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Mutants BIOS!!!!

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DNA Transfusion:

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βεℓℓα のαωη Name: Caelum (Latin for sky)
Age: 19
DNA Transfusion: Was fused with an alien DNA found on moon.
Powers: can read minds, but only if he is in contact. He is enhanced, better senses, faster, quieter, stronger, smarter. Can control minds, can kinda possess people, but it only lasts a little while.
Apperance: http://emob199.photobucket.com/albums...
Personality: Iffy, it depends, it'll be decided in rp.
Crush: open
Other: ummm.... Idk :D

βεℓℓα のαωη Name: Sica (Latin for dagger)
Age: uhhh unknown
DNA Transfusion: a fox and hawk
Power: can fly, obviously, agile, quick, talk.
Apperance: http://emob115.photobucket.com/albums...
Personality: come out in rp. Thoughtful...
Crush: no

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 277 comments Mod
Name: Sharky
Age: 18
DNA Transfusion: Osprey and a tiny bit of Shark
Powers: Is super strong, like can lift cars strong, and can fly. She also has the sixth sense like a shark.
Appearance: http://kutty-sark.deviantart.com/art/...
Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, a bit mean, unruly, and loyal.
Crush: Open

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Jamie (Leafycantplaygames) | 347 comments Mod
Name: Griffin
Age: 15
DNA Transfusion: Lion, hawk, and human
Powers: Quick, super good tracker, sharper senses then most, strong, he will bite you.
Appearance: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=griff... Without the blood. XD

Personality: Snappy, alpha-like attitude, mean, smart-butt.
Crush: open
Other: Don't mess up his hair. He doesn't like that...

βεℓℓα のαωη "he will bite you"

Lol :D

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Jamie (Leafycantplaygames) | 347 comments Mod

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