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message 1: by Jesus (new)

Jesus Montilla | 3 comments Mod
Cheetahs are beautiful, majestic creatures. Haha just kidding, they are actually fierce predators. These mammals are solitary until mating season, when females and males come together. Cheetahs are known all over the world for their speed.

Did you know... Cheetahs can run up to 60 mph!

What do you know about Cheetahs?

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Boyd | 4 comments (noob to da group...WHOOT! 3rd MEMBER! YES!) I love cheetahs. Yup! They're prrretty fast!

Welll...I know that they are protected species in Namibia - considered vulnerable..... Endangered under the United States Endangered Species Act. List on CITES Appendix I. First listed on 1 July 1975. :) That's what I know. Yay moi!

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