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By the Big House is a stately marble building-- the treasured library of Camp Half-Blood. The original manuscripts of Plato, Homer, Herodotus and more can be found, though you need special permission to view them and a printed copy is provided for your pleasure-- the originals are not allowed to be taken out of their casing.
Besides from the old archives, there are also a range of computers (no Internet-- just an online database of research on everything Greek-related) down the middle. Obviously, the shelves which take the place of walls are filled with books from various ages and languages, and not just on Greek mythology either. Everything and anything can be found here! Take a seat in the comfortable brown armchairs or by the numerous desks and be sure to keep your voices down.

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Flipping the dusty page of an old novel, Spencer sat quietly in the center of the library in an armchair he found to have an especially comfy cushion. A neat stack of books was on his right, and on the left was a messy pile of open ones. Research was a boring thing, and he wasn't pleased to wear the reading glasses he was rarely ever seen in.

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((Who you RP-ing with Vanny Pants? :P))

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((...Petra/Whim, and let me check...yeah, I have pants.))

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Moon (moonstonesandbooks) | 3694 comments ((Oh. So Whim is paradoxing. Cool.))

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[She's paradoxing. This is before she meets Devon. :3


Moving silently before the shelves of books, glassy blue eyes wide and her finger to her lips in that customary thinking position of hers, Petra searched for the poetry section, eyebrows furrowed against a creased brow.

Those far-set, wide blue eyes narrowed a smidgen as she neared the end of a shelf and caught sight of a stack of messy books. And one of them was open, pages facedown on the table--!

Drawn up to her full height of five foot nothing, Petra walked out from the shelves to cough discreetly and prop the book back in a normal position.

"That's terrible for the spine," she began, expression reproachful, then caught sight of who she was talking to. In reading glasses, no less.

"Oh. Hi, Spence." All rebuke faded and Petra smiled gently and warmly at her friend.

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((I figured someone needed glasses. xD JK.))

Prepared for a hushed debate, Spencer had sat up and pointedly closed the book he had in his hands properly. It would have made for a scholarly and intelligent look, if not the for dust cloud that resulted in a sneeze.

"Oh." Sniff. "Petra. Sorry about that, I wasn't really watching where I put 'em and all and--how're you?" He took the glasses off quickly, tucking them in his shirt pocket. Even with his best friend it was something Spencer was self-conscious of.

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[In my mind Spencer looks SMOKING with glasses. ^^]

A small giggle escaped from the redhead's lips as she surveyed Spencer with big eyes, shaking her head to herself as she began organizing the books and blowing dust off them carefully.

"You look quite charming with reading glasses, Spencer, it's a wonder you don't wear them all the time. I've been doing well. Organizing books in the library as well as a few other chores," she said, sticking her tongue out at Spencer and looking remarkably like a childish doll while she did, "how about you?"

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Mumbling something after her remark on his glasses, probably a few dubious and modest words, Spencer went about re-stacking the books in that were strewn across the table. His hair did well to hide the faintly flushed cheeks. He would rather Petra scold him once than an Athena go on a lengthly spiel of the consideration and treatment of books.

"I'm excellent, just trying to catch up on some essay I owe Chiron. After this I'll be going to the stables for some real training. I'm starting to get the hang of a spear, you know, it's not too hard," he said in delighted amazement, mouth twitching up into a smile.

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Joining him in organizing the books on the shelves and hiding her own little smile by a curtain of russet curls gone awry, Petra pulled out a wrongly organized book (newly put in by Spencer, in fact) and turned without further comment than a tap on the shoulder to place it in its rightful place.

But when he smiled, she smiled, and it was an infectious moment anyway-- two sets of blue eyes glowing in happiness simultaneously. Petra's mouth was set in a tender smile.

"That's lovely," she encouraged, "though I'm not all that big on spears myself. D'you need help on the essay? What topic?"

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A moment to gather his thoughts, brow puckered in concentration while he tried to remember (so many books and so much information, he simply had too many ideas running around his head) and Spencer replied, "The first Olympic Games. And I'd really love some help, you know how awful I am at research and all."

His smile grew, a touch rueful but there was still brightness. He stood, ready to follow Petra wherever she would lead him around the library. It was more like a labyrinth to him, so many words and subjects and choices.

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"Wonder why you're not interested with that one," Petra murmured softly as she padded through the library on carpeted floors, putting books back where she passed. "What with all the competitive spirit, it's a perfect topic for you."

She reached the sports section and walked through the glossy magazines, finger touching her bottom lip in that unconscious gesture, milky brow furrowed again.

"Hm... I think there's the original with its printed version by Pausanias... right... here," she said finally, pulling out a booklet happily and giving it to Spencer, pointing to the cupboard where the original manuscript of the first Olympic games lay in pristine condition.

"You know, the first Games began as an annual foot race of young women in competition for the position of the priestess for Hera?"

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From the faint surprise and wonder in his voice you could hardly tell the odd train of thought he had going on: Imagine doll-faced, delicate little Petra in a race for becoming the priestess for Hera against the strong women of ancient Greece.

Spencer would have laughed, but they were in a library, so he settled himself with a row of low chortles. "Can't see you doing that," he admitted with another bout of chuckles, putting the booklet under his arm.

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A pout stuck out Petra's bottom lip and those wide blue eyes glowered at Spencer reproachfully. She'd daydream of living in ancient Greece, especially when mortals and demigods could live together in harmony-- not segregated like they were now. Greece wasn't in her blood but it was in her heart and Petra's glowering though admittedly adorable pout was not helping her decidedly delicate looks.

"Really," she huffed, sticking up a button nose as she heaved out a huge book and dropped it into Spencer's arms, "I may not be quite the equivalent of a certain Spencer Adam McNeil, but I can run fairly well."

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Spencer caught the book, but not fast enough to stop it from knocking some breath out of him as it hit his stomach. Trying to keep the books from slipping out of grasp, he balanced them awkwardly in his hands with a sheepish smile at Petra. A simple sorry in itself, the curve of his lips.

"Sorry," he drawled sincerely in his deep accented voice. "It was just a thought, a thought that best be kept in my head. An', you can run pretty well."

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Curls streaming down her back, Petra led Spencer to a research table without further ado. "Fine," she said at long length, the china blue of her eyes still reproachful but holding amusement nonetheless. "You're forgiven. I'd beat my fellow priestesses at a sprint race any day. Now, show me the thesis you have."

She leaned over an open book and flipped open to a suitable page, the copper locks grazing the top of a page before she leaned away to jot down the page number. She stole a glance at Spencer and smiled to herself at his expression-- no one could stay very annoyed with him for long.

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[Basile & Camille, much? xD]


You needn't another word to tell what Spencer couldn't say without having some trouble. He had nothing close to a thesis. A real slacker for paperwork, but a champ and overachiever when it came to most of everything else.

"I'll get there, after a read a tad and do some poking 'round here and there." That sort of shamed smile, sweet with an uncharacteristic shyness only brought to him when not sure of himself.

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[...Except Ba-Ba and Cam-Cam aren't romantically tangled, LOL.]

"Oh, Spencer," Petra said with a sigh and a shake of her head, kneading her forehead with two fingers. "I don't know whether to laugh or cry."

She leaned forwards in her chair and surveyed Spencer, a rueful little smile turning up the side of her lip as she untucked the reading glasses from Spencer's pocket and slipped them gently on, hooking the ends around his ears. She tapped the nosepiece with a finger and sat back.

"Okay. Tell you what-- why don't Poe and I sit here and amuse ourselves while you struggle out a thesis. I'll help you with research then."

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Clarity walked into the library. She always loved library, a quiet room to think and read.

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[Sorry! >^<]

Spencer adjusted the glasses on his nose before taking the books and carrying them to a nearby armchair. His head was ducked a little while he read, hunched over and probably trying to obscure the specs from the view of other campers.

He settled eventually, sitting back in a relaxed position while making a few notes here and there on a sheet of paper. After what seemed to him like ages, though it took longer than expected, he brandished the paper in front of Petra's nose.


The ancient Greek Olympics were held every four years from 776 BC for the next 12 centuries. The ancient games lasted until 393 AD. The Romans had won the wars against the Greeks in 146 BC and were now in control of the Olympics. The games lasted until 393 AD, when the Roman Emperor Theodosius I (Rolfe 14) decided to end the games. The Emperor was incensed that the people were worshipping the gods and he wanted them to worship him. The Romans ruined the Olympic stadium and what was left was destroyed by natural events, such as floods and earthquakes. This was the end of the ancient Greek Olympic games. It would be centuries before the games would be reinstated and they would be different from the ancient games, but the influence of the ancient Greeks would forever be evident in the competitions.

[^I stole this from a place, btw. xD]

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Edgar Allen Poe's lilting poetry was interrupted by a very familiar, heavily accented voice, and Petra smiled before taking the paper to read it further.

"That's very good, Spence," she said, looking up with those huge eyes that held some amusement into his own eager ones, "very good, but, um... where's your thesis? You know, the topic sentence?"

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"Wh-what do you mean?" It wasn't so much a nervous stutter as a confused stammer. Times like now resulted in him regretting not paying attention during class and daydreaming about nonsense things he didn't remember at all.

Spencer tilted his head at her much like a puzzled dog, brows puckered in concentration was he tried to remember.

Thesis...essay...topic paragraph...?

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The familiar quiet, tender giggle escaping in a mirthful burst from Petra's lips, she stifled it behind a hand and sobered up, pity widening her eyes as she tilted her head right back at Spencer.

"You're writing an essay. An essay needs a thesis, which is the main idea of it, often written as a single declarative sentence."

The words could have been boring but Petra's soft, patient tone made them easy to understand.

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There it was. Distant but there, the memory from the lesson a few years back. "You mean like a thesis statement?" Spencer clarified with timid hope, looking uncertain.

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"Yes, Spencer," Petra said with a bright smile, nodding once. "Yes. Here. Since you've already written out the first paragraph I'll give you one. How about..."

She chewed on her lip for a moment before writing out in her neat, pretty cursive: "The influence of the Olympic Games, however old they may be, has survived and gotten stronger over the centuries."

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"Ah, I see what you mean now." Spencer's frustration faded and his mouth twitched up into a grateful, lopsided smile. Now he recalled enough about essay-writing to do it fairly well on his own, but there was still the research.

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Petra found it incredibly easy to be around this son of Nike-- she'd known him for the longest time, and it wasn't awkward in the least though many people thought it was (regarding their past romance). But she'd always see him as a friend.

Blinking up a warm smile reserved only for him, Petra shoved three heavy books at him. "Now get researching, you lazy Scot."

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"Right, right."

Spencer would have waved her away with a mocking hand if not for the tower of books in his grasp. He carried them off to his chair, where he spent the next couple hours or so reading and working diligently.

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Devon wandered aimlessly through the library, trying to find...What was it? Edgar.. He shook off the thought, he had time.

He scanned the shelves, slowly walking along.

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Chuckling softly to herself as she got up from her position on her armchair-- Spencer's studious expression was to die for, and bespectacled as well!-- Petra dragged a finger playfully on the spines of the well-kept books, counting under her breath until she got to the Pi section. Poe.

Top lip sucking on her bottom one in the habit she hadn't abandoned since childhood, Petra pushed her book back in and turned around. As she neared the corner of a shelf, she collided into someone else-- a tall someone else, a boy, probably, she thought, wincing as she apologized profusely and held a hand to the head she'd knocked against the bookcase.


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Devon's eyes flared, until he caught himself recognizing the girl. "You okay there? It's my fault." He came as close as an apology as one Devon could get, being quite kind for him. He didn't smile though, just stepped back and looked at her blankly.

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"Oh, no, I--"

Perpetually astonshed eyes blinked twice after recovery as Petra grasped the edge of a bookshelf to pull herself up. "I'm fine, the fault was mine. Hi Devon."

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"Hey." Devon greeted, shoving his hands into the dark pockets of his he slightly nodded. He watched her pull herself up, awkardly glancing around the public place uncomfortably. He restrained himself not to shoot glares at other kids and teenagers, reminding himself that they weren't doing anything.

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[*awkward-- remember spelling because awkward is an awkward word xD That's how I remember how to spell it.]


His face was drawn, like it had been in the grotto, but there was a subtle difference to it. The line of his jaw was clenched with restrainment. Petra wondered what he was telling himself not to do. Hurt her, maybe?

"How... how've you been doing?" she asked rather lamely, straightening up completely and tearing her eyes away from the lines of his face to look up with that pure gaze into his own cold blue ones.

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((OH Me and my dimwitness))

Devon opened his mouth, about the say the cold hard truth. But then he remembered that's not what real civilized people do so instead he said "Actually I came here to find some of that poetry, the kind you showed me." He tried to smile, but it came out weak and pathetic.

He continued the eye contact, but the storm in his eyes from the other night in his eyes was gone and he wasn't as angry.

((*Grey eyes*))

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[The sharp cut of his jaw is set in a scowl usually. The sharp ice-blue of his eyes can sometimes have dashes of grey in some different light. But trust me, they can strike fear into a person whatever color they were.

-- By Kat, in Phobos characters ;)]

"Oh," Petra said, momentarily taken aback by this request. "I just finished with the book. Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Collections," she murmured, absentmindedly guiding him by taking his arm in her hand and pulling him to a stop to the book she'd just depoisted, "riiiight... here."

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((Oh sorryyyy my brain is all jumbled together, I wasn't born right))

"I see." Devon observed, looking at the spines, nodding at nothing really. He ran his fingers over them, turning to her. "What's your favorite?" He asked.

((Gimme 10 mins maybe I gtg but I'll get on my ipod))

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Now here was a question the bookish Petra could talk ages about. "My favourite... well, if we're still talking about poetry, I love The Raven. The poem I read you," her eyes looked to his, remembering the day in the grotto, "and... I like some of his more romantic poems. To One In Paradise--

Thou wast all that to me, love,
For which my soul did pine-
A green isle in the sea, love,
A fountain and a shrine...

Petra shook her head from her poetic reverie and turned back to Devon. Her cheeks were a little pink. "But short-story wise? The Spectacles. Hilarious. He had a rather morbid sense of humour but I smiled after finishing it all the same."

Eyes sought his, eager blue eyes, wanting approval.

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[oh. OK. :3]

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"I've gathered you're quite the reader?" He asked, a faint real teasing smile dancing on his lips as he looked at her. "Though it sounds interesting, I can tell why you love this stuff." He added thoughtfully. He turned back to the spines, gliding his fingers over them, repeating the words in tandem inside his head.
Thou wast all that to me, love,
For which my soul did pine-
A green isle in the sea, love,
A fountain and a shrine...

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Like that wasn't obvious. And then, suddenly-- Oooh. He has a nice smile. Like the way his lips turn up and his eyes get kind of warm, but not completely, and--

Horrorstruck with herself, Petra turned briefly away to screw her eyes shut and shake herself out of it. What just happened?

And his question still hung about the air.

"Yep," she said in a chipper tone, giving him one of her soft smiles in return, the feeling natural on her freckled face. "I like to read."

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Devon almost chuckled, as he looked into her eyes. "So what would you suggest for a jacka-s like your's truly?" He joked, semi-serious about his question.
I'm actually getting along with a person. Hell, a apologetic, nice, not-fridgid person. She also has nice hair, and sparkly eyes. And she- Wait what the?! Devon blinked a few times, rubbing his eyes.

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((Battery 15%, sry if I poof))

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"You're not a jackass," Petra said patiently, eyebrows raised. "I'd suggest all of them. Well," she said after a moment's hesitation, "you probably wouldn't like the love poetry. So stay clear of that, okay?"

Eyes twinkled up at him before turning back to pick out some books.

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Devon nodded, not really taking in the information he flashed a smile and turned back to the shelves. He took in a slow breath, getting ready to plunge himself into the disadvantages of dyslexia. (Sorry bout the spelling)

His mind wandered to other things as he tried to find Edgar Poe. But he was more focused on the presence of the other persons, or person in the library. While the words sort of floated off the spines, Devon tried to focus but utterly failed.

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[*dyslexia. Ironic how you spelled that wrong ;) ILY.]

After watching the other boy fumble and skip right past the books of Edgar Allan Poe, Petra's small, patient smile warmed her heart-shaped face and she stepped forward, took Devon's hand, and placed it on the spine of a worn leather novel.

"Here," she said quietly, releasing his hand, mouth twitching with amusement. "Are you OK? You seem a little... out of it."

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((Yeah, it's sorta embarassing.))

Devon blushed slightly, hating being helpless. He glanced at her, flicking his gaze down to the ground. "It's the dam* dyslexia." He explained, almost apologetically. "And people make me...weird." He added after a moment.

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Hair cascading down in coppery waves over a shoulder, Petra tilted her head at Devon with a confused look. Brow furrowed, she examined the newly rosy cheeks and was even more perplexed.

"It's OK. It's strange being so different in a demigod camp. Being mortal... it's also... 'weird'."

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Devon smiled at her words. "You think it's weird to be mortal?" He asked, the ice in his eyes connecting with the pale blue of hers. He started to shake his head, but then pursed his lips. "Maybe here, but I'd rather be mortal than...this." Devon had decided a long time ago, he would rather be oblivious than a demigod. Or at least a Phobos demigod.

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