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message 1: by Sherri (new)

Sherri Claytor (sherrileeclaytor) | 26 comments Mod
Words for today:

Immerge and emerge

To immerge is to disappear, dip, or plunge into something, as into fluid--to immerse. The whale immerged into the sea.

To emerge is to rise, or come out of. The rabbit emerged from its hole to enjoy the nice, warm sun.

Keep writing...and learning :)

message 2: by Sherri (new)

Sherri Claytor (sherrileeclaytor) | 26 comments Mod
There, Their, and They’re

There: To or at a place. Here and there. *Your bike is over there.

Their: Possessive of they. *This is their lucky day. Their family looks happy. Their home is nice.

They’re: Contraction of they are. *They’re all going to the mall.

Sometimes it's good to review the simple stuff :)

message 3: by Greg (new)

Greg Chapman | 4 comments Thanks Sherri for today's words... and I recommend "The Elements of Style" by EB White it should be on every writer's shelf.


message 4: by Sherri (last edited May 30, 2011 11:05AM) (new)

Sherri Claytor (sherrileeclaytor) | 26 comments Mod
Peak, Peek, and Pique

Peak: The pointed top of a mountain.
Peek: A quick glance. To peep at something.
Pique: To arouse interest. To pique your interest.

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