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message 1: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
:) name ur characters :)

message 2: by BD (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 2865 comments Mod
I am;
Name: Vampiress Noir Diamond Vairette

Aliases (persons who use this alias)=
Diamanda (woolfie)
Vairette(vampires in general)
Noir Vampiress (werewolves in general)
Pale Black Death(humans)

Family; Father is Lord of Vampire seduced Mother (angel) after she was born he killed her. He still reins the vampires and leads the current war against werewolves

Race; part Vampire(jewel vampiress) Part Angel
Lineage; Vampire royalty- heiress

What I look like;
Vampire form:
-( i will add it wen i can be bothered :P)
With wings:
-( i will add it wen i can be bothered :P)
Loves; Woolfie( my pet name for him)

1) Has wings and can fly

2) has a seductive power that can bring any human to their knees

3) super speedy and can flit through small spaces

4) can manipulate air

5) like all vampires can mind connect with other vampires

Diamond is smart loving and ruthless. she loves her blood but also her Love. she is gracefull and silent to all who don't know her :-P
She wishes the war between vampire and wolf clans to stop!

Marital Status: (atm) single

message 3: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 5696 comments I am;
Name: Lord Fenris Arcturus MacBain

Aliases (persons who use this alias)=
Woolfie (Diamanda)
Winterfang(vampires in general)
White Death(humans)

Family; The MacBains of the Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye(all deceased, murdered treacherously during The Rending, the last and worst werewolf civil war)

Newly revealed to have had a past relationship with Queen Ubel(Ubelynda) a half vampire. We have a daughter; Angelica Demonica aka Lica

Race;werewolf(Snow wolf)
Lineage; werewolf royalty (now usurped)
What I look like;
Human form

Were form
look at my profile pic;)

Wolf form

Loves; Diamanda( my pet name for her)

1) Shapeshifter, can alternate between were, wolf and human form at will (but can only change at night. The moon does not affect canges)

2) Intellect of a human, instinct and sesnes of a wolf

3) Snow-sight; able to see invisible tracks and signs left on snow

4) As a member of the were royalty, I am unaffected by silver unlike a normal were. I know what will kill me but I'm not telling you;p

Marital status: (atm) single

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