in their youth

An age of “Big Businesses” and rise to power
Established by the immigrant’s hard labor hour after hour
Low wages, unsanitary communities, and abuse
The workers desperately cry for help, but the government is of no use
The workers strived for better conditions and equality
That is the price they paid to make one wealthy

“Life of an Enslaved Black Man” (Huck Finn Found Poem)

My master treats me rough
And says I don’t work hard enough
I don’t eat more than a bowl of beans
My master threatens to sell me to New Orleans
I’m eight hundred dollars in worth
One of the many enslaved on earth

Being n***er brings the human race shame
Can not change society so who am I to blame
Killing a n***er is not considered a crime
The lives of others are worth more than mine
Arms and legs chained up like in a chain gang
Try to runaway but followed by the sounds, BANG, BANG, BANG!

message 26: by Renee (new)

Renee | 4 comments Renee Drummond P6 3/23/11

Poem #1 (Gilding Age)
It was the Gilded Age
A timeless age
The golden age
No man can degrade
Where the rich became richer
The poor became poorer

Poem # 2 (Gilded Age)
Timeless part two
More and more companies
More and more stocks
A time where iron and steel were always in stock
A time with labor leaders
Robber barons too
Money flowing in
Money flowing out
Stable economy is what they were all about

Poem # 3 (Found Poem)
Tied up a little lock of my hair
You've found
Build Confidence
Clear up fear
Five center piece
Charm the devil away count your blessings
Not the thing you will be cooking for another day

Poem # 4 (Transcendentalist Poem)

Color me purple
Color me pink
Living in a society that beauty is in sync
The brother man sister girl
The image that makes the African American girl hurl
The Jamaican girl said "out of many one people"
We are said to be living in the results of those Jim Crow laws
How can i fly away and make the cage bird sing?
If i can not get a job because of the color of my skin?
Petty for complaining about my ancestors misery
Living above the influence so i am not subjected to the white man's captivity

message 27: by Xing (new)

Xing | 4 comments "Struggles": Found Poem-Mark Twain's Huck Finn

I knowed very well I had done wrong
I see it warn’t no use for me to try t learn to do right
a body that don’t get started right when he is little, ain’t got no show

I felt so orney and low down and mean
I begun to get it through my head that he was almost free
It got to troubleling me so I couldn’t rest
I couldn’t stay still in one place
I warn’t easy my self

Well, I just felt sick
But I says, I got to do it
I can’t get out of it

It warn’t no use to try and hide it from Him
It was because my heart warn’t right
It was because I warn’t square
It was because I was playing double

I was letting on to give up sin
I saved him by telling the men we had small-pox aboard
he was so grateful
I got to decide, forever, betwixt two things
All right, then, I’ll go to hell

message 28: by Leonela (new)

Leonela | 3 comments Huck’s Word: Written by Huck on the Raft

All I wanted was to go somewhere; all
I wanted was a change.
I ended up breaking the law.
I was mighty good,
With Ms. Watson and the Widow.
I got school and food,
And tight clothes too.
The Widow, She said she warn’t ashamed of me,
Because I was being civilized, you see.
But Pap disapproved and kidnapped me.
To be honest, I was feeling ruther comfortable.
No more rules, I got to do what I wanted.
The widow always told me what to do,
Pap’a action towards me was abuse.
But Jim, he really listened to me,
His eyes looking at me with no judge.
He was always mighty good, that way, Jim was.
I mostly told Jim the truth,
And trusted him through and through.
It was great to have Jim for a Friend.
It don’t seem natural,
A friend who’s skin and night blend.
Jim says I’m his great friend,
Because I let his voice be heard.
And I understood what he meant,
,Cause I been there before.

message 29: by Leonela (new)

Leonela | 3 comments The Gilded Age: Clap on, Clap off

Bridge building,
Factory clanking,
Life changing.
The Gilded Age is the Golden Age;
Where the middle class,
Becomes the growing class.

Ring, Ring, Ring,
The future is calling.
Light on, Light off,
The present is changing.

American Dream, being reached by many.
Immigrants landing,
Ellis Island approving,

The modern world is awaiting.

message 30: by Leonela (last edited Mar 24, 2011 08:02PM) (new)

Leonela | 3 comments My thoughts

How I wish I could just be.
The way of the world is sickened,
Being told I have a voice, than

Wishing to write freely,
But chained to the format.
A car driving on thoughts endlessly,
Yet someone else is filling my tank.

My whole future at risk,
If my grade is not higher than 76.

Wishing to return to simpler times,
With nature and peace of mind.
Where we were inspired by Knowledge,
Now we go to school hoping to gain a good moorage.

Teachers are only to teach
To make educated citizens.

What happen to teaching to,
Make better humans?

message 31: by Robert (new)

Robert | 1 comments Someone True

Heaven or hell,
Day or night.
"I wanted [Tom] and me to be together."

Important to me,
As the sun to plants,
"I shouted to him,"
For freedom and our lives,
We must run!

Concerned like a mother,
"En you ain' dead?"
He asked of me.
" 'Thanks to goodness' [silently he said]."

For you, "I'll gpo to hell [again]."
Whatever it takes,
"Steal [or kidnap] you?"
"I would do that too."

"He was resking his freedom to do it."
"[We must] pay him for his time lost."
Of all the people in the world,
He deserves,
"A torchlight procession [with] a brass band!"

Waves of Sound

The sound tickles my ear,
Gives me a grin.
I tell the story,
Through the whisper of a stream,
The roar of a thunderous ocean.
Prideful like a fountain,
Into which a coin was dropped,
I keep on playing,
Getting everyone lost in their pensive thoughts.

Broken Bones

The government tried to bust the trust
Through the Sherman Act.The plan succeeded
Yet never was heeded,
And like a bone,

message 32: by Iqra (new)

Iqra Iqra Amin P. 3 3/24/2011

The Confused You

Straight Forwardness. Clear Mind.
Your worry with your agnostic views.
You seem so sure of what you want.
But is that all an image your putting out there?
Have you discovered yourself yet?
Maybe the confused phase will leave with age.
Or maybe this really is you.

The Need to Adjust

You’re still here planting, growing.
Don’t you see the world changing?
Open your eyes the world isn’t the same.
Up there people are using machines,
While you still want people to work for you.
What worked decades ago, wont happen again.
And you’re going to have to adjust.

Our Connection

There warn’t nothing left but
Sixteen dollars and our nigger, Jim.
It was Miss Watson’s Jim!

I went to sleep, and Jim didn’t,
Call me when it was my turn,
He often done that.

Was Jim a runaway slave?
I’s a free man, en I couldn’t
Ever ben free ef it hadn’t ben for Huck.
You bet I was glad to see him.

message 33: by Anisah (new)

Anisah | 3 comments Transcendentalist poem/ I Stroll down this Path

I walk on these amended paths,
My eyes wonder questioning my sight,
Where we had the little laughter of joy,
We recieved from the simplest things gone
Have we changed so much?
That life's enjoyment has turned into nothing
We thought so much of what we'd do tommorow
But tommorow's here and we are near to what we said

message 34: by Anisah (new)

Anisah | 3 comments Transcendentalist poem/ Merciless People

Melting nature like plastic
Reshaping it of their own will
Where is the courtesy
That the planet we stand on needs?
It is the beginning to weather down and erode
Is this what our guides deserve
Help should rush out into waves

message 35: by Yan (new)

Yan Kadouri | 1 comments Yan Kadouri-P3-March 24 ,2011

True Crime: Found Poem from “ The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn “

Gentlemen – gentlemen Hear me just a word
There’s one way yet –lets go dig up the corpse
Hooray they all shouted and starting off
Hold on Hold on collar all these four men

Well do it they all shouted if we don’t find them marks well lynch the whole gang
I was scared now I tell you .But there weren’t no getting away
They girppled us all, and marched us right along , straight for the graveyard
And the whole town at our heels
But there weren’t no getting away
Hooray they all shouted and was starting right off .

“ Hooray they all shouted , and was starting right off ;
The whole bilin of ‘ m ‘ s frauds Le’s duck ‘ em le’s
Gentlemen –gentlemen Hear me just a word
But there weren’t no getting away.

Poem 2 (Myself )

My name is Yan
I ‘am seventeen
I’ am courage’s and friendly
I ‘am Jewish
I ‘am outgoing
I ‘am respectful
I ‘am kind, and caring
But most of all I am myself

Poem 3 The Era of Success

The Era of success
The era of invention
The gilded age the birth of humanity
Birth of society and corruption
The era of success
The ear of humanity.

message 36: by Regina (new)

Regina | 1 comments Poem on #1 The Gilded Age

Waiting on the World to Change

The gold and the land has blinded them from then to now
Men turn into savage beasts at the sight of gold

The beauty of the land has been taken over by the need to grow crops

Land is beautiful and ever lasting, unless a person comes and stops it

Persecution blinds

Money kills faith and belief

This troubles mankind’s minds

And also puts them in grief 

Thus the need for more land

To grow and search

The land turns from being sweet and peaceful, to being manned

Thus moving away from the church

Money controls us like a puppeteer

But when we notice, it’s too late and leaves us caught in headlights like a deer

This leaves the land barren

Look around and see the sins we have committed

They stand and feel pain and agony admitted

So this keeps growing and spreading like a fire, thus creating a tragedy for humanity
Causing an anxiety
People who live life on the street go by unseen
They have nothing to eat, not even a bean

Others have money and instead of helping, they just expand more west killing life

They just struck wildlife with a knife

Life back then was hard for people with gold or without 

The same form since then to now

Gold has turned to the black gold

This problem is beginning to get old

People are fighting; people are dying for this black poison 

It poisons our thoughts, which leaves our mind in torsion

This goes on without reason

The money controls, thus causing treason

Gold is a God in some people’s mind

Thus leaving them blind
Without a clue about what goes around
This leaves them dumbfound

With gold in mind, people cross borders

Thus ignoring orders

Just to bring their family home a daily meal

This is a problem we cant deal

Immigration is a big problem in modern time

We have to fix this; we are running out of time

We got to unite, to be able to fight

Keep the same goal insight

Immigration will grow
Unless we stop following the flow 

Money will rule

Unless we get a clue

So I say stand up and realize

Control this demise

So I advise 

Open your eyes

We can fix these problems

So lets pick up the crumbs

Put this together, and stop humankind from acting like a fraud

Come together as we are equal in the eyes of God

Poem #2 Transcendentalist

Who Am I?

Logical, Analytical, Intellectual, Witty,
I am the all-watching eyes,
I am the silent observer,
A master of the mind,
My family, my friends, and God are the three gears that make the hands on my life-clock tick,
Stubborn, Compassionate, Romantic,
I am set in my ways,
Head over heart,
Falling, Burning, Drowning,
My fearful demise,
Foreign lands, a peaceful world, God:
My eternal home.
I'm a chameleon in rainbow socks

Allured by happiness.

A daughter, a poet, a sister and friend

Unaware of my own greatness.
Defined by true nature to always believe

A little love goes a long way.

I'm as gracious as wind chimes stirred in the breeze

Free in a summers day.
I'm intense at absorbing anything new

Yet misunderstood by a few.

I've faced tragedy and triumphs tune

But desired harmony in all that I do.
I'm a child that can make stories up in the clouds

My heart's soft and fragile besides…

Life kind of gets serious and down

And my free spirit just runs free and hides.

Poem #3 Found poem

Kill a spider, bad luck yours will be

Until of flies you've swatted fifty-three.
If you see a spider spinning a web
you are going to be rich due to hard work.
If there are no spiders in sight,
It’s inevitably a sign of rain.

I saw a little spider

Who built its home inside the sink
Not the best place to settle down

But it thought the place was neat

I nonchalantly felt disgusted

As I turned on my faucet
The water pounded its estate

And it was on full-established alarm

It scrambled to its safety

As I watched it from up high

The helpless little spider

I let out a solemn sigh

As I drowned the little spider

And flushed it down the sink

I put myself in its feet

As I began to think

I thought about the spider

How far it came from its egg

Its history, its journey

It’s tired and weary legs

To have ended its life so quickly

With ease that I must say

To say I was cruel is strange

And to say I’m not is the same

I killed this little spider,
It’s dead man.

Its life and death in my control

This time I felt a sadness

One I’ve never felt before
Goodbye spider.

message 37: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Spearing | 1 comments Crystal Spearing

Poem 1:
Big bad Railroad

The big railroad came in,
and so did the city.
We moved from the house on the farm
to the cramp apartment in the city.

Momma, Daddy, and children are working
bringing in the money for the household
until Momma or Daddy become ill
must rebel with the union
until one of us get's killed.

Poem 2:
I am Who I am

I am who I am
don't care, what no one else says.
I do what I want because I am in control
of my life.
No one control's me, I am free
to be who want to be
I am me.

Poem 3:
Momma's like a ghost

Smoke comes up from burning pots, that’s an awful bad sign
I done fetched me some bad luck.
Crossed my breast and my fingers to make sure that the house won’t
Burn down
My momma would fly in here like a witch on a broom
In this dark kitchen
I awluz was scared of my momma like I am scared of ghost
Hope she doan do nuffin when she get home

message 38: by Naurin (new)

Naurin | 3 comments Found Poem #1 – Family

Words Used
Cried (ch. 1)
Secrets (Ch.2)
Father (Ch. 3)
Drunk(Ch. 3)
lit my candle (ch. 4)
shut the door (ch. 4)
(Ch 6)
En wid dat I fetch' (ch. 23)
You just march into that setting-room and stay there till I come (ch. 40)

Horrible Father
Father, my father
Living on a little farm
Shut the door
Lit my candle
He catched me a couple of times
Thrashed me drunk
En wid dat I fetch
My poor brother that lays says
You just march into that setting-room and stay there till I come

Found Poem # 2 – Superstitions

Pretty soon a spider went crawling up my shoulder (ch. 1)
The witches bewitched me and put me in a trance (ch. 2)
Awful bad sign and would fetch me some bad luck (ch. 1)
I couldn't make it out. (ch. 4)
IF you shook the table-cloth after sundown (ch. 8)
It was very curious, somehow. (ch. 4)

Poem #3:
The Legendary Gilded Age
A time of Reconstruction
Where people wanted to end destruction
Of inventions like the telephone
And gradual content-ness than mope
Of new inventors like Alexander Graham Bell
Good things to buy good things to sell

Poem #4
Inventions All Around the World
Increase production of goods by people
Railroads causing people to act cripple
Communication becoming easier
Railroads causing coals to be steamier

message 39: by Sanum (new)

Sanum | 19 comments Period 8

Poem # 1

The title is Me: Sanum Afridi
Is it normal to reflect constantly on the past
On what’s gone and won’t ever come back

I can’t stop putting the music on blast
Everyone wants to say it’s “wack”.
I made a history,
so bad,
so vast

I’m under this dark cloud
I wish I could change
and be good again
I guess I’m part of the trend
Maybe it’s just that I’m a teenager,
and it’s normal to make mistakes
Maybe instead of being the avenger,
I can fix myself
and awake from this nightmare

Tryna be responsible,
Instead I’m underestimated
But why blame others,
when I brought myself to these traits
I guess time will change me,
all I can do is wait for it
I’m out of place,
I don’t fit into
my description of a Pakistani Muslim

I’m tryna find myself, maybe a new self
Cause I hate who I am right now,
Feel like putting this old me
on an old shelf

This is the way it always was
That’s the way it’s meant to be
Happiness isn’t meant for me

Poem #2

Corporations eliminating competition
Opportunity is all you want and see when you’re brainwashed by propaganda
Robber barons, they would bribe and take control of politics
Remember the times when we would work in farms?
Under the shiny gold is an unattractive reality
Political corruption, political figures crazed for money
Populist Party came into existence because of the hard life for farmers
They’re trying to fool us, but we’re going to make the unions against them
Industrialization and urbanization, hand in hand.
Old and new immigrants coming because of the high demand of workers
No, they did not know that leaving their country full of predicaments, would they come into a corruption filled society.

Poem # 3

Denied Dependence
I was ever so glad to see Jim,
I warn’t so lonesome, now
‘I- I run off’, Jim had told me,
Scared and begging me not to tell.

People would call me a low down abolitionist
And despise me
For keeping mum-
But that don’t make no difference
I ain’t agoing to tell.

Jim, this is nice’, I says
‘I wouldn’t want to be nowhere else but here,
‘Well you wouldn’t a ben here
‘f it hadn’t a ben for Jim,
Jim says to me

I made Jim lay down in the canoe
and cover up with the quilt,
because if he set up,
people could tell he was a nigger a good ways off

Jim was always right,
I tell you.
I touched a snake-skin with my hands
He told me, ‘Mind I tell you the bad luck is a-comin’.
Jim was a mighty good nigger.

I’d see him standing my watch
on top of his’n stead of calling me,
so I could go on sleeping,
and see him how glad he was,
when I come out of the fog
Tom Sawyer took all that trouble
to set a free nigger free
Jim was pleased most to death
We were shut of the King and the Duke
And I had to be sivilized again by Aunt Sally

message 40: by Mandy (new)

Mandy (mandy6694) | 5 comments Mandy Zhao P7 3/25

The First Transcontinental Railroad

Ancestors of my country helped built it,
Yet Congress demolished it into bits;
They passed the Chinese Exclusion Act,
Stopping those who already started to pack.

Thinking back to the days
When they built the transcontinental railroad,
How dangerous it was to daze,
Everything might just explode.

Whatever happens to them,
Nobody ever cared;
If they made a mess,
They were beaten, no less.

No matter how much work they put in it,
They were never appreciated.
Laborious work was praised,
In exchange for low pays.

Lives were left unprotected during the work,
While the white watcher stood by and smirked.
They came to look for wealth in their families,
But the desire left pitiful memories.

They were part of what united the East and West,
They were part of the past.
They, together with other immigrants, built the first railroad,
They should have the legal code.

Found poem
Rubbed and rubbed till I sweat
None of the genies come
Turn over salt-cellar at breakfast
Throw over left shoulder
Keep off bad luck
Knows everything
Mustn’t count the thing you are going to cook for dinner
Bad luck

Go With the Flow

Whatever happens, go with the flow,
Everything that’s going to happen will occur,
We can’t control where the flow would go,
But we can just go with the flow that’s for sure.

We go with the flow,
To desire for the good grades on tests,
We study hard to show
That you will be impressed

We go with the flow,
When we were with the ones we loved,
We give the characteristics that glow,
And warmed the hearts of the dove.

We go with the flow,
When we get angry at someone,
We yell out anything that awkward the tableau,
But out with our fire gone.

Whatever happens, go with the flow,
Everything around us matches the show,
We found out the unknowns,
While everything was just postponed

I Am Me

When I hear the train
I turn to me,
To quickly get out of the way

I am like the weather,
Who controls the change in sky;
Yet unable to be accurately predicted by any other,
Who wants to be able to fly.

When I hear the fire alarm,
I turn to me,
To get out of the building and out of harm.

I am like the television,
Who has many channels;
But was still controlled by the view.
And yet, also entertains all kinds of people.

I am me, of all different scenes;
I am earth, the earth makes me;
I rely on the earth, it relies on me;
I am nature, the nature makes me.

message 41: by Maya (last edited Mar 25, 2011 03:51PM) (new)

Maya (mayamayllin94) | 5 comments Maya Guaman - English 11 - P3 3/25/11

The Mirror

Look at the mirror.
Does it see what I see?
Of course.
Only the outer appearances,
Not what’s in me.
The window to the soul is the eyes.
That is where the true me lies.
In my soul is a story untold.
That can unfold.
That is pure gold.
But just like gold it’s very much cold.

Take a seat and listen to my story.
It could be entertaining,
Or dreadfully boring.
But here it goes.
Before we take a peek into my soul,
Where the cold wind blows;
Let’s look in the mirror,
And observe the outer shell,
That can look very beautiful or look like hell.
But that’s my opinion.
You may agree or disagree.
But that’s just me,
At the age of 16.

Now it’s time to look in my eyes.
Do you see what I see?
Of course not.
Because you are you,
And I am me.
Did you look in my eyes?
Did you see the pain?
Did you see the happiness?
What was lost?
What was gain?
Haha! No you didn’t!
Please don’t lie.
You didn’t look deep enough.
You can’t see it with the naked eye.
It’s okay.
This poem is only scratching the surface.
It isn’t my fault.
I don’t do it on purpose.
That’s just me.

I like to keep people waiting,
Of what I am going to do next.


Remember the days
When we were in love?
When it was me and you,
And nothing above?
Remember the day,
With the nice spring breeze?
The smiles on our faces?
The wind hitting the trees?
I don’t think you do,
Because you’ve changed.
You turned your back…
You’re out of range.
Maybe you’ll come back
And pick the pieces off the floor.
And it’ll be two reunited hearts
Behind one closed door.

True Colors & Feelings

You cried that day…
You let me see,
Something you had to see to believe.
You held me close…
You held me tight,
Holding back the tears
Seemed like the biggest fight.
Remember what you said?
Or did you lie?
Why did you let the fire die?

message 42: by Haewon (new)

Haewon | 4 comments Poem #1
No Matter Who You Are (Found Poem)

To the bitter death,
The secret of your being
Trying to catch your breath
Not one luck coming

O Lord, don’t shoot
Bang Bang Bang
Get somebody to go for that Gang

To breathe the pure air of freedom,
You’ll lie down and forget it all.
Thinking about your wife and your children
You didn’t lose it all

Come, Black with sin,
I don’t blame you
Come in with your rags and sin and dirt!
I don’t blame anybody
Come, poor, and needy, sunk in shame
The door of heaven stands open
Yes, it is good enough for me
Enter in and be at rest
Your poor broken heart will be at rest

Poem #2
I’m Always Right

I can hear the world screaming and crying
All these frauds and liars
Why not live a peaceful life full of happiness?

No matter what the world says,
I will not listen to anybody
Because I follow my own light
And I know I’m always right

Poem #3
Nothing But a Disguise

The image of heaven and delight
All shiny and bright
The darkness of the black purple night
Stars and moon and the beautiful twilight

But why, you angelic nature
Why so coercive?
You are nothing but a pool of disguise.

message 43: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 4 comments Poem #1- Superposition Poem : Huckleberry Finn

Now you think it’s bad luck;
To touch a snake skin with my hand,
Spilling the salt
I made up my mind,
I wouldn’t ever take a-holt
of a snake skin,
now that I see what had come of it.
It’s a-comin’. Mind I tell you, it’s a-comin’

Poem #2- Southern Hospitality

In the South they could
be seen as Rapscallions,
From chinks and slaves to Native Americans
They live in their wigwams
They have their different Jimcraacks
While whites expect them to be
Obleeged to hew into society
They refuse to conform

Poem #3-Invisible Chains

These invisible chains they hold me down
You say we should have rights, but there are
So many holes in these laws
The United States government is completely flawed.
To be a part of this country while being
a minority is like being held down by
Invisible chains.

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Khalid | 7 comments Khalid Haynes - English 11- P7- 3/25/11

"Family Is Nothing To Me"
(Huck's perspective)

A family that prays together stays together
"Not in my eyes"
Family is love,grace, and respect
"Not in my eyes"
Family is hard work and nothing but sweat
Being robbed and beaten by Pap
Peace in the home-safe-no harm -love forever
That will be never
Lonesome, poor with Jim, crying out prayers out but no one hears them
"Family Is Nothing To Me"
-Khalid Haynes (P7)

Secrets To Life

The message was written in a cipher.
Society trying to find the chinks in life.
Started off living in wigwams with a cavorted state of mind.

The society took a ell turn and people turned into rapscallions.
Instead of taking time to enjoy life, they scrawl through it.

Our founding fathers are hewed into rock and was obleged to have all the glory.
But looking back at history, Do you think they did a good job.
-Khalid Haynes (P7)

Look out for one bad sign.
Then keep away from witches
Never wear horse shoes and don't kill a spider
Still alive?
Good, Stay far from death
The evil ones in the world charms the devil and rides with the witches.
Creep away from then and you will find your RICHES!
-Khalid Haynes(P7)

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Sabrina (Shona881) | 1 comments Sabrina Fletcher-English 11-3/25/11-P.8

Natural Beauty (Transcendentalist Poem)

The Sunset upon the horizon,
My reflection within the pond.
The Earthy smell of a new season,
A new horizon has dawned.

My mood blows in with the breeze,
Oh, how I am at ease.
Free as the wind, free as a bird,
How do I love to soar in the sky above.

God guides my path,
As water is guided by the canyon.
I am a free spirit!

The Panic (Gilded Age Poem)

The value of my bank account drops
Unemployment rises
Factories shut down
Panic is in the air

All I worked for is gone
Like the drop of a hat
I no longer have a home.
What did I do?
Where did I go wrong?

From rags to riches and back to rags
I no longer have options
My life is over
And death is just the beginning.

The Duke and the King's Many Faces-Found Poem

Your Eyes is lookin' at this very moment on the pore disappeared Dauphin
Son of Looy the Sixteen and Marry Antonette

By rights I am a duke!
My great-grandfather, eldest son of the Duke of Bridgewater

He told them he was a pirate--been a pirate for thirty years

Why, ourn--your Uncle Harvey's.

Turn your backs on that scoundrel and have nothing to do with him
He...has come here with a lot of empty names and facts...and you take them for proofs
To fool yourselves by these foolish friends here, who ought to know better

He is the thinnest kind of imposter

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Sutapa | 4 comments Sutapa Katari-P8-English 11- 3/25/11

Progression (Gilded Age Poem)

Hand gathered crops
The fight for land and territory
Survival of the fittest
Only the tough manage to survive

Now…time has changed
New ways of living
Still doing things as we always had
Using the old ways weren’t so bad
Life, same as always
Hard, cruel, unfaithful, and countless deaths

Then came industrial progression
Hope for all
New inventions
Unknown machines
However… in the end…
It is better for us all

Reality (Dead Poets Society)

Inside us all
We all want to look good
To be thin
To be loved
But the reality is that…
We are who we are
Wanting to be smart
Wanting to be successful
Wanting to be rich

Above all
We all want love
But the reality is…
A slap in the face
It’s everything we want
But can’t have…
The reality is what we have
And our dreams are what we want
Within time
Reality hurts us all
But the biggest lesson of all is that…
Reality can never be trusted…

Fear (Found Poem)

The witches went for me mostly in the dark
So it was good to have folks around then
But I had nobody around dark…
So the witches came at me
They bewitched me in a trance

I ain't ever done no harm to them and they know that
Why’d they come back to haunt me for?
Po' niggers can't have no luck. I awluz 'spected dat
Misfortune has broken my once haughty spirit…

I yield, I submit; ‘tis my fate.
I am alone in the world…bear it.
Why’d they come back to me?

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Arelis | 1 comments Arelis Medrano - P3 - Poem #1

Trancendentalist Poem)
Title: Strolling

If my voice dies in the dirt
It would be at sea level
And it will die on the shore

But as long as it is still alive
I will do what I say
And there is no way
That anybody will take that from me

I'm sitting on top of the world
just rolling along,
singing a song
Being me all day long

Letting Nature take it's course
Because it can't ruin
the flow that I'm in
I am surely myself within

Poem # 2 - (Found Poem)

Title: Body ashamed of the human race

At a “clump of bushes”
“Everybody swear to keep the secret”
And our connection grew strong.

Among the black folk
I couldn’t see them as my equal
They were all fools

“I warn’t going to let Jim” in on anything I do
“Well, if ever I struck anything like it,
I’m a nigger too.
It was enough
to make a body ashamed of the human race”
But I could humble myself to him for I saw
he ain’t that bad

In a world
where “[men at church put guns] between their knees”
It’s hard to gain morality
Heard a “pretty ornery preaching—
all about brotherly love”
Do I really need to hear these things from up above?

Jim is always there for me
The way it ought to be
“ain’t gwyne forget you for dat honey”

“He ain’t a bad nigger”
The memories we had on or skiff
Were the best I ever had

“They cussed Jim considerably
and gave him a cuff or two
but Jim never said nothing
he never let on to know me”

As for me – I must set him free
Look at all that he has done for me
But I’s concerned
For “we can’t waste time like we ought to”

Like a older brother he would protect me
Maybe he was above me
Now that he is free
As his brother
“I would give anything in the world
to see him
[in my wigwam]
before he died”

Poem #3 - Found Poem (In class)
Title: The Grand Suprise

He nearly cried
He was so glad
But he warn't suprised
It wa sa grand suprise to see him again
Like a brother, our minds think as one

Before he was a fool
But now I am humble to him
Be tears come
I could a got down

On my knees
Kiss yo' foot
I's so thankful
To have a friend ship liek this

We may be bound to go our separate ways
But dont be a rapscallion and forget about me
Even though we migh skaddle away
at least we still have brotherly love

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Rinchen Dolma | 1 comments Rinchen Dolma-P2-English-03/25/11

True Progress (Transcendentalist Poem)

Don't look for the industrialists' progress
that only involves
destroying of the trees
seperating families of animals
polluting the river and the sky

Instead, only care about the beauty of the nature
that illuminates power and grace
follow the freshness of the aire and the water
then only, would you acclaim
the true progress of life

The Age of Glamour (The Gilded Age)

Look at the skycrapers
and the fancy suits of the American men
who rushes down the street
with anxiousness to get to work on time.

The Gilded Age is the age,
where everyone have fancy new cars
and clothes made out of the finest materials
which could only be found in the American Society.

I Owns Myself (The Found Poem)

The White man says,
"Why ain't this nigger up at auction!"
They say, "Our hand was the hand of hog."
And we was wuth eight hundred dollars
Hanging us to the tree was for fun
But I says to myself,
"I owns myself!"

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Paola Garcia | 1 comments Paola Garcia-English-P3 3/25/11
1# Gilded Age: Light
Seems to be that era,
were things happend to change
When our eyes began to open,
Discoverying and creating,
Makingthings better

We finally discovered something beyond light,
Thanks to Thomas Edison for the light bulb
Who knew this would ever happen?
No more candles but lights flashing
On and off switches
Wow, we seem so amused
Is this even coming true?

#2 Gilded Age

Chaging, creating, discoverying
the world
Technology, railroads, telephone

Sorrow, othering, struggle
to those who are not

Treated unfairand unjust
Should this be seen as a crime?
Let's just say it has influenced us

#3 Found Poem Huckleberry Finn: Metaphysical

I hain't ever done you no harm
you know that,
So then, what you want to come back
And haint me for?

I don't want nothing more out of you
than just your word
I druther have it than another man's

#4 Found Poem Huckleberry Finn:
Hm what you know' bout witches?

Witches be witched him
put him in a trace,
robe him under the tree,
hung his hat on a limb
to show who done it

[He] Kept that five center piece
around his neck
with a string,

And said it was a chain
the devil give to him with
his own hands
to him he could cure anybody with it

And fetch witches
whenever he wanted to
just by saying something to it
But he never told
What it was he said to it

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Xing | 4 comments Age of change
It’s an era of change
Where the corporation became the dominant form of business organization
And a transformation of business operation
Life was improved by a series of new inventions
Labor unions were formed to demand for better working conditions
Panic of 1873 caused people to suffer under the depression
And with the emergence of business and government corruption
The age is characterized by a series of reforms, changes and sufferings

Gilded Age
It’s the age of troubles
But it’s also the age of improvements
National transportation was created
which created the Union and expended market
However, new inventions were introduced
which provided a higher life quality
Immigrants poured in to the country
which reached the requirement for labor force

The rapid economic growth produced wealth
but only to a small amount of people
In an era of Progression
And it was surrendered by the sense of darkness

People suffered form the Panic of 1893
The stock market crashed left many people in depression
It was a golden age for some people
But it was a period of failure for many people

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