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Azriel walking down main street watching the humans pathetic New Years party

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MollyRena erin walked to a dark house

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Zephie walked down the street looking around. Darius was watching her from the shadows.

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Azriel thinking humans and they're parties get them killed it is the perfect hunting grounds for my kind.

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Zephie looked in the shadows and smiled sweetly then looked around for a human. Darius sighed softly.

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Azriel spotting a couple kids heading into a alley way followed them.

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Azriel grabbing the scrawny one in the back broke his neck and carried him to his house .Passing Daius "happy hunting."

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MollyRena erin sat down in the dark area

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Azriel getting into his Charger putting the body in the other seat drives to his house

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Chitown Chris | 111 comments Darius(The truelly dark one) Sits down in the shadows and wait for his next victim.

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((why you here not in Illnoise"

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Chitown Chris | 111 comments ehh got bored there nothing to do.. no ones there :/

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(no ones here either go to san antonio or AArizone lots of action there

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Chitown Chris | 111 comments haha thanks for the info see you round!!!

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