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Sandysconnected | 10 comments Kobo now has "Reading Life" for the iphone! You can:
• Build your Reading Life and watch your personal Book Cover evolve
• Track your reading habits with interesting stats
• Earn fun and surprising awards…you can earn badges for reading!
It is a sharing app! Check it out!

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Rachel (treychel) | 1484 comments Cool! Too bad I don't have an Iphone. But, if I did!!

message 3: by The UHQ Nasanta (last edited Feb 07, 2011 04:59PM) (new)

The UHQ Nasanta (uhqs) | 829 comments I installed this app on my iPod. What I really like about it is how responsive and fast it is. I also really like the status tracker and "Rewards" thing. However, it looks as if the only books you can add to the "Library" and "I'm reading" list are e-books in ePub and PDF format. I looked everywhere to add my paperback to keep track of my status, but the option was nowhere to be found.

I really, really like how responsive this app is but it frustrates me that it is somewhat restricted when it comes to building your library.

Edit: Other problems: I cannot seem to sync my library at and Borders Desktop with the Kobo app, which is just a bit annoying. I was able to add e-books tot he Kobo app through iTunes though.

Just started reading with the Kobo app (Colters' Daughter by Maya Banks). I like the formatting. It is clear, neat, easy to read. But the page turning is a little slow. I think it may have to do with their attempt to make it look like an actual page turning, which I could have done without.

Edit: Quite frankly, I could really have done without the page-turning effect. It's making my eyes hurt and giving me a headache. A pity. I do like the app in general far more than I like the Kindle app.

Edit: A customer service representative for the Kobo app said that in order to download books in your digital library, you need to install the Borders app, not the Kobo one. Borders, you're doing something wrong.

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