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BRITISH MONARCHY/ROYAL HOUSES > 4. AL - WOLF HALL - PART III - CHAPTER 2 (THROUGH 197 - FINISH AUDIBLE PART I) (03/14/11 - 03/20/11) ~ No spoilers, please

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This write-up - thanks to Garret.


During the week of March 14 – March 20, we are reading Part III Chapter 2 though pp 197 FINISH AUDIBLE PART 1. Audible stops just before sentence “He is planning to take root?”

This thread will discuss the following:

Week 4 – March 14 – March 20 -> Part III Chapter II Entirely Beloved Cromwell Spring – December 1530

Remember, these weekly non spoiler threads are just that - non spoiler. There are many other threads where "spoiler information" can be placed including the glossary and any of the other supplemental threads.

We will open up a thread for each week's reading. Please make sure to post in the particular thread dedicated to those specific chapters and page numbers to avoid spoilers. We will also open up supplemental threads as we have done for other spotlighted reads.

We kicked off this book on February 21. We look forward to your participation. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other noted on line booksellers do have copies of the book and shipment can be expedited. The book can also be obtained easily at your local library, on iTunes for the ipad, etc. However, be careful, some audible formats are abridged and not unabridged.

There is still time remaining to obtain the book and get started. There is no rush and we are thrilled to have you join us. It is never too late to get started and/or to post.



Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel Hilary Mantel Hilary Mantel

This is a link to the complete table of contents and syllabus thread:


This is a kick-off book for the Audiobook folder.

Remember this is a non spoiler thread.

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Vincent (vpbrancato) | 1245 comments I am thinking I should assume that Ms. Mantel used true background as a framework to write around - the father occupations of Thomas and Wolsey - the death of Elizabeth and the girls - and so it give me more to think about than the previous limits of pondering.

I was in England two years ago, the 500th anniversary of Henry taking the throne and there was much in the museums etc on his reign.

I like the book, I am Kindle reading, and I am hoping to be able to take some time to more think and reference on this but the characters are developed fairly well but a lot of them to keep track of.

Garret (ggannuch) Thanks for the comments Vince.

There are quite a few characters to keep track of as you say, and I think since the book is written from Cromwell's point of view it is helpful to know something about the characters and the history. Feel free to post anything you learn about the history in the glossary or appropriate thread.

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It is interesting that you point out that the book is written from Cromwell's view even though so much is hidden in terms of Cromwell's actual thoughts and predilections.

In fact, sometimes I am confused because of how guarded Cromwell is at all times except I was surprised later on when talking to Mary....of all characters.

Garret (ggannuch) It does get confusing. I think the novel presupposes great familiarity with the story and characters

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Yes, I think that is true especially in terms of the noblemen.

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