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Jewel (jewela) | 178 comments Would anyone be interested in reviewing my ebook "Tears of Heaven" and post the review on Goodreads? This is an LDS contemporary romance that will be available in paperback in a few weeks. Any takers? If so, email me at
Here is the blurb and an excerpt.

Escaping from an abusive relationship, Heaven Gundersen flees to the safety of her grandparent's home and begins a new life in Sweden, praying the past is behind her. When she accepts the housekeeping job arranged by her grandparents, she has no idea how much it will change his life. Her boss, Sergei Petrenko, is a retired hockey player, and definitely not what she had expected.
No matter how hard she tries to guard her heart, Sergei's kindness makes it impossible to do and she once again opens up to love.
But leaving the past behind isn't as easy as she hoped it would be, and the peace she has found in her new life is about to be shattered by the nightmare she thought she'd escaped.
Tears of Heaven is an emotionally charged novella by Jewel Adams that will touch your heart and make you cheer the endurance of the human spirit.

Stockholm, Sweden

Glancing up at the round, metal clock on the wall, I rub my red eyes and sigh deeply. The numbness I'd experienced a few hours earlier is gone now, and in its place is a pain unlike anything I have ever felt in my life. You would think I'd be used to pain, that I would be immune to it. But as I sit in this sterile environment, I realize with agonizing clarity, that I am still human after all. I am still susceptible to the human condition. I can still feel, and it hurts. It hurts something fierce.
I close my eyes for a moment and listen to the rhythmic beep of the monitor as it plays an assuring cadence in my ears. Part of my mind reasons that the steady beep means all is well. The other part is connected to my heart and isn't so sure. And oh, how I wish I could be sure. How I wish I could know for sure that everything will be all right, that my heart, and my soul, haven't been shattered forever. But I guess that is usually where faith comes in. There is no better time for me to learn this than now.
I lift my arms and stretch my aching limbs, the result of remaining in the same position for hours. Then I return my hands to their rightful place–that place being, wrapped around his hand.
My eyes rest on the large corded hand in mine, and I marvel at both the strength and the gentleness of it. I press the back of it against my face, grateful for its warmth. My gaze slowly moves up the lean, muscular arm, taking in the cords of veins trailing up and down beneath lightly tanned skin.
As my eyes move to the smooth, broad chest covered with a thick bandage, I feel the all too familiar burning behind them. Then I gaze up at his face and hot tears once again blur my vision and spill down my cheeks.
I move forward, lifting one of my hands to his face, and gently caress the soft, dark hair lying against his forehead. I slowly trail a finger over his chiseled features, pausing a moment before tracing the outline of his full lips.
Not able to help myself, I lean down and tenderly, softly, gently, press my lips to his. I linger a moment, breathing in the intoxicating and familiar scent of him. Raising up, I smile.
Though he is one hundred percent Russian, to me, Sergei looks like a Greek god. He is beautiful and he is perfect, more perfect than any man I could have ever dreamed of.
But most of all, he is the man I love with all my heart and soul.
The man who's wedding rings I now wear on my finger.
The man I have made an eternal covenant to love forever.
He is the man who has shown me love beyond belief, has healed my once battered heart, and has given me everything.
Now he is lying in this hospital bed fighting for his life because of me.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) (Gatadelafuente) Me! Me! Me!!!! I just emailed you. :)

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TJ | 48 comments This one sounds good, count me in!

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Tifferz | 81 comments sure send it on over!

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Arch  | 116 comments Jewel, my review should be up soon.

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Jewel (jewela) | 178 comments Thanks so much, ladies! I really appreciate you all:-)

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Arch  | 116 comments You are welcome Jewel.

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