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message 1: by Baneen (new)

Baneen Its' pretty common for people to like themselves. Tell us a reason u don't like urself.

Mine is that i'm too self-centered.

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 124 comments I like barely anything about myself, i especially hate my fat!

message 3: by Baneen (new)

Baneen oh, i hate that 2:)

message 4: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 385 comments Mod
I hate that I'm shy, I find it really hard to talk to people.

message 5: by megamarie (new)

megamarie Same here...but there's one more...I hate my laziness.

message 6: by Baneen (new)

Baneen i hate the fact that i'm so full of my self.....:)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) İ hate how easily i can be pissed off!! One wrong word could make me BLAST!!

message 8: by Dani (new)

Dani (danifloyd) I hate how I have an idea of how something should go built up in my mind. If the situtation doesn't go as I have planned it out in my mind, I get very upset and it's very hard to move away from my plan. I need to learn to go with the flow better. So what! Something didn't go EXACTLY the way I thought it would. Move on, it's the not end of the world. ; )

message 9: by Baneen (new)

Baneen that used to happen to me all the time. but then i just stopped caring about stuff and let the things happen. it's always safe to have no expectations at all.

message 10: by Alya (new)

Alya  (alyaaaa) | 35 comments i agree with Dani!

and i hate that i get too competitive bout some stuff!

message 11: by Baneen (new)

Baneen i don't. i just get jealous.

message 12: by Alya (new)

Alya  (alyaaaa) | 35 comments omg so do I!! i hate it when i get jealous! i try not to!

message 13: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Ramirez (bvramirez) | 90 comments i hate not being confident with myself.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I blush. A lot.

message 15: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Ramirez (bvramirez) | 90 comments aww tats ok i sometime do tat too.

message 16: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 385 comments Mod
I do that too, especially when I have to do presentations in class. It's so embarrassing.

message 17: by Baneen (new)

Baneen no its not. i think its pretty cool. I'm an Asian, so i don't blush.

message 18: by Alya (new)

Alya  (alyaaaa) | 35 comments same here *HIGH FIVE* even if i do blush, it probably wont show!

im confident with myself but i wasnt before, i was always shy, but now that i've met by crazy friends, im veryy confident with myself,

but im a terrible speller!

message 19: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) The thing I hate about myself is that I can't read every book I want, because I can't find them... T.T

message 20: by Baneen (last edited Feb 18, 2011 02:04AM) (new)

Baneen That makes two of us. I usually get pretty excited about reading books and then disappointed when I can't find them. Like right now. I want to read the Morganville Vampire series so bad but they don't have it here. What's worse is that I can't even find it online!

@Alya: High fives back. PS that's my best friends name, too:)

message 21: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) I neva blush.. I cant i just dont have tht in me!!! But i luvvvv presenting!! Dont b surprised if u hear my name on the radio wit kyle

message 22: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) I gey soo pissed if i cant find a book n then i cant sleep until the day i actually find it!! N if i start a book i have to finiah it tht day so if i startes at 8 at night it means me stayin up till1 or 2 whixh is twi bad habits i have

message 23: by Baneen (new)

Baneen same. my mom gets so mad when i do that!

message 24: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) My mum neva noea bec ima like a ninja!! Very quiet but thts coz i had years of practice... Lol

message 25: by Baneen (new)

Baneen yeah me too. but she checks on me at night. theres a corner outside my room so i never kno when she sneaks up on me:(

message 26: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Haha!! My mum sleeps like a baby n my dad snores so loud the house shakes so i no wen there up n im back in the bed!! :p

message 27: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) U have one scary mum!!

message 28: by Baneen (new)

Baneen u hv no idea!

message 29: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Lmfao!!!

message 30: by Baneen (new)

Baneen :)

message 31: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Ramirez (bvramirez) | 90 comments u guys really dont blush cool aww man oh well.

message 32: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Yep

message 33: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Ramirez (bvramirez) | 90 comments i didnt know tat another fact i just learned

message 34: by Baneen (new)

Baneen keep up with this group n u'll be learning a lot more crazy facts:)

message 35: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) I wish I'd never blush,^^ but that won't happen -.-"
P.S: sorry for my bad English, I'm from Romania. :)

message 36: by Baneen (new)

Baneen Your English is just fine. Actually, I'm really not the one to judge, since I'm from Pakistan:)

message 37: by Alya (new)

Alya  (alyaaaa) | 35 comments your english is good :P

but, im not the one to judge either, coz im from bahrain, and english is my second language! lol :P

message 38: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) aww!<3 thank you for understanding. And I didn't even realise you're not from America. xD

message 39: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) haha!! i can jugde coz ima from Australia but my backround is turkish.. i speak preety good english though and yea ur english is preety good!! :)

message 40: by Baneen (new)

Baneen Wow. an Australian. I never got to copy their accent. It's so hard! Even harder than the British.....

message 41: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) Thank you Alexis! ^^ and yes, you're right Baneen...their accent it's hard to copy.

message 42: by Alya (new)

Alya  (alyaaaa) | 35 comments lol, im in a british school soo yaaaa :P

message 43: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) And you're british or...?

message 44: by Alya (new)

Alya  (alyaaaa) | 35 comments nope! bahraini, but i have a slight british accent :D lol

message 45: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) uuu:> I want that as well ^^ I just can't copy the British accent T.T

message 46: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Ramirez (bvramirez) | 90 comments wow thanks i will baneen oh nice u all speak pretty good english i sometimes have trouble with my english cuz i mix english n spanish together spanglish u know. so yeah.

message 47: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) i do turkenglish!!!

message 48: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) ha ha ^^ I spaek romaniglish :))

message 49: by Fanpire (new)

Fanpire (bellantra) speak*

message 50: by Baneen (new)

Baneen i sometimes combine urdu and english:)

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