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"Several Nubian kingdoms, including Kush, served as a trade corridor."
~ my World History textbook (ew, I know, but it was the closest book!)

βҽϲκαӏίη (beckergurl) | 19 comments I was the only one in athens killed for my ideas.

-the unaborted socrates

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Shep "In a moment, the sounds had faded."

~The Iron King
(Epic book, not so epic sentence.)

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Olivia (littledhampir25) | 9 comments Ven had done the right thing by putting his studdies first.


βҽϲκαӏίη (beckergurl) | 19 comments That's the only way they can let you know they're superior to you.

-Lady sings the blues ( the 50th anniversary edition)

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Neki Fear, he had learned, was his ally.

~Angels and Demons

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