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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 15 comments Ok so here's the problemo: I have this friend and my best guy friend really likes her. Only, he really doesn't know the real her. She is judgemental, only cares about herself, is way into objects and not depth and he thinks he likes her.
I've always given him advice on things like this, and vice versa.
But they went out and she dumped him, but now she is sooo protective of him it's weird! She gets mad when we text or anything and will grab my phone and not give it back.
But.......I think I'm falling for him.
I don't know what to do because she is so protective of him and I think she would be so mad if I told her I liked him.

So now I have to give this guy I like advice about how to win over this girl he barely knows, but I'm falling for him.....
What should I do?!

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 108 comments Ah. I hate these situations. *Cracks knuckles*

To this guy, I don't know what he's like or anything like that, but I would tell him he should really get to know her before they go out again or something like that. That way, he'll find out on his own if she's egotistical, and you won't be portrayed as the jealous friend who makes up things. He wants to know how to win over your friend, right? Tell her to be her friend for now, get to know her real well, that way he'll be more comfortable around her. He can find out for himself if she's a jerk. And just be the supporting friend throughout all of this, but I'd throw in a little flirt now and then, that way he might realize he likes you, not her, and then it'll all be good in that aspect.

As for your friend, tell her to stop taking your phone or you'll murder her, and tell her you like this guy. If she's really your friend she'd understand and be all nice about it, but if she gets mad at her, tell her to get over it.

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what she said ;)

message 4: by Luna (new)

Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 15 comments ok good advice

but im worried if I tell her she'll tell him or just go after him more. Also me and the guy are such good friends that I'm worried he'll never think of me as more.

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life's too short to worry about what someone is thinking. if he isn't thinking of you the way you want him to, be happy with what you have, and find someone who does notice you the right way. dont waste your time chasing after guys who aren't paying attention to you.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 108 comments Definitely. As for your female friend, she can tell him if she wants, or she can do whatever she wants, it shouldn't bother you.

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Luna  (goodreadscombird) | 15 comments Wow great advice. Thank ya'll sooooo much!

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