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message 1: by Simon (new)

Simon Hi. I'm listening to Stray on audio and I think I missed some of the characters. Can someone list Faythe's brothers? I know who Marc is, but who is Jace?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Let me think....off hand I remember Owen, Ethan, Ryan, Parker and Michael....I'm not really sure how to explain Jace except he was with Faythe for a while before she went back to Marc....

This probably doesn't help much because you posted at the begining of the year but of well....

message 3: by Deedee (new)

Deedee (deehlittle) | 6 comments Michael,Ryan,Owen and Ethan are Faythes brothers & Jace,Marc,Parker and Vic are Enforcers for Faythes father and pride alpha Greg Sanders :)

message 4: by Rose (new)

Rose (x-divinity-x) | 12 comments Mod
Jace is just another love interest to throw into the mix! haha

message 5: by Deedee (new)

Deedee (deehlittle) | 6 comments Rose wrote: "Jace is just another love interest to throw into the mix! haha"

Just a rather sexy piece of ass.. haha

message 6: by Rose (new)

Rose (x-divinity-x) | 12 comments Mod
True, Deedee!

message 7: by Maritza (new)

Maritza Varas | 1 comments Faythe Sanders' four brothers are named, in order of birth: Ryan. Micheal, Owen, and Ethan. Jace is an enforcer for Faythe's father, alpha of the south central territory and head of the territorial council.

message 8: by Jeanna (new)

Jeanna (jpattz) | 4 comments New Book out, spin off from Shifters and is just as captivating, I am pacing myself reading as the next one will be a while before it comes out. If you enjoyed the Shifters you will love this, Lions Share i think.

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