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•EM• Rp #2

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Wren (wrenkks) ((huh?))

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((Yeah Huh?))

*LadyElk#30!*(KD) (nunyobiz) | 369 comments Mod
((its a second rp so like we can start over with new peeps with there charries))

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•EM• ((ok well coz we have so many people i made another rp... so it would be 7 new charries doing a TWTWB rp.))

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Wren (wrenkks) ((Gah../fdsa im gonna get confused...))

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•EM• ((i changed it's name))

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 150 comments Mod

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•EM• ((dw about this... its for those new people that join and for when the other rp is too full.. so they can join this one))

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TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 150 comments Mod

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•EM• ((?? we need you in the other rp btw..))

*LadyElk#30!*(KD) (nunyobiz) | 369 comments Mod
Bindi and Jonah jumped of the dock together.

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Natalie walked down the street to her house

*LadyElk#30!*(KD) (nunyobiz) | 369 comments Mod
" i told you i could make a bigger splash!" jonah told bindi."
"only because im petite and youre like a pro wrestler! well not really but still!"

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Natalie heard someone make a splash and walked over.She saw Jonah and Bindi"Hey guys"

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*LadyElk#30!*(KD) (nunyobiz) | 369 comments Mod
"hi nat!" bindi replied cheerfully. ((can she call her that???"))

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((Ya sure))
Natalie took off her shoes and put her feet into the water"Hows it going"

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