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Shirley (shirleythekindlereader) This should be very interesting

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Susan Roebuck (sueroe) | 5 comments Mod
Thanks Shirley.

Kiki! Yes, I'm out from under the table (you were the last one to make me go under it, I've been behaving since then). My idea originally started when I stayed in the Catskills Upstate New York, and visited the 1969 site of the Woodstock Festival. Also, the little villages in the area were full of aging hippies (with very dubious smelling smoke coming out of their handicraft shops). I loved it, I really did. And I thought I'd write about the festival with Alex as a famous rock star and Sam a fan. But, like everything, things took a turn - I was interested in dyslexia and the fact that as recently as the 1960s and 1970s the condition was not really considered and I wanted Sam to have it. So I turned him into a ranch-hand and moved them both across country towards Montana. Verdigris is supposed to be Denver (but with a bit of artist license included!)


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