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Same Book, Different ISBN

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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert (rdowens) What is the custom for a book that has multiple ISBN?

I just tried to enter an ISBN. GR does not have this. I clicked to add the book manually. Upon putting in the title, the book comes up with a different ISBN.

Should I add my book as a separate entry? How do I account for the ISBN being different?

For the record, I have been adding books by the ISBN. It doesn't always call up the edition I actually have. I was called on it in a swap. :(

I have noted that the ISBN does not refer to a specific edition of a book. It would be helpful if it were a unique identifier.

Anyhow, I am not certain how to handle this case.

I appreciate any assistance from the experts.

message 2: by Isabell (new)

Isabell (purzel) | 50 comments Books on GR often have several editions, so you can go ahead and add that one. When you've added it you can just request for a librarian to combine the editions so it will appear as one book with several editions.

ISBN and your actual edition don't always match because a publisher might have chosen to publish the same book again under that ISBN but with another cover. In such cases it is also accepted practice to add the edition one owns but to leave the ISBN-field blank (it won't let you enter the same ISBN twice). In such cases it would also be helpful to note somewhere that is an "alternate cover" edition and cite the ISBN for clarification.

message 3: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 25909 comments Robert wrote:"I have noted that the ISBN does not refer to a specific edition of a book. It would be helpful if it were a unique identifier".

Well, it does refer to a specific edition of a book, until a publisher reuses that ISBN. Therefore, most of the books in the db would be a specific edition of the book.

If in future you need to create an alternative edition, do as Isabell said and add that information to the description field (this is an alternative cover of ISBN.xxxxxx) and if you're not a librarian, ask that it be combined and also that a note be made in the Librarian Change Log, so that cover is not deleted.

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert (rdowens) Thank you ladies for the assistance.

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