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Doneril According to my Junior High School teacher this book is a must have for a good writer.
The canadian Authors Association stated "The Canadian Writer's Guide is the most comprehensive tool available for Canadian writers today.

130 New and Updated "How-to" Articles

This edition contains over 130 new and updated "how-to" articles on diverse areas of international publishing, including:

* ideas & inspiration
* character development
* overcoming writer's block
* book contracts
* copyright
* editing
* fiction
* biographies
* periodicals

* children's books
* personal essays
* poetry
* speechwriting
* radio commentaries
* songwriting
* stage and film
* the Internet "

Hope this helped you get some insight about this book :)

Christine Hayton I bought this book over a year ago and have read the majority of the topics listed. It is definitely a comprehensive work and a mainstay for me. I would highly recommend to any writer, but especially if you are like me, a Canadian.

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