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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian Lindenmuth | 16 comments In the ultimate act of show don't tell Lynn Kostoff uses the power of words to allow the reader to experience Croy Wendall and what he experiences but he never tells us what Croy suffers from.

The Nerd of Noir suggested Aspberger’s; I suggested some sort of dissociative disorder; and Jed Ayres suggested autism.

Based off of your reading, what do you think Croy suffers from?


Does Late Rain suffer at all from keeping Croy enigmatic to the reader ie: by not naming what his illness is?

Jack's POV is grounded in his illness (Alzheimer's) but Croy's isn't.

Why did Kostoff do this?

What are the effects, if any, that these two presentations have on the reader?

message 2: by Elizabeth A. (new)

Elizabeth A. (elizabethawhite) | 32 comments I chalked it up as Aspberger's (which I always understood to be a "high functioning" form of Autism), and found the choice of presenting him as is rather than over-explaining his condition to be very refreshing. I looked forward to his appearances as the only "pure" version of events, unclouded by ulterior motives (pretty much everyone else) or unreliable illness (Jack).

message 3: by Ben (new)

Ben | 14 comments I'm ok with not naming the illness. So much of understanding people is in watching them interact with the world. We're only afforded bits and glimpses along the way and it's up to us to make sense of things in our own way. This is one of the beautiful things about books--the opportunity to think and rethink and speculate freely without the clock ticking above our heads. If anything, Late Rain shines for me because of Kostoff's decisions to be intentionally unclear about things like Croy's illness.

message 4: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Funk | 19 comments I am very glad that Croy's dysfunction wasn't categorized. It made his experience of it more distinctive - the only point of reference we had for it was his mentality. Unreliability of narrator was such a key component to this novel - the fluidity to the LATE RAIN - and I felt it reinforced the underlying theme that people work with the minds that they have: Whether Ben's damaged soul, Corrinne's self-loathing insecurity or Jack's slippery sense of context.

message 5: by Ron (new)

Ron (ronearlphillips) | 18 comments Some aspects point to autism, obsession with numbers and issues with intimacy, while others such as physicality and athleticism kind of throw autism off the table. Because we don't know Croy's past anything suggested is speculation.

I do think whatever Croy's condition was it made for an interesting perspective.

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