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Code Complete > Measure Twice, Cut Once: Upstream Prerequisites

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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad (bradrubin) | 264 comments Mod
This chapter, a brief overview of the prerequisites to construction (i.e. requirements, architecture), highlights some good issues-- most notably, the need to do some up front work in most projects that shouldn't be dismissed with the "but we are doing iterative" excuse. Of all of the pre-construction items mentioned, I think that the one that I see the least well done in most projects is the error processing architecture. I haven't noticed many good papers or books that address this topic, and it seems that it is one that is very language and framework dependent.

This chapter has some great software process and architecture references at the end.

message 2: by Erik (new)

Erik | 165 comments I was surprised at how much overlap there is in this chapter and the topics from the SEIS Software Quality class. It was a nice way to look at process improvement as foresight rather than an afterthought.

There was a lot of software life cycle and process ideas covered too, which was well written but less surprising.

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