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message 1: by Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten (last edited May 31, 2011 06:13PM) (new)

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments Here's where you put all your characters for arena 14! All blank spots are the available ones for you to create your characters.

District token:

girl- Avery (Tessa)
boy- Adam (Lightfeather)
girl- Fallen (Eleanor, la fille d'Hades)
girl- Maira (Lightfeather)
girl- Lemon (Eleanor, la fille d'Hades)
girl- Nayeli (Lightfeather)
boy- Matt (Tessa)
girl- Rae (LunaBeth)
girl- Rhiane (Tessa)
girl- Jessica (Autumrose)

girl- April
boy- Ace (Aaron-brandon)
girl- Valkyrie (Xania)
boy- Jamie D Jackson (Aaron-brandon)
girl- Orion (Eleanor, la fille d'Hades)
boy- Dahvid (Aaron-brandon)
girl- Geroldene (Jessica)

1-7) the boy from four, the boy from six, the boy from seven, both from eight, the girl from nine, and both from twelve all died in the cornucopia fight
8-9) boy from two and three died of the cold.
10-13) Avery, Matt, Rhiane, Valkyrie. killed in Gamemaker trap
14) Rae. Killed in gamemaker trap
15) Nayeli. Killed in gamemaker trap
16) Ace. Killed self to save others from the snowmen
17) Dahvid. Killed self to save others from the snowmen
18) Fallen. Killed in Gamemaker trap
19) Lemon. Killed by Jamie

message 2: by Tessa (new)

Tessa (uniiquea) | 4 comments Name: Rhiane Kenzy
Age: 16
Gender: female
District: 7
Skills:Rhiane is small, and because of this she is quick, and able to dart around quite quickly likewise climbing tree's.
Rhiane's helped her father carry the lumber around in the district, because of this she became quite fit and stronger than most in the district, she is also handy with an Axe, and an occasional knife when she's lucky enough to get the practice.
District token: Jade stone ring that was once her aunt's, her aunt was a victor, but she had drank herself into an early grave.

message 3: by Tessa (new)

Tessa (uniiquea) | 4 comments Name: Matt Mason.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

District: 5

Appearance: Matt's hair is black, fairly long, and messy, going in random directions, but it somehow looks great. His eyes are dark brown, not quite black, but close to it. He has light skin, and is 6’2”. He has a normal weight, and is slightly muscular.

Personality: Matt seems like a pretty nice, friendly guy when you first meet him, but it seems like he has some sort of secret. Once in a while, you can catch something almost evil behind his smile. He is only nice to people because he believes that he can probably get something from them. He needs people to trust him until he can get it. After observing him closely for a while, people can see his evil side. But, he does have a genuinely good side, but even he doesn’t know it. He has buried his real emotions for so long that even he has forgotten about them. His strategy for the Games is to remain out of the spotlight as a friendly person, but not a threat, and to secretly kill the others without any of the other competitors knowing it.

Background: As a baby, Matt was abused and abandoned by his mother, and his father had left before he was born. Luckily, he was found and taken care of by another man, but he was brought up to help him with illegal activities. Matt eventually got tired of putting up with the man, since he abused him as well, and ran away from home. When his name was drawn for the Hunger Games, he wasn’t there, and he was soon found by government officials who were searching for him.

Token: A silver ring that was once his fathers, with a large emerald on the front.

Skills: Matt is a master at stealing, lying, and hiding. He has decent survival skills, and has a talent with a knife, he hasn't had much use of other weapons, but he is naturally talented with a lot of them.

Other:Favorite quote- "I'll slap you with my ring hand"

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Name: Nayeli Wheeler

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: Five

Appearance: When you see Nayeli, the first thing in your mind is ninja. As cheesy as this sounds, she fits all the qualifications of this ancient warrior. She is quite petite, with a height of 5'1". she is also appears to be skinny, but what seems to be skin and bone is actually lean muscle. Her hair is long and inky black, falling to her mid-back. Her bangs are grown to completly cover one of her eyes unless tucked behind an ear. Speaking of eyes, Nayeli's are the darkest shade of brown you can get before going to black. They're fringed with long lashes that add to her mysterious aura. No emotion can show through her face unless she allows it.

Personality: Nayeli fits the original Japanese ninja description with her actions as well. She tends to be a "wall flower", only talking if spoken to first.
She gives off a dark and forboding air, sending people away at her presence. Her hard shell can only be cracked with a loving and nurturing personality, something she was never given as she grew older.
She hates large groups of people and finds if very uncomfortable to be with strangers. However, as uncomfortable as she may feel, she keeps all her emotions bottled up inside her small frame. This will probably be her downfall in the arena, causing her to 'crack' and become wild.

Skills: As unusual as it is, Nayeli prefers no weapons. She fights using only her hands and raw muscle. Hiding and keeping under cover are what she's best at. She could blend into a shadow and not be noticed by any except those with an uncannily good eye.

District token: Since she has no family, she brought the one thing she was sure to use: her cloak. It's dappled coloring lets her blend in to practically any surrounding.

message 5: by Aaron-Brandon (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments i seem like a real newbie with this one but i cant think of a better thing i have never rped b4 so srry if this one is lame
Gender:male Name:Dahvid Brunnerman District: 11 Skills:He knows almost every type of berry there is to know Apperance: Well builtman with dark spiked hair and has a muscular build Token:The ring of his family tree (If this isn't good enough i can make a few tweaks

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments No, that's not bad for a beginner. :D You'll get better as you go along, don't worry.

message 7: by Aaron-Brandon (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments thanks

message 8: by Aaron-Brandon (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Name:Ace Slashrose
Apperance:Ace has a young look on his face dispite the fact that he is almost an adult. He has a tan skintone from the long ours in the sun for hunting, and he has a big muscular build
Token:A necklace that says Forever lovers given to him by his girlfriend in his district.
((Also, Dahvid is age 14 srry bout that))

message 9: by Aaron-Brandon (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments darn i just rememberd taht i missed skills too SKilleS:Ace uses his hunting knife and bow and arrow like a prow alwas aiming for the tail to capture his prey on the ground, if there is no tail then he aims for the neck (windpipe)

message 10: by Tessa (new)

Tessa (uniiquea) | 4 comments Name: Avery Greene

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District: 1

Appearance: Avery is beautiful to say the least.
Her light blonde hair flows elegantly down her back, her bangs just about cover half of her eyes; which are a bright blue, her iris contains golden flecks that are more noticeable in the sunlight.Avery is fairly short, but slim, strong and agile, her skin is a soft nude color, and her cheeks have a warm pink complexion.Avery usually wears black jeans, that have faded over the years and tough black foots she inherited off of her brother, and a dark blue riding jacket her mother had given her on her 12th birthday.


Skills:Avery is a natural. When she has time she practices with whatever weapon she can get hold of, she is excellent at throwing knives and she can use a bow and arrow like it was the most simple of things, hitting her target 9/10 times. Avery has dabbled in fighting with swords, and was fairly good, not much to brag about though, from her brother also she had been given a book of medicinal herbs, and other plants you can eat.

Background: Avery grew up in a fairly wealthy family, her father and mother provided her with all they could, but were always worried about the games.
Her parents had lost one child to the games, Avery's younger sister. She was 12 when she was entered and she was murdered at the cornucopia, her brother was taken to the games when he was 18 and came back victor, he had told his only living sister everything he could. including giving her his bots to help her get used to the feel, and attempt to train her in secret, including daily running exercises.

District token: A golden pin with her family crest.

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Xenia (RegalFox) | 2 comments description

Name: Valkyrie Salén

Gender: Female



Appearance: Valkyrie has long dark hair that frames a small oval face with a heavy fringe slightly covering her eyes- her eyes are violet in color and quite large. She has pale skin and high cheekbones with slashes for brows and pale pink lips always set into a thin line. Her figure is reasonably tall and slim being neither skinny nor obese, however her usual outfit does not outline this; dark black jeans stained and ripped with years of dirt and use, homemade boots made from leather and formerly her brother's and a t-shirt faded grey from black from many washes. She also wears the battered black jacket of her father's that he gave to her before he died. One other thing that Valkyrie really owns is her grandmother's ring; two stones of sapphire and a diamond inset into a circle of pure silver, twinkling in the gentle sunshine and slightly cool to the touch.

Personality: Although she is not absolutely unsociable and cruel Valkyrie is not known for her considerable kindness and charm either, more for her short sentences and short temper. She thoroughly loves her brothers who are nine and eighteen, her older brother being the provider and the carer of the family, as her mother is getting too old to be of much use except for looking after the sheep and helping to lay the lambs.

Background: Valkyrie has lived in District 10 all of her life. never setting a foot out of it so it comes as a big shock for her when her name is chosen. her father died when she was seven years old and her brother, who was only 10, took it upon himself to care for his younger siblings and mother, maturing quickly for his age as most people his age in the districts generally do. She entered her name in the teserai as soon as she was able at the age of 12 but has been lucky for the last three years except for now.

Talents:Valkyrie dabbles at any weapons really. Only being able to handle a sword & Bow and arrow brilliantly. She is, though, a fantastic horse rider and has a rare talent with animals as she does come from a district of livestock.

District Token: Her grandmothers ring.

message 12: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (je51ka) Name: Geroldene Feather

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District: 12

Appearance: Tall, very skinny but curvey in hips and bust, dark long straight hair and pale to tan skin. Pretty but not eyes, full lips and medium nose, some freckles.

Skills: good handy person, able to fix just about anything due to all things being of older nature in district 12 and father and older brother too busy, also good at hand combat/wrestling due to three brothers. Additionally, her best attribute would be scavenger/ camouflager as hiding is a daily task for her in district 12.

Background: Father is a coal miner and her older 23 years brother. Mother helps out at places in town where she can and gets payed in whatever she can to feed and cloth the family. She also has two younger brothers, 8 and 12, who she had hoped they would never be the chosen ones. She also had an older sister who would be 28 now, however she died in the arena.
She entered her name in the teserai as soon as she was able at the age of 12. Her older brother was told aggressively by their father that he could not apply as the risk of his name getting pulled out would increase with each teserai and they needed money from him working in the mine more than saving his brothers and sisters from being called out.

District token: Locket with a picture of her sister. The locket she was given by her grandmother on her death bed with no photos inside, so then she used an old photo from the arena of her sister for inside the locket.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Name: Adam Murphey

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Apperance: Adam has a strong, slightly muscular, uild. He is a powerful opponant, but not unbeatable. His skin is darkly tanned from years of training outside. His hair is a straight brown that his cropped to fall just past his ears. He's trying to grow out his bangs, so currently, they fringe diagnolly across his face. Adam is constantly pushing them out of his eyes. His eyes are a warm, honey brown. In direct sunlight, they seem to glow like amber. They are framed by unusually long lashes. He's not drop-dead hansome, but he left a few crushes as he went to the arena.

Personality: Despite his slightly intiminating looks, Adam is fun-loving. He loves cracking jokes and making people laugh, but he knows when it's time to be serious.
Adam is also a flirt. He's used to girls giggling as he winked back at D1. His large eyes tend to be the part he uses to his advantage.
However, Adam is also a dare-devil. He'll always do a dare (unless it could kill him) and expects others to do the same. He can be reckless, going into battle and finding out he forgot his axe back at camp.

Skills: Name it and Adam can do it. He's trained in all things weaponry. But that doens't mean he's good at it. He thinks he's unbeatable (and for teh most part, he is) but there are some weaknesses in the mighty warrior's armor. It'll take a strong-willed ally to make him realize this. His specialty is the sword, which he uses effectively and without mercy.

Discrict Token: Adam's token is golden necklace. It's round pedant glints brightly in the sunlight as if it were just polished. The symbols stand for the nature's elements. Basically Ashes to Ashes.
[image error]

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Name: Orion
Gender: Female
District: 11
Appearance: Like this
Skills: Orion is exceptionally skilled in knives, bows, and swords.
District token: Except red and green

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Can I join this one>?

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments We do need a Gamemaker here.... I wasn't planning on rping in this one. So.... sure. Go ahead.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay, thanks.

Name: April

Age: 14

Gender: Female

District: 9

Appearance: [image error]

Skills: Well...hunting :P Skinning, and cooking

District token:

message 18: by Aaron-Brandon (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments ahh district nine competition ;P

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments How many characters are each person allowed?

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Aaron-brandon wrote: "ahh district nine competition ;P"

Haha, you're going down

message 21: by Aaron-Brandon (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments not if we team up;P

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

True, true :D

message 23: by Aaron-Brandon (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments then again idk :p

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments Lightfeather ☼☺♥ wrote: "How many characters are each person allowed?"

um... as many as you want... within reason, of course.

message 25: by Autumrose (new)

Autumrose (lalala18) Name:jessica
Appearance: tall, skinny, dark hair, and dark eyes.
Skills: bow and arrows
District token:a ring with carvings on it.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Alright, so, I figured out the max of charries each person has. There are 24 charries to choose from and 5 people per arena. This means that we each can have, roughly, 5 charries. =)

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Coolio!
Name: Lemon
Age: 14
Gender: Female
District: 4
Appearance: Lemon
Skills: Daggers.
District token: A fishscale necklace with a lemon-yellow L.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Name: Maira Flemming

District: Three

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Apperance: Maria is very tall for her age, about 5'4". She is also skinny, bordering on being unhealthy. Where she grew up, you were lucky to get a scrap of meat. Her meal mostly consisted of plant stalks (taken straight from the ground) and peices of bread. Maria has long, flowing, dark brown hair that falls to her mid-back. Her cheek bones jut out sharply, giving her face an angular apperance. Her eyes are an indigo blue with flecks of silver. This is because of a science experiment that went bad and caused her to be blinded (explained more later).

Personality: Maria is very shy and keeps to herself. She hates burdening people with, what she thinks is, her boring personality. She hates large groups of people since it makes her feel claustrophobic.
Strangely, she can sense who people are only by their voice and they way they walk. It's one of her abilities that came with her blindness.

History: Maria comes from a dirt poor family. The only way they're able to survive is by the few coins they get form helping clean out the garbage left over by experiments.
One day, a new idea came to mind by a head technologist. He thought it might be possible to see in the dark if he could give eyes a special shot. The family heard and, desperate for money, allowed Nayeli to be tested on for 100 silver coins. The scientists agreed and gave Nayeli the special shots. At first, it seemed to work. Nayeli could see as well in the dark as at night. But slowly, over the next few days, her vision began to dim until it was lost entirely. Nayeli had lost her sight.

Skills: Remarkably, Maria is a wonderful shot at daggers. Despite her blindness, she was also given the inhuman ability to locate things through an odd clicking with her tounge.

Token: Maria's parents gifted her with a copper arm band that vibrates slightly whenever someone is within a 10 foot range.
[image error]

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Name: Rae

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 6

Appearance: [image error]

Skills: VERY Smart, clever, cunning,

District token: aa.....bracelet

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments We have the arena!

9 charrie spots left. People can either make another charrie or two, or they can be free game. They can also be people who die at the beginning of the game. It's up to ya'll.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Do you mean that the arena is up?

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments Noooo. sorry. Just that S and I have the arena ready. All I'm waiting for is for ya'll to be ready, then I can post the arena.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Ohhhhh okay :)

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Xenia wrote: "

Name: Valkyrie Salén

Gender: Female



Appearance: Valkyrie has long dark hair that frames a small oval face with a heavy fringe slightly covering her eyes- her eyes are viol..."

Ha, Valkyrie... did you get that from a book?

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erika (x__eri) Lynx wrote: "Here's where you put all your characters for arena 14! All blank spots are the available ones for you to create your characters.

Name:Acacia La Rue
Age: 17
Gender: Female
District: Two
Appearance: light brown hair, hazel eyes, high cheekbones.....
Skills: Highly skilled with a spear, cunning, has a high stamina, very athletic....
District token: locket encrusted with diamonds and other gems... inside includes picture of family and long time boyfriend.


Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments Hey Eri, can you please go sign up for an arena? Thanks.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Name: Jamie D Jackson
Gender: Female
Apperence: Jaime has stunning Orange hair, but has a tan look with many freckles streaked across her face. She has brown eyes and always has a bright smile. She is skinny, but strong. There is something in her eye that makes you stop and look. If you look for too long your as good as dead.
Skills: Jaime can run through the trees like nothing and she can also hunt with a nice small knife. She can skin her target and she knows the insides of most animals. She is a one deadly girl.
Token: A picture of her boyfriend who is back home waiting on her return. The picture is an old black and white crumpled paper. She keeps it in her pocket at all times unless she is remembering her past.

message 38: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Name: Fallen
Age: 12
Gender: Female
District: 2
Appearance: Tall, skinny, long blue-black hair, amber eyes. Slightly pointed fingers, angular face.
Skills: Fallen is extremely flexible, both as an acrobatic and in the kinds of weapons she uses.
District token: She's hated among most of her district, but a girl she knew from school gave her pin in the shape of an F, encrusted in tiny diamonds.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments 7 spots left. Do you all went to leave them as free game? If you do, I can set up the arena tomorrow while I set up arena 12.

message 40: by Aaron-Brandon (last edited Feb 25, 2011 03:24PM) (new)

Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments oooo! Lets start already! I've been itching to finally start with my awesome teamates :P

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

I never did anything with April so she can be free game

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