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I know, I didn't list all the writing genres, so if you have a really FANTASTIC historical fiction, or a EPIC non-fiction tale, post them here. Or, you know, any other random genres. Oh! Poetry! You can post poetry here, too!!
And remember, you still have to fill out the form!

message 2: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 14 comments cool....

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Name: My Expiration Date
Genre: ....horror?...Fiction?...Drama? idk
Rating: PG-13
App. Word Count: wanna count?
Summary: Well, why don't you figure that out for yourself?

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Name: My Becoming
Genre: .....Humor/insanity....
Rating: PG
App. Word Count: still in progress/No idea
Summary: Uhh....this is what happends when I go insane with a pad of paper and a pen in my hand...

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Name: On Loneliness
Genre: memoir
Rating: G/PG
App. Word Count: no idea, but it's fairly short (about the length of your average newspaper article probably)
Summary: what it feels like to be clinically depressed

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Name: Lila's Girl
Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: G
Appx word count: 500
Summary: This story is going to be published in June by Polar Expressions publishing.

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Publish it on its own or in a book?

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

In a book, it's too short to be published on its own!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Lol, i was thinking so...

I want to publish a book of stories later in life....

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message 11: by William (new)

William O'Brien | 1 comments Thank you for the invite.

Best wishes, William O'Brien

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Name: 100 Reasons
Genre: Lists/Humor
Rating: PG
Appx word count: erm...4,000 so far?
Summary: I now have reasons why I hate Twilight, am team Gale, and love Buffy and Harry. Here they are.

*hits head on computer keyboard* dsfjiof I forgot to get the link.

There would it be!

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Name: The girl with no scars
Genre: drama?
Rating: far....
App. not that long right now...
Summary: read the prologue and you will get it...

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