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Elaine | 45 comments Mod

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Andrea was sitting on the porch of a curch watching a funeral of a girl who was killed by another vampire who was in town at the time. This girl had been her freind which was why she was at the funeral. The girl had been stupid and had come over at the wrong time, but she was the only human freind she had had in three hundred years which is why she had had to kill the other vampire who had taken her freinds life he now sesed to exsist.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech was in the same city but at another place following some suspicious looking persons through dark alleys.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Andrea as walking back to her house when she saw something in the park caught her eye.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments The supicious people turned out to be vampires. Lamech followed them through the park now. He didn't kill them immediatly because they may show him where more vamps were hiding.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Andrea saw that the people in the park were vampires and knew that they were in some sort of danger but didn't know what so she decided to be like Sherlock Holmes ad follow them silently as to asses what was going on goodness she loved Sherlock Holmes movies!

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech felt the presence of someone else but then decided not to bother with it, he had to concentrate on the vampires he was following.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Andrea was sitting on the park bench ahead of the vampires who would soon walk by and she would slip into the woods behind the winding pavement of the city's walking trail.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments The vampires ran past the park bench. Lamech was up in the trees jumping from crown to crown, still following them in a safe distance. He jumped over the place where Andrea was hiding just some seconds after the vampires passed it.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments "Ahhh!" Andrea yelled "who are you!" She asked more calmly. "Who are those vampires? Why are yo chasing? Who are you?" Andrea asked in a whisper.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments The yell came so suddenly that it brought him out of balance. His feet missed the next branch and he fell down to ground...

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments "Oh my are you okay?" She said when she saw that he had fallen to the ground.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments He got up without saying anything, turned around to her and just nodded, looking completly calm. He didn't got hurt that bad and so he just continued the chase.'Who was that girl?....Somehow her face seems familiar.....',he thought.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Who was that? Andrea thought. Why was he chasing those vampires? why did he look at me like he knew me? Why did I ask so many questions?

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech found the vampires again when they were leaving the park again and entered a dilapidated chapel. He stayed outside, thinking what to do now. He couldn't just burst inside, he didn't knew how many of them were there...
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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Andrea gave up trying to find the vampires when they headed towards the chapel and started heading to the hospital where she was going to see her 'aunt' who became her legal guardian after he 'mother' died and her 'father' went insane and killed three people and ended up in jail. in real life her aunt Jo was really just a girl who wanted to be changed to I promised I would if she played along with my lie. But of course she grew sick from living near a vampire.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech decided to enter the chapel from the bell tower. He climbed up as fast as he could. Up there he found a trapdoor and stairs leading down...

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Andrea was sitting in 'aunts' hospital room brumming her fingers on a desk when a doctor told her that she was getting better but always got worse after I had been here and that I was not to come back unless I wanted her to die. I knew I would have to turn her once she was better it would take two days top befre she was out and I was dreading every moment of it.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments (( you there))

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments (( How about now?))

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments ((sry I couldn't write yesterday. It was around 10PM at my place and I still had homeworks to do xD......))

Lamech walked down the stairs and took out two short swords, prepared for an ambush. But there was none. Instead he heard music from the hall and laughter mixed with screams. The stairs led to a balcony on the second floor. He cautiosly looked over the balustrade and saw around 15 vampires down there and 20 humans, 4 of them already dead - their blood either drunk by the vampires or spilled over the floor. "These d*** ba******!", he hissed. He looked around if there were more then those 15 vamps but didn't see anyone. He then put back the short swords and took out two katanas, jumped down from the balcony and decapitated the first vampire before he could even notice him. The two in front of him merely had time to warn the other before he sliced them into halfs. Three of the others fled but Lamech couldn't chase them until he dealt with the other nine vamps. They were prepared now and armed, mostly guns. "So you're that traitor, who hunts down his own kind?",one of them, Lamech took him for their leader, said. Lamech didn't answer but just charged at the vampires in front of him, stopped and rolled to the side when they began to fire. Then he disappeared into the shadows and moved quikly like ashadow behind then, pierced his swords through their back and through the heart and immediatly the swords out again to attack the others....

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments (( Thats okay I will write after school I have to get going but I ill write))

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments (( Okay it's after school now))
Andrea heard a pearsing human scream and turned and ran at a normal human speed until she got to the bushes where she then started running as fast as she could until she got to the chaple which she ran into and there were dead vampires and humans on the floor one was left sitting on the floor feeding on a human. Who had done this? Was it the guy or was he one of the dead on the floor?
"Really this is a public place?! You can't just feed anywhere you like." Andrea tryed to explain. "Some Vampires just don't know when to stop do they?!"

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments "You again?", Lamech said and got distracted. One of the vampires used this and hit him with a knife at the arm. The sword Lamech had held in that arm fell to te ground, he had a really bad wound in his left upper-arm. He avanged that hit by chopping the vampire's head off his shoulders. Lamech then ran to the last one who was still feeding, who was trying to get as much blood as possible before he would flee. Then his head rolled on the floor, too.
Lamech let his swords fall and hurried to the humans to cut the ropes with which they were tied up."Don't worry. You're safe now.",he told them and tried to calm them. Then he looked over to Andrea and wondered if they really were safe, she was also a vampire so he couldn't trust her.'Why does she seem so familiar?',he asked himself again.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments ((beb ack later....gonna watch a new episode of The Mentalist^^))

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments ((That's okay I have to watch the new Vampire Diaries!!))

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments "Why were you following those vampires? Oh and the reason I'm here is because I heard a scream! And I have no idea where you saw me befor!" Andrea said then she turned and stabed a on comming vampire with a pocket knife she had silently pulled out.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments ((stabbed? with a pocket-watch? O_O aren't they round or so? O_O how can someone stab someone else with a pocket watch xD?))

"Firstly: I chased them to kill them and save these people. And secondly: I don't care why you're here, I just want to be sure that you won't put hands on these people.",he said and motioned them to escape while he walked between them and Andrea. Lamech ignored the pain from his arm and stood there until the last human was out of the chapel. Then he took his sword from the ground and put both swords back into their sheaths. He turned around and just walked out of the chapel, letting Andrea behind.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments (( I meant pocket knife))
"I wouldn't hurt innocent people that is just totally wrong I only kill people who are bad or owe me money from twenty years ago! If you can just see there faces! When I walk in the same as I looked twenty years ago too funny! But no my point I don't hurt innocent normal everyday people!" Andrea said. Why do people think that just because I am a vampire I want to kill all of them! Ugh. she thought to herself.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments "You're...", Lamech said turning to her and thought for a bit,"...odd." Then he disappeared into the night.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments "Thanks" Andrea said then headed home again after killing the last of the vampires and hitting all the humans on the head and setting them at a bus stop. I this worked they wouldn't remder anything. She thought.

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Dante was leaning against a building relaxing.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 202 comments Back at Andrea's house she was sitting at the fire place thinking about her dead boyfreind Marcus.

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Dante glanced around and noticed a small girl that from the looks of it was 14. Dante smiled slightly "Hey......girl.....come here please....." the girl glanced to him and walked closer to him slowly but stopped infront of him.

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Dante chuckled slightly "Don't worry sweety I won't hurt look lost...." The girl nodded slightly "I am....." Dante smiled warmly "I'll help you find your way....."

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The girl nodded and walked closer to him. Dante chuckled slightly and knelt down to the girl then without warning tilted her head to the side and bit ino her neck. She let out a scream before he covered her mouth.

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Dante was still feeding off her as he noticed Jade. His eyes flickered red as he drained the girl dry. He let go of the girl as she went limp and collapesed to the ground. Dante stood up and began walking towards Jade.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech ran towards where he had heard the scream.

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Dante stopped suddenly as he noticed another vampire behind Jade,his eyes narrowed as he looked into Jade's eyes "Come life depends on it....." The vampire was completely silent.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech was almost there. People around couldn't even see him, they felt just the blowing of the wind when he passed them...

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Dante sighed softly "Let me say it life is in grave not turn around....." The vampire grinned slightly.

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech jumped out of a shadow behind the vampire, chopped his head off, landed and rolled forward between Jade and Dante. The sword he held pointed at Dante.

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Dante frowned "I didn't wish to.....but I come here.....or the thing behind you will kill you....."

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Dante frowned slightly and began walking towards her quickly "Close your eyes....."

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments "Don't worry.", Lamech said to Jade behind him. Then he looked to the body of the dead girl and his face got a cold look." Stay back!",he called to Dante.

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Dante stopped and glanced to Lamech then the dead vampire " Well sems I won't have to get rid of that one......and about the know how it not going to starve myself."

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments "If you touch're dead!", Lamech said without changing the cold look on his face.

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Dante smiled slightly "I had no intention of harming her.....I was going to help this human thank off ."

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 40 comments Lamech's white eyes didn't miss any of Dante's moves."Like I said....stay away. I won't move a single step."

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Dante frowned slightly "Your a of you did this to me.....your kind made me a the monster I am.....!"
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