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message 1: by Tesni (last edited Feb 13, 2011 04:00AM) (new)

Tesni (ohmarcello) So. Uh, hi there.
I joined this group about a month or so ago, 'cause I was like, "yes! This is exactly the group I need." But I find it awkward starting threads, so, um, I'm finally making a thread now.

About me: I'm Tesni. Or Tez. Or Anything else, I suppose. I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth. I live in England where I read books, write things and play classical music.

Now that's out of the way-

Goals for 2011:

-finish writing my 2010 NaNo, The Sky is Falling Down.

-finish my novel-in-verse The Many Lives of Clio Sinclair (So far and yet so close...)

-potentially start writing a sequel to TMLCS, set afterwards from the perspective of her best friend Irma.

-win NaNoWriMo 2011.

-send off some more of my poetry to magazines, journals and small presses.

Well, that's all I can think off off the top of my head. I'll add anything else if there's more.

*awkwardly shuffles away*

ETA: you can read some of my writing here.

message 2: by Kritika (new)

Kritika (spidersilksnowflakes) | 465 comments Hey Tesni! You have your work cut out for you with your goals...good luck! Will you be posting some of your work on Goodreads?
I play classical music too! What instrument do you play?

message 3: by Tesni (new)

Tesni (ohmarcello) Yeah, it seems like quite a bit. But I guess that if I can write just a page a day of The Sky is Falling Down and The Many Lives of Clio Sinclair, I might be able to have them finished by summer.

I just added a link to my writing to my first post; but none of the books I mentioned are up yet- just some other pieces in verse I'm working on and short stories so far.

I play the classical guitar and the double bass. :-)

message 4: by Kritika (new)

Kritika (spidersilksnowflakes) | 465 comments I read one of your short stories, and I really liked it! You have a very poetic sort of voice, and it makes your story really beautiful.
Nice...I play the clarinet.

message 5: by Kenzie, Looking for something new to read... (new)

Kenzie | 256 comments Mod
Nice to meet you, Tesni! Welcome to the group. :D

message 6: by Tesni (new)

Tesni (ohmarcello) Thanks, both of you! :D

In writerly news, think I've worked out how The Sky Is Falling Down Will end. Booyah.

I just need to get there. Why is this chapter taking so long to write?!

message 7: by Tesni (new)

Tesni (ohmarcello) So. I stayed up until *spluttercough* ahem *coughs* o'clock last night writing some more of The Sky is Falling Down. I'm probably about 2/3 of the way throuh writing it; it's at 56K or so at the moment. We'll see. Hopefully when I've gotten my homework out of the way tonight I'll have time to do some more this evening.

message 8: by Kritika (new)

Kritika (spidersilksnowflakes) | 465 comments haha I know what you mean about getting homework out of the way. Homework can be such a pain when you have a great idea and you're just itching to write it down.

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