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Breaking Dawn

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i really don't care...

message 2: by KatieG (new)

KatieG | 66 comments I really liked the book too but there were some parts that would have been better explained in one of the previous books. That's the one thing that i didnt like about the book, but other than that i LOVED it.

message 3: by Krista (new)

Krista i love the series. i didn't want to read it at first but my friend gave me the book and said i was going to read it wether i wanted to or not and i fell in love. im totaly obsesed with the series. i read breaking dawn in 3 days!

Hello_Seattle_I_Am_The_Crescent_Moon (owl_city_all_the_way) | 15 comments i am still reading eclipse, so please don't spoil breaking dawn 4 me!

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b4 most people knew about it (the 2006-2007 school year) my friend had it. i was itching to read it, but she wouldn't ever let me. then last school year i read all of them.

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