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message 1: by M (new)

M (pandabearchews) | 4 comments Hello authors,

We've added some new stats and a graph of your 5 most recent works onto the author dashboard. Please let us know what you think.


message 2: by Merrill (new)

Merrill Heath I'm getting the following error on my dashboard now:
The target-axis column(s) cannot be of type string

Maybe the "stats and graph" code needs a little tweaking?

Merrill Heath

message 3: by M (new)

M (pandabearchews) | 4 comments Thanks for letting us know, Merrill. We'll get that fixed soon!

message 4: by Neve (new)

Neve Maslakovic (nevemaslakovic) It loads fine on my Author page, not slow at all... maybe because I only have one book so far :)

I like the stats, not sure we need the graph to open automatically though. Perhaps there could just be a button to click on to view it.

message 5: by Mickie (new)

Mickie Ashling (goodreadscommickieashling) | 1 comments Mayanka wrote: "Hello authors,

We've added some new stats and a graph of your 5 most recent works onto the author dashboard. Please let us know what you think.


I can't access my dashboard. It get's hung up and my computer crashes. Something is very wonky. I've tried several times and get the same result. I can go to other pages but not my own.

message 6: by Janny (new)

Janny (jannywurts) | 17 comments Not working - I get a code about a script that cannot complete.

Also: not all of my books are accessible from the 'author dashboard' - this has been true for some time. It shows two pages, where, once, there were many titles are cut off - including the most recent one. All of the anthology contributions clutter the list - I could wish those could be managed differently.

I will enjoy seeing the new features - once they work I think they will be very helpful. I appreciate all the work going into this!

message 7: by Delaney (new)

Delaney Diamond (delaney_diamond) My dashboard works fine. Thanks for the stats.

message 8: by Merrill (new)

Merrill Heath The stats are loading fine now on my page. Looks great. I don't see the graph.

Merrill Heath

message 9: by M (new)

M (pandabearchews) | 4 comments Thanks for the feedback everyone. It sounds like the chart is loading too slowly for a lot of people. I'll get it removed soon, but keep the new stats on top.

message 10: by M (new)

M (pandabearchews) | 4 comments Update: the chart is now a link on the "my books" section. Hope that helps!

message 11: by Lala (new)

Lala Corriere (lalacorriere) | 1 comments Love the stats program. It allows us as authors to see what we are doing in terms of marketing that are result-oriented. I had an article in a newspaper that I was unaware of... able to see the spike in sales based on the published date. It's invaluable. Maybe not completely accurate, but excellent.

message 12: by Swapna (new)

Swapna Rajput | 3 comments Hi

The stats are good. I am able to see all the books goodreads activity.

Suggestion: it should give more details like read, reviewed etc.

This will help authors to have single point from where all the books activity can be viewed

message 13: by Anna (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 277 comments Thanks for pointing this out.

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