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Name: (of story) Three is better than Two
Genre: Romance
Rating: (i.e. PG-13) PG-13
App. Word Count: 5.810 maybe more.
Summary: About a young girl named Melissa who finds a boy named Lein and they fall in love.:)
Melissa was walking home in the dark, when suddenly a car came up behind her.
Kable was in a van.
"How am i supposed to get home now??" She yelled.
The kidnapper looked out the window
"Want a ride?"
"Um, no thanks."
Kable tried to scream
"HELP!" but it came out "VEVEVEVEVEVE!"
She ran to the van and asked the stranger for a ride and then saw a man tied up. She decided to quietly untie him.
Kable shook his head. he made his eyes say "NO!"
"Why, you need help." She whispered.
He pointed to a bomb.
"Oh no." She said.
He nodded
"Ok, um idont know what to do."
He reached for a marker and drew on the rope.
"Leave now."
"Um, why i can't let you die."
He wrote
"It's only for ransom from the jail."
He pointed to the emergency exit
"But idont know how to get out from here."
He shook his head
He wrote on his rope
"It's a door, open it."
"yah but where do i go?"
He shrugged.
"Ugh, what if that guy finds out i escaped he would probably kill me!"
"Well, he was most likely planning to kidnap you anyway" he wrote
He came into the hallway, and grabbed the note and he shot kable. "If u ever talk to her again you are dead no question about it." He grabbed her and locked her in a room by herself.
He looked at the wound. He shrugged it off
the man waited for a call from the jail
She sat in the room thinking of how to escape when the
kidnapper came into the room.
Kable tried to undo the knots
Ruby walk out of her school at 12, she was supposed to stay until 3 but her first day was not going well, she hated this new city. She got out her Ipod and put in her earphones. Turning up the volume she walked down the street untill she found a dark ally way that would be a good place to hang out untill 3 o'clock. She sat down a leaned against a wall. She drifted off into her own thoughts and forgot about her surroundings.
The man drove by again
Ruby looked up and saw a van drive past the opening of her allyway. She tought nothing more of it and went back to listning to her music.
the man grabbed her and through her and drove to the wear house wher Kable was being held.
Ruby looked up in time to see a guy grab her. The next thing she saw was the inside of his van. After a while of banging on the doors she was thrown into a dark wear house.
Kable heard a door slam
"Another installment. That makes three."
"Yeah, I don't know why im here."
"I don't know either"
"I wonder what he is gonna do to us."
"sell us, generally."
"For what, why would he sell a dude. I hope he is not gay!"
"No! I mean ransom. The jail will buy me, Parents would pay for you, and well, I don't know what would happen to the new installment."
"I am not going to be sold as a fucking prostitute!!"
"NO! Ransom! your parents will pay to have you alive. And the jail wants me because I am a fugitive."
"Im just saying. and why are you a fugitive?"
"How are we supposed to get out of here?"
The guy walked in he immediately went to the other girl.
Ruby looked up horrified as the guy walked straight towards her.
Kable waited.
The man inspected her.
"Maybe parents would pay ransom."
Ruby pushed the guy away from her and ran to the other two kids.
Kable shook his head
He inspected Melissa bringing her outside while they were locked up.
Kable sat down
He took Melissa and then pushed her onto the floor and handcuffed her to the floor.
"What are you going to do to me?"
Kable waited
"Oh well i think im going to sell you." The kidnapper said. He then threw her into the room again with the others.
"We are screwed."
"Well no dip sherlock."
"Shut up."
"Okay." She said intimidated by him.
Dylin shook his head. These kids didn't know how good they had it. Except for maybe that boy. He might as well be dead. But that was all right. They were selling him to the Jail. As for the two girls, he felt sorry for them.
"What r u gonna do??" she asked scarred.
Dylin looked at Melissa. "I'm not going to do anything bad. Not to you." He looked at Ruby. "Or you either." He shook his head at Kable. That kid could go rot in Jail. "You want to call your parents? I need some money, that's all. And parents pay a lot for their lost kids."
"No thanks im not helpin soemone that kidnapped me!!" she said kcking him and starting to run out the door.
Dylin grabbed the collar of her shirt from the back. She didn't get very far. He pulled her back and sat her down. "Listen, I'm not going to do anything. I promise."
"Yeah sure!" she yelled and kicked him.
Dylin held her wrist his grip tightening. "Please, listen to me. I swear, if you try anything stupid, I'll have to break my promise not to hurt you. And I really don't want to break that promise. Don't make me."
"No i want to leave!!"
Dylin shook his head. "I'm sorry." He said. He let go off her, then left and locked the door.
"Ugh im never gonna get out of here!!" She remembered she had a bobby pin in her hair and unlocked the door.
Dylin was right outside. He had a picture in his hand and was studying it. "I wouldn't come out if I were you."
"Why?! What r u gonna do, hmm??" she said in a mocking tone.
Dylin smirked. "Wanna run an errand with me?"
"I guess."
Dylin smiled and took her hand, forcing her to walk with him. He pulled her into the back of the van and locked the doors. He then got into the front and started up the van. "There's someone I want you to meet."
"You'll see." He said. He began to slow down. Then he took out a gun and got out. A few seconds later, he was forcing a guy into the back with Melissa. He then locked the doors again, got into the front, pulled a wall down between them and him, and began driving again.
The guy with her scowled.
"What did he want from u?"
The boy glared at her. His glare softened as he looked her over. "Has anyone ever told you how hot you look?"
"Um, no not really." she said blushing.
"The name's Lein." He said, holding out his hand. "You?"
Lein took her hand and kissed the back of it, then looked into her eyes. "That's a very beautiful name."
"Thank you." she blushed
Lein let go off her hand. "So what's this creep want with us?"
"He said something about ransom money but I don't know."
Lein shook his head. "Not for me. I don't have anyone who'd want me back."
"Really? Why??"
Lein shrugged. "My parents died in a car crash when I was seven, my grandparents don't care about me... he's gonna have bad business from me."
"I'm sooo sorry."
"Don't be."
"You're such a nice person. Do u not have a girlfriend??"
"My grandparents won't allow it. They think I'm too depressed to be 'weighing down a poor girl with my stupid history'." Lein said.
"That is soo not true!" dylin stopped the van.
Lein held up his hand like a good little boy scout.
"Complete truth."
Dylin put the wall between them and him up.
"Melissa, it's your stop."
"Wha-what are you talking about??" she asked scarred.
Dylin smirked and went around to the back of the van. He opened the doors and pointed the gun at her head. "If you try to stop her, I'll kill her. If you don't come here, I'll kill you." He said simply.
Lein looked at Melissa, wondering what she was going to do.
She obidiently got out of the truck and followed dylin.
Dylin closed the door and locked it, then led her into a building. He had the gun to her back as he pushed her up the stairs and outside of a room. "You do what he says. If I get a bad report, you're going to be sorry. And as for that ransom.... let's just say that prostitution will pay your rent."
"no! Im not gonna be some PROSTITUTE!!"
"Like I said, if I get a bad report, you're going to be sorry. I might have to shoot off your hand. You want to keep your hand, don't you?" He asked. "Now knock."
She did as she was told and knocked.
A man opened the door and smiled when he saw her.
"Your delivery." Dylin said. "You have an hour." He pushed Melissa in and the man caught her.
"Hello, darling..." He said, locking the door behind her.
She was scarred of him, afraid of what he might do to her. The man pushed Melissa onto a couch. He didn't want to wait. He got on her, pinning her to the couch. "Such a pretty little thing you are..."
"Stop, get off of me!!" She said crying
The man chuckled. He started peeling off her shirt-
knock, knock, knock...
The man looked confused and he called over his shoulder: "What do you want? I'm busy!"
The voice that answered him was muffled by the door, but it was familiar. "I've got another delivery." He said.
The man stroked his chin. "Two girls at once, huh? I can afford it." He got off of Melissa and walked to the door, but when he opened it, he got a different kind of delivery.
The gun barrel pressed against his cold, but the finger on the trigger could always pull back.
She ran to hide.
The man backed up, hands in the air.
"Now go get the money to pay for her and let her leave." He ordered, his voice clearer. It was Lein.
The man nodded and rushed off.
Lein sighed and looked around. "Melissa?!"
"Lein!! You came back for me!!" she started to cry she didnt think he would come for her.
Lein looked over at her, then ran over and picked her up, spinning her around. "Of course I came back. I wasn't going to leave you in the hands of Dylyn." He told her, putting her down again.
This only made her cry harder. She kissed him. She felt sooo glad he saved her.
Lein kissed her back, running his hand through her hair. "Shhh.... it's okay, Melissa. I promise."
"Where r we gonna go, then??"
Lein smiled. "We'll take the van. I'll get you back to your family.... and if you tell me if there were any others and if you know where they are, we might be able to free them, too."
"actually I might just want to stay with u. Im not sure if I can go back to my drug-oholic family ever again. They beat me all the time." she said startin to cry.
Lein's smiled left. He held her close, kissing her head. "Okay... okay... shhhhhhh. I've got you now, Melissa. It's alright." He looked up to see the man coming back with a wad of cash.
"Take it!" He cried. "And get out!"
Lein took the money and nodded, pulling Melissa into his arms and walking out the door.
They drove to lein's house. Melissa went inside lein holding her steady.
Lein had Melissa's arm around his shoulders. "I think you need some sleep. You've been through a lot."
"ok, but I'd be safer if you were with me while I was sleeping."
Lein smiled. "I'll never leave you. I promise." He kissed her forehead, then lead her to a bedroom.
"Ok." Melissa layed in the bed. Leins arms around her, she cuddled up next to him like a baby.
Lein held her head against his chest.
She was happy she felt protected. She fell asleep.
Lein closed his eyes, relaxing as her body went limp in his. His warm breath rushing down her neck.
She suddenly woke up from a nightmare, panting and screaming.
Lein was stroking her hair. "Shh. Melissa, it's okay. It's okay. I promise. Shh."
She buried her face into his shirt saying "Lein, im scared! H-he ra-raped me!!" she was sobing.
Lein held her close to him. "No he didn't. No one touched you. I've got you...."
She was cryin, she felt like a little baby, little and weak.
Lein rubbed her back. "Melissa, it's okay now."

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