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message 1: by Darrell (new)

Darrell | 1 comments I read about 200 books a year, 3-4 hours a day, my nitch is the psychology/self help/business. For the last decade I get to work exclusively with millionaires and the occasional billionaire and I get to ask them their favorite life changing books, and I read them all :) Anyways, I've been a librarian here for about two years. Helping clean things up, add reviews, you know the librarian work we all do. I noticed some atypical behavior with this persons's reviews:

Pertaining to:

Esther Hicks

After a pile of internet digging, and this user "Kyra" is has some ax to grind with the author offending her, and now she's on some mission to promoting her anti-author website, which is fine, free speech and all, but she instantly (before a book even ships from the publisher) will put a lowest rating possible, included with a diatribe about this is a terrible book, and they authors too, see my website for details kind of thing. etc.

If someone hates an author, they are not going to buy all their books just to leave negative reviews everywhere. She's not even writing about the books content, I can tell she hasn't read the books she is even commending on. She is being deceptive, dishonest, using Goodreads and even Amazon as a platform posting sensationalist poor reviews in attempt to garner more traffic to her website. It's kind of prototypical internet trolling behavior. Now I admit, I am a biased, because I am a fan of the author, as she is a New York Times/Amazon best selling author, as many others are, but "Kara" does not add anything of value to Goodreads, and I do not think that Goodread's should be another platform for her obviously fraudulent ax-to-grind self-promoting website.

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42011 comments Mod
1) This group is for issues pertaining to the GR database. That is, correcting/fixing/etc. book and author records. We do NOT do anything with user reviews, with the exception of moving them (indirectly) when merging books.

2) GR's policies allow quite a bit of leeway regarding reviews. Unless the user is slandering someone (which does not appear to be the case), she is well within the GR Terms of Use.

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