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Angel or Demon:
Weapon(s): 2 Weapons MAXIMUM
Relationship Status:

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Name: Lilly
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Angel or Demon: Angel
Appearance: (Medium length chocolate brown hair, Bright blue eyes that can definatley be a distraction, tiny[shot and skinny] )
Weapon(s): Daggers and Sword (she likes sharp things ^_^)
Personality: She is extremely sweet and a lot of times it makes people vulnerable to her or too guilty to hurt her, she has her mean side though, when she is mad she hurts people.
History: Her brother committed a crime that sent him to hell.... She has always wanted to hurt him for it but she could never bring herself to do it.
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: Opennnnnnn
Other: Her twin brother is a demon

Name: Liston
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Angel or Demon: Demon
Weapon(s): He has a flaming sword(HAHAHA) and TBA
Personality: He is caring and nice to people who he likes or who need it. He gets guilty easily... can be VERY MEAN.
History: Committed a crime(not EXTREMLEY bad...but bad enough) that sent him to hell.
Relationship Status: singleee
Crush: Open !
Other: Twin sister is an Angel.

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Uhm.... *Whispers quietly in a small voice* Can... Lilly... like... Jason?....but they like RP it out... so it isn't like right away.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Name: Lux Messor
Gender: Female
Age: ...
Angel or Demon: both, neither, she wasa demon, but she got 'promoted' to angel, then thrown out for being herself and showing her demonic personality.
demon form ->
Weapon(s): a long black blade, looks light a small pocket knife but when she uses it her demonic presence turns it into a long thing black blade
Her demon form
Personality: She is sweet and caring most of the time a trait most demons dont possess, though if she loses her temper she has been known to massacre entire towns.
History: She was born and raised a demon, but for some reason the angels offered her a place with them. She accepted but in a fit of rage her and another angel fought and she was cast out.
Relationship Status: SIngle
Crush: Open
Other: She has the ability to possess and control anyone with a 'tainted' soul, though it causes her to become extremely fatigued.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) Name: saddie
Gender: female
Age: 18
Angel or Demon: demon
Weapon(s):bow and arrow, sometimes a sickle
Personality: funny, but likes to be alone
History: hates being a demon
Relationship Status: none
Crush: open

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Aria
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Angel or Demon: Cross between both.Her mother was a Demon and her father was an angel.
Appearance: The right pne: here
Weapon(s): 2 Weapons MAXIMUM: A bow and a dagger, the bow is her main one.
Personality: She is a cross between the both. She mainly has a demon's personality, but her angel blood has a way of taking over. She can become very dangerous and she is very loyal and kind to those she is close to.
History: Her parents met, but their love was forbidden. Once others knew about this, they took Aria away from her parents (this was by the angels btw) She was kicked ougt of heaven when they realised what she was and she's been alone ever since.
Relationship Status: Single (Please can somone make her a bf!!!)
Crush: Open
Other: The rabbit in the pic is called Scar. He's her only friend.

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