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Why am I not a Fan?

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Noelle Why do people keep coming onto these boards and saying, "You so called fans," or "If you were fans, you'd have accepted this book."

NO. Absolutely not. I am a fan. I loved the series. But I hated the conclusion. That doesn't mean I didn't love Bella or Edward or Alice. Because I was a fan, I had expectations for this book. I was expecting a kick butt ending that did the series justice.

And because I'm a fan, I also realized that this ending was not an appropriate ending for this amazing series (or this formerly amazing series).

Why does not liking this book mean I'm not a fan? Am I supposed to like every single thing that comes out of Stephanie's mind regardless to the fact that it doesn't make sense in her own universe, or it's so out of character I can't even recognize the characters I loved? As a fan, shouldn't I be able to recognize a story that doesn't even come close to doing Twilight any justice?

If you like a book just because of the author, I don't think you're much of a fan of the series. You're a fan of Stephanie Meyer and not the series at all. You just accept everything she writes because she wrote it. And although I love Stephanie and I think she's an amazing writer, I can't do that. Just because I love her doesn't mean I'm not betrayed by this book and doesn't mean I have to accept it with a smile.

Let me know what you think.

Tammy I LOVE the twilight series. It takes over my emotions like only a few books have ever done for me...and I LOVE to read. I almost find myself, at times, missing my family or longing to save them. So, I do get Stephanie's desire to protect them from the inevitable.

That being said...this was probably the most intense book for me in the series with the most disappointing ending. Not that I didn't want them to have their "happily Ever after" but for me it was a little anti-climactic.

0ne of the things that makes Stephanies books so good for me is that there is always some kind of battle that makes what their fighting for so much more Epic and desirable. Again, this is just a personal opinion here...with all we know about the volturi from past experience..I wanted more. So, to just have them leave peacefully was like.."what.." So, the last few pages for me were almost painful to something was missing. Only because they were overshadowed by my disappointment.

Now, with this in mind..I couldn't help but remember the paragraph where they discuss the Volturi's confidence being shaken and that after getting over this blow someday.."we are led to believe it was possible that they would finish what they started."

I have also read quite a few interviews with Stephanie as I am sure most of you have..and one thing that sicks with me is that she loves living in Forks (in her mind) way to much to move now. She assures that Bella, Edward AND Jacob have more to say and she won't be done until they have the chance to say it!! So, I hold my breath and hope!

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Kat Helgeson Noelle - Brilliant point. I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but that doesn't mean I like it when they lose!

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Annalisa Noelle, I couldn't have said it better myself. If we weren't fans, we wouldn't be disappointed and shocked and angry, mourning what we consider the destruction of the series. We wanted to like the book, but can't ignore the painfully obvious variance from the other books. Believe us, it would be a lot easier if we could have liked it.

Sheila Thank you Noelle for voicing how I feel...I love this series, but I did not like many aspects of this book. I so wish that I could have liked this book more, but I didn't; that doesn't mean I don't like Edward and Twilight anymore.

Shannon I totally agree. I feel like part of being a fan is voicing your opinion honestly. I wanted so badly to love Breaking Dawn, and I just couldn't overcome what I considered to be some really serious flaws. That doesn't mean I don't still like the first three books, although it will probably be awhile before I can reread them without thinking about this one.

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Sofi I agree with everyone. I loved the Twilight series and was all ready to automatically love Breaking Dawn. But the first part about that stuck out was Bella having a baby. It just felt out of character. It also bugged me that all the transitions were so smooth: Bella instantly loved the baby, Jacob made discisions in seconds, Bella moved into being a vampire with such ease.

It was almost like there was no struggle in the book. Because once you got over the fact that Bella was just going to have the baby, it was totally clear that she was going to be a vampire. And that something was going to wrong.

Then Volturi came, and left without a fight. It was too easy, too predicatable. The specifics weren't clear, but otherwise it was like it was all laid out neatly from the beginning.

Another comment said that the ending was a tipical "Happily Ever After." I totally agree. I mean, it was vampire story. Sure, it was a vampire love story, but ending with a happily ever after seemed too simple, just like all the transitions. I'm not saying I wanted everyone to die, but a little conflict would have been nice.

I agree with Shannon. I still like the first three books, though it will be little while before I read them again, enough time to forget the ending so that I can be free to like the beginning.

My main question is, what will happen with Midnight Sun? Will it be good like Twilight and the other three, or will it follow in Breaking Dawn's footsteps?

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Nikki I absolutely 100% agree. I was so disappointed in this book. It was soooo predictable.

I think the major problem was that there was nothing original about it. In Twilight it was all new, obviously, and Edward and Bella fell in love. In New Moon Edward left while Jacob and Bella started their relationship and the whole werewolf thing came in. In Eclipse we found out more about Edwards family and they had to save Bella from the new born vampires. All these books had something original and exciting about them. But Breaking Dawn was basically a repeat of Eclipse in the end. The volturi came and left in the clearing.

Also a major problem was that BELLA HAD A FREAKING KID! That was so stupid! It was almost like Meyer was trying to say Edward and Bella couldn't be 'happy' without a kid, like a normal family or whatever. What I love about this series was that it was Edward and Bella, no kid. It was so romantic just the two of them. That's one thing that blew it for me. Also, who would name a baby Renesmee? That is a god-awful name. And how Bella was so accepting of this baby when she found out she was pregnant. It almost killed her and she still wanted it. That was so out of character for Bella. I think Renesmee was neat and all after she had been born but the fact that she was Edward and Bella's really bugged me. I feel like Meyer lost her characters in this book. This book was not a sequel (or end) to the vampire love saga I knew and loved.

At the end of Eclipse when Bella and Edward are going to tell Charlie they're getting married, I thought (or predicted) that the wedding was going to be a quest in and of itself. But BAM! in the beginning they're married, not problems or hardships on the way. That threw me off how it happened so quick. I also wanted the moment Bella turned into a vampire to be dramatic, exciting and romantic. It was none of the above (maybe dramatic but in the wrong way). I imagined Edward biting her, in the cliché way, on the neck and so on. But not being stabbed in the heart like an adrenaline shot. Bella in her vampire self was not Bella. I know vampires are supposed to be graceful beings but I imagined her still clumsy and a damsel in distress. I did like, however, that she could control herself around humans. I liked that she proved its in your frame of mind, but then again she elected to be a vampire. But after Bella turned into a vampire, she totally lost her true self, she was a new character. From there it pretty much goes downhill (even more so). The volturi scene was just... I don't even know what the word is. It was kind of silly. I mean really? What was the point of having the whole clan there? They didn't even have a fight. If they were so set on having a fight, why did they leave with some pretty simple explanations? It was strange... very strange.

Don't get me wrong I love Meyer's first three novels, like can't put it down until my eyes close love them. Maybe this book had so much hype and expectations that they couldn't be filled. Breaking Dawn definitely didn't live up to the rest of the series and it doesn't feel like it should have ended this way.

Linda I can see the point of what every one is saying, but I just can't agree. To me the first 3 books were good, but I really liked Breaking Dawn the best. Finally Bella didn't just complain all the time. I felt like in the previous books too much time was spent on every little emotional struggle, where Breaking Dawn had more action. That is just my preference. At the same time I could see where readers might be let down because it is so different from the rest of the series. Almost as if the characters themselves had changed.

PandaRanda I agree with Linda too. ^^ Everyone developed so much over the last book, that I ended up loving every character. After Eclipse I really hated almost every character, but Breaking Dawn mended all that because the characters didn't grate on me anymore. Sure they were technically still the same characters, but they improved, and weren't constantly whining and struggling with all their angst and emotions.

There's nothing wrong with Bella wanting her kid, and it isn't out of character because Bella is always self-sacrificing...almost to an annoying degree. And obviously when Bella changed into a vampire, it was a given that she wouldn't be flimsy, little, useless Bella anymore. And I loved that. She could fight, tear apart animals and she was through complaining. She wasn't human anymore, she was a vampire.

But Sofi is right, there was too little struggle throughout the book...everything did go perfectly for the whole Twilight crew, except the Denali coven, but being minor characters everyone forgets about them, besides they were in a state of mourning anyway, so what's one more death for them? Still, it was a pretty tense read, I thought there would be a werewolf/vamp blood fest at first, then when that idea went out the window, I thought there would be a little action with the Volturi at least. But there was none of that. It bugged me a little, but even though action is terribly nice and all, I wasn't really expecting it out of Breaking Dawn. In fact I wasn't expecting all that much out of it. I assumed it would follow on after the disaster that was Eclipse. Maybe that's why I liked Breaking Dawn best?

Throughout the series all I cared about was what was going to happen to the characters, and the little conflicts along the way were just an add on to that. So for me, I loved the book because I cared for the characters, not the plot. The main characters seemed to degenerate over the first 3 books, but in the last, they were actually able to come out of their little regression and become more than decent characters. Plus everyone important got to be happy in the end, and what's wrong with a happy ending? Too perfect? Maybe. But emotions rub off on me, and since everyone was happy, I was happy. Simple, I know. But hey, that's what a good book to me is. When my emotions become attached to the characters and are wavered by whatever happens to them.

So overall I liked the book, even if I was mildly disappointed by the lack of struggle/conflict, it was overruled by how much I ended up liking the characters. So I say, bravo Stephenie Meyer.

Tammy I just wanted to clarify something about my earlier post. This book was probably my favorite as far as character development and growth goes. This is why I stated that it was the most emotional for me.

So, with all things considered, in order, I would have to place Twilight first and Breaking Dawn Second. I did not hate this book in any way. I was just extremely diappointed with how things "JUST ENDED".

I have come to expect more "bang for my buck", so to speak, with this series and for me I just didn't get it.

In summation...this series was not ruined for me in any way just because the ending felt as if it were lacking something. I just tell myself that this is Stephanie's Bella and Edward...not mine. she is the one who created them and she had a plan for them from the moment she decided to turn her "dream" into a series of books. I don't have to like where it went completely but..again, for me, I will respect her vision.

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Ranata Clark Oh jeez. Should I even continue to read the book? I just got it Friday but instead of being almost done, i've hardly even started. Maybe I'm over Twilight now. LOL. I need an opinion. To read or not to read? Somebody just tell me what happens? LOL I already was disappointed in Harry Potter's ending I don't want to be the same with Twilight. I can pretend there were only 3 books in the Twilight saga if necessary.

The Book Posh I agree with Noelle. I did not hate Breaking Dawn because it was not horrid but I can't really put my head around my feelings. I just finished the book a few minutes ago and I was not thrilled with the ending. It was too easy, too happy. I felt like I was reading a Danielle Steele novel. There were many thrilling parts of the book, but toward the end I found myself tempted to skip pages. Nonetheless, I love Stephenie Meyer. I think she is absolutely brilliant. I love Edward and I actually liked Bella in this story. I hope she (Meyer) doesn't continue to drag the series on. I rolled my eyes when I saw the ad for the companion coming out in December. I hate when things turn into money making machines instead of sticking to the art!!

Michelle I don't know, I just can't agree with most of you. I LOVED this book, my favorite thus far. Maybe my mind is too simple, but I judge books by how they captivate me, and this one had me captivated. I couldn't put it down and read it much faster than any of the previous 3. I thought the ending was perfect, but that is just me.

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Kat There were definately some aspects of this book that threw me big time and it was a little anticlimactic but what did you think was going to happen? Of course Bella wasn't the same when she was turned, before she was human and now she isn't that is going to change her personality at least a little. And it isn't like we weren't warned that she wouldn't be the same, didn't you read the 3rd book? I agree that there was no real conflict in this book and the ending was too simple but the whole book didn't suck! maybe instead of thinking of it as the end of the series try thinking of it as a transition because it is very likely that Meyer will write about Jacob And Nessie.It could have been better and it definately needed some serious action, but she can't make everyone happy and besides it's her story she just gave us a chance to share it with her.

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Beth Someone please explain to me why vampires can't cry or digest food, but can still produce viable sperm... I just was rolling my eyes at the explanation that female vampires can't become pregnant because their body won't change. I'm sorry, but for Edward to still be a fertile male his body is able to "change" because it's producing living sperm cells. Does anyone think it's creepy that Jacob is going to be hooking up with Nessie when she's 7? I was just completely turned off by this book.

PandaRanda I totally agree with that point about vampire baby-making. Biologically, theoretically and logically speaking, it makes no sense whatsoever. But hey it's a fantasy novel, not science fiction, so I guess it doesn't have to be explained. But still the continuity was a little off. Oh well, I can let that little point slide over my head since I still liked the book as a whole. =P

And I'm not really creeped out that Jacob will be hooking up with a 7 year old, because physically and mentally she won't be 7, just that 7 years of her life would've passed. It's the same as Edward being over 100 years old but still looking like 17. Technically, Bella liking him is gerontophilia...but nobody thinks of it that way, since he doesn't look 100, nor does he act like an old man. If she thought and looked like a 7 year old, I would be more than a little disgusted...

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Beth Right, I get the Edward thing with him being over 100 years old. The Jacob thing was just new. I'm just wondering what Stephenie Meyer's preference for matching up older men with significantly younger women in her novels.

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Kat Helgeson Renata - I think you should read the book. I don't think people should discriminate and only read GOOD books, otherwise you're less able to judge a good book when you come across one. Even if it disappoints you, I think you'll be glad you read it.

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