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Edit of my long list of boring rules that you have to follow. Oh, I am so evill...

1. Please do NOT curse outside of your story. I definitely understand if your character has to cuss, but no F-bombs and no cursing in discussions.

2. (I am sorry, but I will put this up here.) No postings about...
-Twilight. I will have a fan fiction section but I really DO NOT want to read Twilight FF. If you do decide to put Twilight ff, make a BIG sign about it.
-Sensitive things. If you write a rape-glorification story (who would, but say you DID). That is definitely against the rules.

3. Please try to keep your correct grammar.

Correct: Lily posted her writing onto the new group she had made. (Sorry, but it was the first sentence I thought of.)

Incorrect: lily postd hr riting onto the new grp shd made

DISCIPLINE: I got this idea from a different group, but figured it would work for this one, too.

1st offense: You will be blocked from the group for 1 week with a VERY long warning from me.

2nd offense: You will be blocked from the group for one month and will not be allowed to post new writings at all for 1 month after that.

3rd offense: You will be deleted from this group.


You joined the group. You read the rules. So now you want to post some writing.

Rules about Writing: (See above in Rules section)

Before you post the link/textm you must fill out this form.

Name: (of story)
Rating: (i.e. PG-13)
App. Word Count:

underneath here put the writing


Monthly, this group will have writing contests. Enter them under the contests discussion. NO LINKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Stories have to have a maximum word count of 10,000 words.

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Hey, can we have a poetry section?

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Yeah...I forgot to make one. *makes poetry section*

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Haha thanks! That'd be totally great!

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So, we have to fill out the fourm and wait for it to be approved or what?

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No, just post it it doesnt have to be approved or anything.

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This might be dumb but I'm a little confused :/

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ok what about???

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putting writing on here

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oh, you post in a new topic, but you have to fill out that little formy thing with the name, genre, etc...

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Ok. Thanks!

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Can I maybez post some of my book-related fanart on here? Have like a little fanart discussion topic or somethin'?

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ermm sure.

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A T (aatalex) that's cool, i like art.

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Can I make a fiction topic?

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go ahead

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