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message 1: by Leela42 (last edited Feb 19, 2011 12:04PM) (new)

Leela42 | 3 comments I emailed GoodReads Support about this and they said it's a matter for the librarians group. They didn't say whether they forwarded, so if you've seen this before, my apologies.

Poking through Wikipedia and IMDb, I get the distinct impression GoodReads's David Fisher entry ( is at least two people scrambled together.

The GR author profile is about David Dayan Fisher; he's at Wikipedia ( and IMDb ( under that name, neither of which mention any books.

David Dayan Fisher's photo at IMDb suggests he's considerably younger than David Fisher born 1929, who wrote at least the books "Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive" and "Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit".

- Wikipedia ( doesn't mention any other books

- IMDb ( calls this one David Fisher (VIII).

- Fantastic Fiction also credits David Fisher born 1929 with "The Pack".

- The On Target website has a proprietary picture of David Fisher born 1929 ( Click the "Author" button.); again, he doesn't seem to look like David Dayan Fisher. On Target additionally credits David Fisher born 1929 with co-authoring "Operation Lucy: Most Secret Spy Ring of the Second World War", "The Deadly Embrace: Hitler, Stalin and the Nazi-Soviet Pact, 1939-1941", "Colonel Z.", "Kristallnacht", "The Proudest Day: India's Long Road to Independence", "Berlin Rising: Biography of a City", and "The Fall of Berlin".

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rivka | 43624 comments Mod
I did what I could, but I suspect it needs more work.

message 3: by Leela42 (last edited Mar 03, 2011 02:57PM) (new)

Leela42 | 3 comments Thanks for that much, at least. I can now be a fan of the right person!

What's GR's position on the seven history books (see On Target block of above post) the On Target bio credits to David Fisher born 1929? (At GR they're currently credited to the, er, catchall David Fisher.)

After a couple weeks of research, I would say it's "likely" the seven "Anthony Read & David Fisher"-authored history books currently under author belong under GoodReads author But "likely" is a far cry from "highly likely". The evidence is oblique too. In brief:

1) Because Anthony Read and the David Fisher who wrote the Doctor Who books were writers for the Doctor Who TV show (about a TIME TRAVELLER, note) the same three year period (you can look that up on IMDb if you want to see for yourself), it is somewhat more likely the David Fisher that Anthony Read partnered with to write the seven history books is the same one than it is that he happened to write books with another man with the same name. But given the popularity of the surname "Fisher", that's only an increased likelihood, not a certainty.

2) The person who wrote the On Target webpage replied to my query and said it's been years since he wrote that bibiliography, but that he believes he got the information from an interview in Doctor Who Magazine either with David Fisher or Anthony Read. (Unfortunately I can't very well look up the article. And if the interview was with Read, there was probably nothing in it explicitly saying it was the same David Fisher as the one from Doctor Who.) I can post that email here if you'd like.

3) I found quite a lot on another David Fisher who is supposedly the author of fifty or so books--and none of them are the history books. He's the one who wrote most of the books on GoodReads's catchall David Fisher list. Also, he's American, not English. This is probably sufficient evidence to move the seven history books off his page ( and onto the Doctor Who David Fisher's author page ( See next post for details.

Opinions? Suggestions for further research?

message 4: by Leela42 (last edited Mar 03, 2011 03:04PM) (new)

Leela42 | 3 comments Odds and ends:

I found a Simon & Schuster page for one David Fisher. (Not the one I'm interested in, though.) It has no biography but credits him with "Producer", "Keep It Simple", "It's Only a Game", and "Chicken Poop for the Soul". Possibly of interest: Two of the book covers feature a picture of the author.

I found a Macmillian Speakers page for the same David Fisher. It has a color photo. It credits him with having written about fifty books including "a children’s biography of Malcolm X", "Killer", collaborating with a variety of named people, "Chicken Poop for the Soul", "Legally Correct Fairy Tales", "Conversations with my Cat", "Patient #1", "Hard Evidence", "The Pack" (uh oh, FantasticFiction credits the Doctor Who David Fisher with this one so GR has it filed under that one!), "The War Magician" (uh oh, GR has this one filed under that one!), "Up Till Now", "Fire-Breathing Liberal", "The Accountant", "Friends of the Family: The True Story of the Mafia Cops".
On the caveat emptor side, there is nothing in Macmillian's blurb to suggest that this is a press release from Fisher's agent. It doesn't read like one. It may just be gleanings from the internet and therefore of unknown veracity.

Random House has a David Fisher credited with one book, "Across the Top of the World". No other info.

I found a fan page for David Dayan Fisher in which a moderator says "The Gift: You ask & you get" (2009) is his first published work.
There is supposed to be an interview about that book at However, my browser can't access anything I can't click, so I can't confirm that.

Still, by elimination, this (weakly) supports the hypothesis that the seven history books were written by the David Fisher I'm interested in, since so far I haven't found another author being credited with them.

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rivka | 43624 comments Mod
Leela42 wrote: "What's GR's position on the seven history books (see On Target block of above post) the On Target bio credits to David Fisher born 1929?"

In general, if you can sort out books to the correct author, go for it!

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