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☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments So, to recap, for any newcomers...

I was cold. I was hungry, and my feet hurt from days of walking. The life of a wanderer was far from perfect, but it was the life i chose; I am on a mission, to find who I am. Who everyone refuses to tell me about.

In the distance, a small house was visible to me. I started forward eagerly; perhaps they would have something i could eat, or a place to rest. I hadn't gone three feet before someone ran into me from behind.

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments ((RP time!))


I fell forward, and almost immediately sprang up again. No one does that to me and gets away with it! Before i could speak, someone beat me to it.
"Ohmigosh, I'msosorry! Did i hurt you, are you okay, please say you're not hurt!!!"
A girl, looked to be about my age, hopped from foot to foot, looking agitated and distracted. Her mouth was still moving.
"I'm so sorry, can i help you, i can understand if you say no, i just bumped into you and all, but i'm sure i can make it up to you-"
"Wait, who are you?" I interuppted. Geez, did this girl ever breathe?

She tilted her head to one side, and smiled. "I'm...

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dairy (dairymold) (ha ha, this is actually kind of humerus... I like it XD and tea, i joined the group Rebellion)

"Oh," The girl outstretched a hand. Her hair was long and so blond it was almost silver. "I'm Zealia. My family owns the tavern on the other side of the island. I'm sorry I tripped over you, well actually, I ran into you... If you like, you could come in and warm up. The morning air fronts are really quite cold..."

"I would love to." I looked up at her left eye — violet... damn, are these hybrids everywhere I go? Was there a single human in Mauralanzø that would do such a thing as to let me stay in their inn?

"I don't quite understand what you're saying... You speak in the old language, don't you!" the zeal inside her burst out with loud comments. "I'll get my great grandmother, she's a good translator..."

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dairy (dairymold) * * * *

About a minute later, Zealia pranced outside, wheeling a hobble old woman onto the island's land. "San, this is a woman I ran into on my way back from the market,"

the old woman hobbled towards me. She said something in the old language to me, "Who are you, my dear?"

I replied, "My name is Alonna, elder."

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dairy (dairymold) Zealia and her her elder allowed me indoors. Inside, there was a crowdof traveling men and women. Some gypsies, some just homeless. I spoke to the elder, "Who is that man serving people alcohol?"

"That is Zeverai, Zealia's brother. He runs the tavern with my daughter, Brygida. Zealia is the Taverness."

"Ah," Zealia led me upstairs to a mantle-lit room with lavish furnature.

"This is the Mistress' room. I'll get a key and you stay here."

the elder repeated that last statement back to me in the old language.

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments "Thank you."

I bowed, and they left me alone. I felt awkward; i always did in someone else's home. This wasn't technically a home, but still...

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dairy (dairymold) I placed my small parcel on the bed and looked out the window into the fog only to see a small flying contraption flying towards the Tavern. Zealia walked into the room with a key in hand.

"Follow me." she stated clearly in the old language — she must have learned how to say that from her grandmother. I followed Zealia with my things down the hall from the mistress' room. A room marked 23.

"What was the craft that landed on the island a few minutes ago?"I tried to say in the new language as fluently as possible.

"Just customers of the tavern. I don't like to think of customers as anything more than what they are — customers. Make yourself at home. If you need anything, just holler."

I plopped down on the bed. this room was much smaller than the Mistress' room. It was completely wooden —the furniture, the walls, the floor, everything. The mattress was quite comfortable and there was a bedside table with an oil lamp and a bookcase along with one window. "I can't stay too long." I told myself, reminding myself again and again that I'm only human.

Zeverai walked into the hall and lit a cigarette. A girl with a purple face cloth was talking to him in the New Language. "So, Neviah... Do you have a job?"

"What? Of course not. Didn't your mother ever tell you that cyborgs are gypsies?"

"My mother is a drunk who thinks too much about her customers and taking tips than me and Zealia."

"I'm sorry to hear that..."

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☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments Well, i always was a- how did my Grandmother put it?-"restless, wandering sort of spirit," so i restlessly wandered down to the tavern's main room. There, a small group of people appeared to be arguing fiercely. Perhaps these were the customers Zealia and I had seen land earlier? I made to move on, but one of the women caught my attention. She was arguing, not in the old or new language, but in one that was familiar and strange to me all at once.

My mind flashed to a memory almost forgotten; my grandmother, teaching me to speak in a language her grandmother had taught her. She called it Es-pan-yoll. Apparently, long ago, people spoke many languages, more than the two we have now. This woman, this stranger in the tavern, was speaking the language of my grandmother and I.

She half turned towards me, and i gasped. It was a fleeting glimpse, but it was enough; I felt as though i was looking in a mirror. Albeit, she was a bit older than me, but still...

She turned again, but this time her gaze lingered on me. I tensed as she hesitantly approached, her face a mix of confusion, joy, and... fear? Perhaps. She came within a few feet of me, and stopped.
"Alonna?" she asked quietly,"Mija?"

Mija, i remembered, meant daughter. I think that's when I passed out.

When i came to, a circle of faces blocked my view of the ceiling. I lay on the ground, staring at the faces around me: Zealia, the customers from the tavern... and her. She anxiously peered at me, and as I sat up, she sighed in apparant relief. Hesitantly, I asked, " Mami?" Mother?

She smiled, and started crying at the same time. Then, we surprised each other.
"But you're dead!" we both blurted.

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dairy (dairymold) I looked closely at my mother, her eyes changed from green to Ice blue. "Why did you turn?"

"I was ill for more than seven years, it was the X Virus." Her smile still didn't fade, she was still so happy to see me after all this time.

"Come, let's get you into the infirmary, dear," San said as I stood up. We paraded in a group into the upstairs portion of the Tavern, my arm slunk around Zealia's neck.

* * * *

After a few welcome home drinks at the tavern, I sat with my mother at a table in the courtyard where we 'caught-up' each other on our lives. "I've been on a mission lately, mother. To find what the society is hiding from us."

"There is no need to do that, darling. Ignorance is bliss."

"No, Mami. There is more to see than meets the eye in this world. It isn't like Earth. There are only laws here, no freedoms. If you haven 't noticed, there are no codes that benefit Hybrids." I calmed my voice, "I grew up on a poor farm with two other children who speak in the old tongue. There was barely any food to keep us alive and no one to take care of us. We grew up poor and weak, but in life, it made us stronger. I just... wanted you to know what I had to sacrifice just so you could pay your bills."

"Sacrificing you was the thing I have the most remorse for."

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dairy (dairymold) ****
It's late afternoon on a Saturday, so the inn is packed with all sorts of gypsies and hunters from every land.

Zealia is behind the Bar serving cocktails and shots to wanderers with Zeverai. A stranger wearing all black leather appears at the bar, his face covered in soot. "Straight Scotch." he orders, following a cough. Zeverai slides him a crystal glass filled to the brim with Ice and Jack Daniel's. He slurped the syrupy liquid until it was empty. He sat there on a bar stool, his dark goutee was dampened with whiskey. He chewed on the ice that remained in the cup and turned his back to the bar. He stared at a young Pedjite family eating lunch at a table across the room.

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☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments I helped as best i could: taking orders, cleaning tables, genearally making myself useful. DeBora(it felt weird for both of us, me calling her Mother) watched from nearby. She had already made it clear that she didn't want anything; it seemed to please her to just be near me. I knew how she felt.

As i breezed by tables, I caught occasional snatches of conversation. It was all very interesting.
"I swear, this big! This big!Coulda' eaten me in two bites!"
"And he said that? About you? Ha! He's one to talk.."
"But I can't! Why won't you believe me, I can't do that!"

I wondered, briefly, about the feelings I had; is this what home was? Comfortable, safe, welcoming? I shook my head fiercely. No time for home; i had a mission, and I would not abandon it. And when it was done, when it was all over... maybe. Maybe, i thought as DeBora flashed me another smile, maybe a home could be mine.

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dairy (dairymold) I stopped behind the bar to take the man's order, he turned his head, so that he could still see the Pedjite family out of the corner of his eye. "You see this scar?" He pointed to the puffy ingrown skin layer in a hook-shape across his face. "A Naregull tail. I killed the beast and ate it with my fellow hunters."

"We don't accept bounty hunters here. So, get the **** out of this inn." The man stared at me. He brushed his beard, picked up his whiskey glass, slurped down the remaining ice, and limped out the door. His footsteps were loud and heavy like a door slamming.

"Excuse me," I turned around, the Pedjite mother stood at the front desk. "We want four rooms." She requested as she handed me a bag of Zealite fulls. My eyes widened. "Please... take it, you saved us from that bounty hunter."

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dairy (dairymold) "My name is Lestelle of Pejite"

"Lestelle... PRINCESS Lestelle?!" I whisper-shouted.

"These are my children, Azselle, my daughter, and my two sons, D'eon and Lutzl." the children looked like they were 12 or 13 years old.

I gave them each a room key and showed them up the stairs.

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dairy (dairymold) I led them into the first floor of rooms. The girl with the face cloth darted across the hall carrying a bag and slipped into a room further down the hall. "Hm... I wonder who she is?" I said to myself.

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dairy (dairymold) I settled them into their rooms and headed back downstairs.

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dairy (dairymold) I saw Zeverai flirting with that cyborg again... I hate cyborgs.

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dairy (dairymold) "Zeverai!" I tried to distract him with helping me. He seemed not to notice me. "Aug, ZEVERAI!"

He looked up, "What is it?" He looked so calm, yet a bit pissed off at the same time. "I'm busy, can you hold that off until later." He smiled, strange...

"Uh - erm... Sure..."

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dairy (dairymold) ((OH HOLYY SHIT!))
omfg, i'm sooooooooooo sorry.
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☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments O it's ok. I wanted to post summin different n e way.

"she's really something, huh?"
I whirled around, and found myself staring right into the mismatched eyes of the bounty hunter. I took a hasty step back and he chuckled. I angrily demanded, "don't you ever sneak up on me like that!"

He ignored me, "Cyborgs. Can't live with 'em, and can't trust 'em either. "
"I think I can decide for myself who to trust, thank you. " I coldly responded. I didn't like cyborgs, but no one tells me what to do. Especially not this particular... specimen.
He took a step closer, "you know who to trust? No one. You can't trust anyone not to stab you in the back the instant you show it to them. Don't let that cyborg girl near you. Don't even let her know your name or where you come from. "

I hoped my voice didn't betray my fear as I shakily replied," You say not to trust anyone.So why should I trust what you say?"

He smiled. It wasn't particularly cruel or friendly. It was a smile that spoke of untold secrets. ,"Clever girl. Just watch your step, and you'll do fine. "
"Is that a threat, or a warning?"
" who says it can't be both?"
With those chilling last words, he turned and left me, shaken and confused.

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dairy (dairymold) He laughed drunkly as he stumbled out the front door. "At least I still have mother." I murmured to myself as I went back to work. I'd had enough of this girl in my life. I went upstairs to San's room and took the guestbook and the master key. I hope she forgives me — if she ever finds out, I thought. I went down to room 113 and opened the door to a slightly larger room. The furniture had been cleaned spotlessly, making the wood polish look like water floating on everything. The windows had been washed, the drapes were closed, the bathroom had been organized, the bed had been made, her clothes and backpack were inside the ottoman and neatly folded, and the books on the shelves had been taken out of their original order and re-organized according to subject-matter.

Something was bugging this peculiar cyborg — I could tell one thing from the state of this room, something or someone was keeping her awake... and at her wit's end thinking about it.

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dairy (dairymold) * * * *

I rummaged through the ottoman and the nightstand, looking for a trace of evil or whatever it was that was slowly killing her sanity. It's easy to know that if she walks in here, I can just tell her I'm doing the housekeeping. Maybe I'll work here forever. Then I remembered my mother and my search for the truth. I found a notebook full of drawings titled with people's names. There was one name that wasn't in their group of 'refugees' that stuck out to me, her name was Terra, and just Terra, which means that she's a hybrid. She was the only one in this notebook that only looked sad in her pictures. I also found a bunch of photographs bundled in a piece of cloth. They were only individual portraits, The names on the backs were Aeon, Asbel, Adsen, Terra, Mapiya, Mrs. Vanadoor, and Neviah. I guessed that Neviah was the leader of their "group" because of her courage to try and find out what happened to this Terra girl.

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments I thought I heard something behind me. Slowly turning, I sighed with relief; it was only Zeverai. Relief turned to dread, however, when I saw the look on his face.
" What are you doing?" he asked, voice low and menacing.
"Cleaning," I replied.
He looked around at the spotless room, his gaze lingering for a while on each gleaming surface. I inwardly kicked myself.
"oh?" was all he said.
"You know," I stammered, "Just, ah, making sure everything is in perfect order. "
I carefully set the photos down, making a big show of putting them in a perfect pile. When I made to get up, there was Zeverai, not a foot away from me. Crap crap crap crap crap.

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dairy (dairymold) "Do you even know what this girl is going through?" he asked, his ice-blue eyes stared at me.

"They say —," I paused, his eyes still cold and ice-blue. "That eyes are windows to the soul. It seems that your soul is full of evil." What?! Where was this voice coming from?! I could never say something that cruel! My voice appeared to have a voice of its own. I tried to shut myself up and just keep 'cleaning' but I rambled off again, "You are an evil man, your mind is full of dread and hatred."
I took the book and the key and slipped out the door. I ran down the hall to San's room and non-chalauntly threw the book and the key back into their drawer in San's desk, my heart still racing. What was wrong with me to make me act this way?! Am I sick? Did I catch the X-Virus from Deborah?! Or Neviah? Is this a Mushi-shi?! What in the hell was going on?!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I went down the hall, only to find Neviah walking my way. "Stop!" I yelled, but she just ran faster. "Wait! I have to speak to you!" She stopped and slowly turning around, she loosened her facecloth and eyed me with her eyes. I saw them slowly change from silver to black and then to a light-pale-brown.

"What do you want?" She asked, her arms at her side and her back sliding down the wall, she eventually came to sit on the floor.

"I — I have a few questions for you."

"Go ahead." She looked bored, like she'd done this before.

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dairy (dairymold) "Why are you here? What are you searching for?"

Her head jerked up, "My friend, Terra went missing last week, I'm tryingto fing out what happened to her."

"I could help you!" I said excitedly, "my skills would be of great benefit to you."

"Sorry, but I usually work alone."

"I'm on a mission, too. To find out what's going on. Why the Society wants to keep their trails covered. This... friend of yours may be apart of a conspiracy involving the X-Virus."


I cut her off, "Antarctica, 6025, a prehistoric virus was uncapped from a glacier by foolish scientists. The infected population soon began to murder neighbors, friends, and family, as if they were possessed. This was called the X-Virus. There is a conspiracy floating around the South that hybrids are being taken away, being kidnapped, to ensure that we are (DON'T POST! I HAVE TO FINISH! my class is ending! srry!)

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments ( ooo, the suspense!!!)

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dairy (dairymold) yup... so... CONTINUED:

"prepared if the X-Virus mutates."

"That's absurd..." She said, making me feel like a crazy person.

"It's true, There's someone I want you to meet." I showed her to the kitchen and looked around for her. "Mami?"

"Yes, Mija?"

"I have someone I want you to talk to."

Deborah poked her head out of the kitchen, her apron and hair were dusted with flour. she patted her hands on her apron and shook Neviah's hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm Deborah."

"Tell me what you know about the X-Virus." Neviah demanded.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We sat at the round three-person booth in the corner of the Tavern. Deborah sat down in the middle and began to speak. "When I was a little girl, my mother fell ill with a mutated strand of the X-Virus. In only three weeks, she died. But, three days later, she was to be prepared for her funeral in the morgue of a Catholic church, but no one could find the body."


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dairy (dairymold) "We heard at the time that there was a testing facility that was caught for their illegal use of human courpses to test how mutated XV would react. They were using one to find a cure for thousands."

"Wow, do you think that's what happened to Terra?" Neviah asked, finally pulling off her facecloth, but only enough to show her mouth. Her lips were dry and cracked.

"It's quite possible." Deborah said.

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dairy (dairymold) (( u can post now :) ))

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dairy (dairymold) We all headed to the annex (Attic of the tavern) to discuss our 'plan of conquest'. Neviah has an entire group of people dedicated to finding Terra. I wonder if I had friends, they'd do that for me... Great, now this strung up b*tch has me wishing I had friends, damnit!

"Everyone, this is Alonna and Deborah, her mother. We'll be accepting them into our group until further notice." a chorus of groans and some smiles emerged from the group. (crap. so now they hate me? I just got here!)

"Alonna, Deborah; this is our group," Neviah started, "I'm Neviah."

"Asbel," said the shaggy, brown-haired human with brown-black eyes.

"Adsen, Asbel's twin brother." said the one that looked like Asbel. Only Adsen had blond hair and aqua eyes

"Aeon, Terra's brother." said the brown-haired, hazel-eyed boy.

"Mapiya." Said the curly black-haired girl with fare skin.

"That's everyone. We don't have a name yet, but now that we're a group, would you like to decide one?" Neviah asked, she was the only one not sitting at the large wooden table.

I slowly raised my hand...

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☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments "DeBora, you have something to say?"
I turned around. Sure enough, my mother was slowly lowering her hand. She cleared her throat and began.
"When I was young, my Mami used to tell me stories, full of hope and peace and love. I always thought it was a total load of crap. "
Laughter and cheers of agreement erupted from all sides.
"But i did like those stories for one reason,"she continued, "the heroes were a group of nobodies, stupid kids who thought they could save the world from evil. No matter what happened, they would grit their teeth and move on.
"They called themselves Pantera. Justice. They would wander around the world, looking for wrongs to right and lives to save wherever they went. Perhaps the Panteras will live again. "
We sat and considered her speech for a bit in silence. Finally, a voice spoke up.
"Justice?" Asden scoffed, "We arent justice. We just want to find our friend, get home without getting killed, and enjoy the rest of our lives. "
If looks could kill...
DeBora stalked over to the boy, who seemed to shrink into next to nothing.
"Just finding your friend, huh?" she demanded, "Just dragging me and my daughter into something we don't understand or even care about, just distracting us from our mission huh?"
I considered stepping in, but when DeBora gets mad, all you can really think is: boy, glad its not me. Asden tried to reply, but DeBora cut him off.
"You want to drag your troubles to my door? Fine! I'll drag my troubles to yours. This isnt just about your friend; this is about justice, righting whats wrong and saving the innocents. "It's wrong that so many people lie dead now, because of a disease that transformed so many others. It's wrong that no one knows half of whats really going on. And its wrong that you cant find someone you care about. "
She looked over at me as she said that. Her voice dropped to a softer level.
"You should never lose the ones you love. "
Hot tears welled up in my eyes. I wiped them away, and no one noticed. At least, they all had the good sense to pretend not to notice. We all sat in the awkward silence, staring at Neviah for some reason. Finally, she reached a decision.
"Panteras live on," she declared. A slow smile spread over my mother's face as the sentence was repeated around the circle of people, hesitantly at first, then with more conviction and force. Then, we the Panteras sat down and tried to come up with a plan to find our friend.
Justice would be served.

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dairy (dairymold) * * * *

We split back up to carry on with evening chores. We all decided to meet in the annex again tonight to write out a few plans. After chores, I went to the neighboring city to gather maps of the Quadrants. I tipped the shopkeeper and wandered back to the inn. I looked into the annex window from outside and noticed that the windows had all been blacked out, most likely to make sure San and the others don't see the lights on.

* * * *

When I got to the annex, I had to be careful not to wake anyone while walking. I slowly made my way to the table barefoot, just to ensure my boots wouldn't make my footsteps any louder. I spread out the maps on the table.

"We need to get to Merus, which is on the far side of the Northern Quadrant. I think we should build a sturdier glider if we want to reach it. We could take a Tourmekian ship, but we would show up on their radar. Any ideas?"

"What about the Mincheons' gunship? I don't think Mito will mind us for more than a few weeks." Adsen said, scratching his matted hair.

"No, a gunship calls way too much attention to itself. Build the two gliders." Neviah said.

"I have an idea." I spoke up. "A friend of mine, Ahøna, trains adult Naregulls. We could easily ride the trained ones."

Everyone stared at me in shock. Was it a bad idea? Or did I just think — well, UGH! My mind has been out of control today. Oh cra— "That's a brilliant plan!" Aeon exclaimed. "Naregulls don't show on radar, and an adult could probably fit at least four people at least."

"Thank you, Alonna," Neviah congratulated me.

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dairy (dairymold) "We set out as soon as we're able to find the Naregulls." Asbel said.

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dairy (dairymold) * * * *

We set out early the next morning, Mapiya left a note so that no one would suspect that we were doing anything illegal. We walked to the Haku Mesa, just a few miles to the east of the Inn. We reached a small wooden shop that was overgrown with vines, a light was on inside, making the house visible through all of the fog. An old man sat on a wooden rocking chair on the stoop of the house.

"Krünul!" Neviah shouted, running up to give him a hug. "I haven't seen you since last leaf-fall, how've you been?"

"Doing well, our farming is prosperous with Colick leaves."

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dairy (dairymold) Krünul showed us inside the house, holding an oil lamp in his hand. A girl with long brown hair and brown eyes, also, wearing an emerald-greed hooded cloak stepped inside right behind us. "Neviah!" she cried as she ran to hug the leader and the rest of the group. "I received your letter, I think I have the perfect two for you to use."

"That's great, Ahøna, will you show them to us?" Aeon asked.

* * * *

We all walked to a large, unpainted barn, also covered in ivy, just as the house was. Ahøna opened the large, slidable door and lit an oil lamp for Neviah, Asbel, and herself. On the ground, lay asleep, two Naregulls. (btw; pronounced NAR-gulls) One was larger than the other, which must have been the smaller one's mother. The large one was emerald-green, like Ahøna's cloak, and the smaller one was solid-white.

"A white Naregull? How did that occur?" Asbel asked, his eyes wide, his expression confused.

"It wasn't actually intentional. Several years back, I was training him near a lake, near Darwin City, when a shadow crept across the lake. I walked closer, thinking it was a squid or even a Mossfish. But, a bright light blinded me, it was a shining reflection on the lake, like it was the sun arising from a puddle. I turned my back away. But, Ginko here, kept staring at it. When the shining subsided, I turned to Ginko, only to see that his left eye was missing, the other had turned an emerald green, and every scale on his body turned an unearthly solid white."

"Whoa, a Mushi attack?" Adsen asked, interested.

"Is that why he's called Ginko? Because of the Mushi?" Neviah asked.

"Yes." Ahøna replied to both of them.

"What are Mushi?" I asked.

"Allow me to explain," a voice sounded from behind me. I turned, only to see Ginko speaking to me, his green eye glistening.

((Let me explain the mushi thing when I get home in about 2 hrs. K?)) don't post YET!!!!

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dairy (dairymold) "He?! He -- he can talk?!" I yelped.

"Yes, Ginko was not always a Naregull. When Ginko was a young man, he came upon a witch who cursed him, making him live eternally as a Naregull for the rest of his life, until he can find someone to love him for who he is." Ahøna explained.

"I see, Go on, Ginko. Tell me about Mushi." I said, calming down my nerves.

"Look at your hand. The tips of your fingers, represents people and animals. As you go down further on your forearm, this is where plant life and fungi live. Now, go up your shoulder and here," he put a claw to his heart. "This is where Mushi would live. Only a handfull of people can actually see Mushi, but they don't discriminate for who they infest. Anyone, weather they can see them or not, can be attacked by or affected by Mushi. Some can help you, some can hurt you. Mushi are, let me put it this way, like ghosts. Almost invisible to most people, thaey are neither dead or alive. They're ghost-like organisims that live as parasites. I was once a Mushi-Shi, or Mushi Master."

"A Mushi master?" I shakily questioned.

"Someone who tames and studies Mushi."


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dairy (dairymold) "We should head off now," Neviah said, bidding a suddle goodbye to Ahøna.

"Come again sometime soon, Alonna, I'd like to get to know you better." Ahøna accepted the goodbyes as we all gathered on Gikno's back. Neviah got on first, then Asbel, Aeon, Adsen, Mapiya, me, and Deborah. Ginko slowly crept out of the barn and took a running start to the edge of the Island. We all held tight to the scales on his back as he lifted off.

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dairy (dairymold) ((I wrote this when listening to this song, you should listen to it when reading it:

It was almost magical, I'd never seen a Naregull up close like this before, let alone ride one. We were soaring above the fog, the sky is a deep navy blue, it's not quite blue, more of a mixture of purples along with it. I had once heard of a thing called stars, magical mixtures of gas floating in the vacuum of space millions of miles away. I felt like I could see them, I closed my eyes tight, just to see the stars on the inside of my eyelids. But, I knew I would never get to see real ones. There are only the moons. The three moons, surrounding us as we flew. No wind, just a light breeze to push us along as Ginko's wings flap gently and glide, It's so silent, I can hear my own heart beating. Thu-thump, thu-thump. I rested my head against his scales and closed my eyes, gentler than before, and drifted to sleep.

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dairy (dairymold) When I awoke, it was daylight. The sunlight streaming down through a crack in the trees, below of which, we set up camp last night. It appeared that I was the first to awake. Under a shady cherry tree, I eyed Ginko dozing off, Naregulls must need their rest if they can fly this far in one night. Where were we? Did we enter the Northern Quadrant yet? All of these questions running through my head, even though I just woke up.

I looked back at Ginko, one eye open.

"Awake already?" I asked.

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dairy (dairymold) He lifted his head, "Yes. Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, but I guess I should ask the same."

"Don't worry about me."

"But, won't you miss Ahona and Krunul?"

"Yes, I'll also miss Freya and my adoptive Naregull mother, but they know I'll return."

"But you don't, this is a dangerous trek, you didn't have to come along with us, you know."

"But I chose to. Don't worry, I know perfectly well what lies ahead."

"I bet you wish you could kill her." I said, not thinking about it. Damn! It was that voice again! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Ginko looked at me.


"That witch who cursed you. I bet you wish you could strangle that woman, for doing this to you." I stared at him, I felt like I was some cold-blooded serial killer, talking this way.


I looked at him in confusion.

"If I hadn't been cursed, I never would've met Ahona, Freya, Krunul, or Neviah."

"How can you feel so happy?"

"When I was young." Deborah said, I turned around, "I remember a story my Mami told me, about a foolish traveler. Once, a young traveler walked throughout Mauralanzo, giving money to beggers, no matter what their excuse was, he'd present them with money. He only wished for people to be happy. People called him a fool. He gave everything away until he had nothing left to give, he soon bargained off everything. He then traveled to the west, through the toxic jungle. He now traveled naked and bald. One day, a greedy pack of wolves confronted the traveler, telling him that they wanted to eat him. The traveler hesitated, but, he soon came to realize that letting the wolves eat him would give them food for the night. First, he allowed them his right leg, then an arm, his eyes, his other leg, until he was nothing more than a head. The wolf then gave the traveler a gift, although the traveler could no longer see, he was happy. 'thank you, wolf, I have never gotten anything from anyone in my entire life, thank you.' even though the present was just a slip of paper with the word 'fool' written on it, the traveler still cried with joy, even without eyes, the traveler felt happy."

"That's... that's so sad, Mami."

The entire group was awake now, Asbel sat up, "He gave away everything just so people could be happy. He was no fool, he just looked inside to find the bright side in everything."

tears flowed from my eyes. I wiped them away before anyone could see them. I wish I could have met my grandmother, she sounds so nice, with all of the stories that she told my mother. When my mother gave me up for adoption, she still had debts to pay. By living there, I had to work to pay off my mother's debt. To a bounty hunter. I suddenly felt sorry for my mother, because the story she told sounded like something she would do. It made my heart ache.

As stories subsided, we all packed up camp and headed further North. "We're 20 miles south of Merus. Only an hour or so and we'll be there, so hang tight." Mapiya called as we loaded all of our gear onto Ginko's back and lifted off.

"Mapiya," I asked.


"Do you think that we'll make it back home... alive?"

"It's hard to tell, but we can only hope."

I gulped hard. I knew that there was more to this than Neviah had ever prepared us for, though.

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dairy (dairymold) * * * *

We landed in Merus but an hour later. It seemed so beautiful, there were flowers blooming everywhere, the buildings were made of marble and the flagpoles were plated in gold. It was the land of the pure. Infected by the impure. If any human saw us, we'd be turned in. We couldn't travel in such a large group.

"But," I held Neviah's arm, haulting her from moving forward. "What about you and Aeon and Deborah? You'll look suspicious traveling together. I have a plan."

Everyone turned to look at me. "If we split into groups, we'll be able to carry out operations.Who are the humans in the group?"

Mapiya, Asbel, Adsen all raised their hands. "Mapiya and Adsen, go to the Messenger Building and find out the last message she was carrying. Asbel and I will split up and head to the National Library. Cyborgs?"

Neviah, Aeon, and my mother shot their hands up. "Neviah and Aeon, I want you to eat a handfull of these each hour, otherwise your eyes will change colour." I gave them each a bag of Chiko nuts from my bag that I was saving for dinner. "And Deborah, you will ride Ginko to the Central Fields and pose as a Naregull trainer. Go!"

They all did as I said without even thinking. I wonder what Neviah thinks of me now. Asbel and I were off to the Library to find all of the logs set for medical labs and the Messenger routes. The Library was also made of marble with a flag sitting outside the steps to the building.

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dairy (dairymold) * * * *

When we walked in, a cool breeze hit us like wind. The library was dimly lit, without any windows, just a few small lamps on each table and three of them on the large desk that the librarians sat at. Asbel and I both pulled books from their shelves, we stacked them up on desks, all of them were handwritten manuscripts on medical documents, logs, traveling guides, anything that we sought useful for out voyage ahead. I pulled out a quill and some parchment and began to research. First, to tackle; A Decade of Medicine in Merus by Adena Goddard.

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dairy (dairymold) I didn't find anything useful in the books, but Asbel found the log for the last ferry out of Merus. "It was last week, but it was to the West. I doubt that she meant to travel that far. Even so, we would have seen her when we moved to the inn."

"Let's go to the Messanger building. Maybe we can meet up with Aeon and Neviah."

* * * *

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments This suggestion made me feel just a little guilty. While Asbel had been coming up with a plan of action, I'd been daydreaming about my life before.

Before I'd started my journey, I had been in a labor house. All day, the other workers and I toiled and sweated for other people. We returned to the house only for a brief period of time, for food and rest. Then, more work. At every rest period, the others got paid. Not me; I had debts to work off.

I hated almost everyone there: the bosses, my fellow workers, and even the people we worked for. But one woman was kind to me, listening to my problems and drying the tears on my face. She became like a grandmother to me, even though she really wasn't that old. So that's what I called her: Grandmother Rose. She taught me Espanyol, helped me with my work when she could. It was perfect.

Until it wasn't. Grandmother Rose died one day; nobody told me how or exactly when it happened. I didn't ask until she had been missing for a few days.
"She died," came the blunt reply.
I was devastated. The only person who made life bearable, just gone! I felt like life wasn't worth living anymore.

Then I remembered something Grandmother had told me: everyone has a purpose. Everyone is needed. And in these troubled times, that's more true than ever.

I don't think Grandmother had intended to, but she gave me my mission; too many people lived in ignorance of what really went on. I would help them see.

That evening, just before rest period ended, i snuck out of the house, into the deepening gloom of dusk... and right into the hands of fate.

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dairy (dairymold) * * * *

As my daydream subsided and slowly faded away, we walked to the Merus Park to find Mami. On the way there, we met up with Neviah and Aeon in the town square. "Find anything?" I asked her.

"No. They refused to give us any of their logs or, any information, really. These Chiko nuts are disgusting!"

"Sorry, it was the only way to be safe."


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dairy (dairymold) Mapiya and Adsen met up with us as well. Everyone was here except for Mami. "We'll go to the park and get Ginko and Deborah." Mapiya said as we walked along with them. "Then, we head to the PHARM test facility."

"But, they shut down, how can she be--"

"It's abandoned. But someone must still be performing tests on innocents." Neviah murmered behind her facecloth.

"We don't have much time! Hurry!" Mapiya called as we all ran to the park.

* * * *

We spotted Mami and Ginko as we raced through the park. The grass bending beneath my feet. It didn't take us long to load onto Ginko's back and begin to take off. "The PHARM building," Neviah shouted to Ginko. "123 North, 763 West!" she shouted the coordinates as we took off.

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dairy (dairymold) When we reached the abandoned lab, it was overgrown with vines and the back door had been propped open, its hinges rusted stiff. Once inside and ensured of the building's saftey (By Adsen who had gone in first and found nothing wrong with the building), we headed down a dark flight of stairs. It was a slow, quiet process of being 'stealth-like' to make sure that no one in the building, if there was anyone, would be suprised by our visit.

The basement of the PHARM was dark and must-smelling. There was a large, caged cell on the far side of the room with one single florecent hanging lab-lamp suspended from the ceiling over an empty autopsy table.

"It looks like we're in a mortuary." Neviah scoffed at the putrid smell.

"It is like a morgue, Neviah."

"This scent's changed. It smells foul and brine-like, like rotting flesh."DeBorah stated. The room's walls, we discovered, were just like that of a morgue as well. They were lined with built-in chambers for perserving human bodies for autopsies.

I walked to the corner of the room when I stumbled on a nurse's cart. "Look," I said, studying the needles, scalpels, and stitches placed on the cart. "These scalpels, they're all clean, like they have been sterilized. And this needle has fresh sedative in it."

"That IS strange. This needle's even been soaked in bleach like it's been used before, recently, even." Neviah confirmed, Mapiya chiming in.

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) | 36 comments I had the strangest feeling of unease. I shook my head;stop creeping yourself out, i silently chided. All this talk of morgues is just going to your head. Thats all there is.

But i couldnt shake the feeling that something was horribly wrong.

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dairy (dairymold) Mapiya opened one of the steel lockers. As she pulled it open, we all crowded around to see what was inside. A few inches open, we could see thick brown hair. As she pulled the drawer a few feet more, we could see that it was a girl. The skin on her face was scarred and blotched with purple rash-like gash marks.

"Is she... dead?" Neviah gasped.

DeBorah checked her pulse, "It's slow, but it's there. We need to get her out of here. Check the other shelves."

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dairy (dairymold) We all opened the locked cells first. Picking them with scalpels. I looked inside the next locked cell, it was marked with A23 in purple ink. "This purple ink... the A looks like it means alive. The number after it is an identifier. The color of the ink depends on their race. Purple for hybrids—"

"Blue for humans," Mapiya chimed in

"and black for cyborgs." Neviah finished.

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dairy (dairymold) "Check every cell, even the ones labeled D." Aeon said, clutching his fists. "Terra could be in any one of these."

"It's alright," Mapiya comforted him.

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