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Role~Play > im a unicorn ur a zombie charries

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What r u:u/z

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is this supposed to describe us as a unicorn?

Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) This is a good idea, we could really show what Unicorns are.

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Name: Jeremy
Sex: Male
Age: 17 when turned into one
What r u:zombie
History: He was just 17 years old when their town was reached by the outbreak. The whole family was in the basement, hiding for days that turned into weeks then months. They had no other choice but to eat the one who died. And he had eaten his dead sister who they had to kill twice because she turned into one of them (zombies). In his blood flows the virus but his appearance never change. Instead, his youth was preserved and only when he's angry or hungry that his eyes turned blood shot and his viens were most visible. In the end, he ate his whole family except his little brother who got away.
Personality: Silent type.
Other: needs someone to rp with?

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History:Lives with a group of zombies when her parents left her cause she was a zombie.So a group of them tooked her in.And oh yeah, a brother that was this unicorn from thr mom's side on the family.A group of them tooked him in. and now zombies and the unicorns fight wheever they have a chance.
Personality"Loves to talk to who ever she see first. And goth.
Other:Need someone to write with!

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Name: Julia
Age: Unknown
Appearance: http://images.pictureshunt.com/pics/u...
Human Appearance: http://www.quizilla.com/user_images/D...
Personality: Likes to keep to herself.
Other: Changes into a human, doesn't like being a unicorn.

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your pictures are defective.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) AWWW CRAP!
hold on let me find them again.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) How about now?

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Nice! But you're a unicorn so Idk...hehehe..jk

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Fangs sister (fangssister) thanks! :)

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