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☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 97 comments Mod
Kai submitted his recent report to head captain and made his way up to the hokeiyokou and sat there his legs hanging off the side as he layed down and stared at the sky his captains jacket hanging around him on the ground.

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Kurisutapa was training. He was trying to master an attack he had been working on for a few weeks now. He could make a blade from the shadow he could control and cut his enemies from far way, he could even shoot the shadow like a bullet from a gun, but now he was trying to make a small bomb from the shadow, but he could never keep it together for more then ten seconds, and then it blew up in his face.

He started pulling shadow to him forming into a small ball. He started counting, 1, 2, 3... he moved the shadow bomb away from him slowly towards the big rock he was trying to blow up, 9, 10... BOOM! the bomb blew up before he could move it far enough making a shock wave that went all the way to hokeiyokou hill shaking the hill hard.

☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 97 comments Mod
Kai felt the earth shake lightly under him and looked in the direction the quake had come from seeing the smoke at the training area.

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"Put to much power into it again," he said, "I need to find the balance."

☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (dark_wolf-xxkaixx) | 97 comments Mod
Kai stood up and jumped across the sky lightly then landing on top of the building by the training site deciding to watch his subordinate.

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"Lets try this," he said drawing shadow to him, then using a bit less spirit energy, then he shoot it like a cannon at the rock. it hit the rock, and blew up on contact. "Well still unstable," he said trying to keep on his feet from the shock wave, "But if I can shoot it that fast every time I might be able to kill something with it."

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