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Lydia (loverofinformation) | 596 comments Eli, has just graduated high school and has not applied to college. He is nearly 7 feet tall, but does not like any team sports since he discovered that he could see the mistakes other team members make. He has a girlfriend, Viv, who he loves, but is not ready to truly share with. Eli's mother has Huntingdon's Disease and is deteriorating quickly. His father is a psychotherapist with a declining practice. When Eli takes a job with a genetics research laboratory, his first thoughts are that he would be able to help with the finances that are constantly drained by the medical care his mother needs, the decline of his father's practice, and the idea he would have money not only for college, but also to just spend. So, Eli is surprised when his Dad begs him not to take the job -- and won't tell him why.

Double Helix is both a mystery and a "coming-of-age" type of book. Werlin has created a protagonist of interesting personal, political, scientific, and moral conflicts. The book does make the reader think and then think again. The first person point of view is well-used in this book, providing the reader with strong feelings about Eli -- sometimes you dislike him, sometimes you think he is irrational, sometimes you think he is illogical, and sometimes you cannot help but admire him.

I strongly recommend this book for YA readers.

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Arya (izlandzadi) | 686 comments It does sound good! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

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