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Romeo and Juliet > Would the story be any different if it was in the point of view of Romeo or Juliet?

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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Mankovsky | 12 comments If the story was in the perspective of Romeo and Juliet, I think that it would be different but not dramatically different. If it was in the point of view of Romeo, you would understand more about his about Rosaline, and his broken heart. And if Juliet was telling the story, it would be more about her getting married and if she was ready to take another step in life or not.

message 2: by William (new)

William K | 9 comments Well I think if the story was in Romeos point of view, the whole beginning would be filled with sad, depressive thoughts. For he is in love with a woman who is going to become a nun. So yes, i think the way we understand the story would be different but the overall idea of the storyt would be the same.

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